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  1. I took out a secured loan (2nd Mortgage) with FP in 2005 for £55,000 they added PPI £13,469.50. The grand total = £68,469.50 WOW. This was a 20 year term to consolidate debts following an extension and a rogue builder. Looking back I can't believe that I did this but hindsight = 20/20 vision and all that. The house and mortgage is in my name but FirstPlus adviser told me that I stood better chance of getting the loan if my partner was on the loan. I reclaimed the PPI through the FOS in around 2008 and FOS ordered them to restructure the loan and put it back into a position
  2. They want to Evict me,can you help. Can someone please advise what I can do to stop Elderbridge (company that purchased from Barclays, all Firstplus accounts) evicting me from my house, I have received a letter today from Elderbridge stating that they are instructing their solicitors (Eversheds) to ask the court to set a date for Elderbridge to take possession of my property. What I want to know is if they can do this as the original repossession order was granted to Firstplus who have gone bust (and then taken on by Barclays as they were the bank that set up Firstplus)
  3. This post is relevant to all customers who have a secured loan with Barclays Firstplus. I know secured loans are a dirty word but a lot of people have them rightly or wrongly. Last month, a customer of Firstplus has had a judge rule that the interest rate variation clause within their agreement was unfair, citing 5(1) of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations. Specifically this states Unfair Terms 5. (1) A contractual term which has not been individually negotiated shall be regarded as unfair if, contrary to the requirement of go
  4. Hi guys, I'm new on this site, so please be gentle... I took out a £85K loan with Firstplus in 2006 for a business, unfortunately, in 2010 our main client stop paying us, and that's when the problems started. FP were great to start with and let me pay reduced payments, but the arrears built up. Eventually, they transferred the loan to a company call Redcastle (still on reduced payments) and then at the start of this years to another company called Elderbridge. I contacted a website called [removed] and the advice one of their recommended advisors gave me some bad a
  5. Hi everyone, after ignoring the loan that I took out with firstplus since I took it out I now need to take action and get rid. As they have passed on the loan I was able to get a copy of all transactions to date needless to say I want to cry! I took out the secured loan in 2004 for £40K with £8K as PPI so total loan for £48k, having just had the transaction history I have paid £77k to these people and still have £40K owing on the loan! Having read loads of posts previously and knowing how stupid and naive I have been in taking this out, I now need to take action and would appre
  6. Hello all, I successfully claimed my PPI back from FirstPlus and am now looking in to the possibility that the entire loan was missold. I recently wrote to them outlining my issues, which were: • The mortgage was not suitable for me. • The adviser did not properly establish my attitude to risk. • I was not advised that there were other options, such as a DMP, that I could have pursued. •Your adviser did not give me examples of the cost of a Capital and Repayment mortgage compared to the lower costs of an Interest Only mortgage. •When remortgaging to consolidate my
  7. Quick outline of case first. My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal) they then split not long after. She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus. She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc. Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that. She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plu
  8. Hello all My problem in a nutshell: I've just sold my house and was flabbergasted to receive not one but two exorbitant redemption statements from my first and second mortgage companies, although the names of the lenders will no doubt surprise no-one here: First Mortgage - Paratus AMC (interest only) - Balance approx. 160,000, 'Arrears, Arrears Interest and Fees' almost £4,000 (I'm pretty sure there are no longer any actual arrears) Secured Loan: FirstPlus - Borrowed 50,000, Balance - 27000, Settlement figure **43,000** - I thnk I must have a share of Vorderman's plane
  9. Every 2 or 3 months we get a refund cheque from Firstplus for amounts varying between £30 and £80 because we have over paid the account. This very annoying as we are trying to reduce the interest on the account which ahs another 3 years to run. We are paying every 4 weeks £70 as after a settlement payment we were left with a £5900 outstanding in 2006. How can we get around this as it is very annoying as we would like to be paying at least £140 or more a month. We tried this previously, but gave up as they would simply refund us. I am not sure if the money would stay in the account if we
  10. Hi there and thank you for letting me be part of this awesome forum. I have a question which I would be greatful if anyone could give me a definitive answer to. I took out a loan through FP with CT Capital being the broker in 2006 against my property for 35000 5 years ago I joined the many and claimed the mis sell of PPI. I received back 4500. However my loan amount barely reduced after they said they had removed the PPI. I believe I am still paying the interest on it. Can I go at them again either FP or CT to get this removed altogether? Many Thanks in advance G
  11. Hello Everyone, my history is in these threads: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?431538-First-Plus-Mortgage-**PPI-WON** http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?431539-First-Plus-going-for-repo-**WON** Well I am back again and i need some advice and someone who can work out the payments that I have made. One again I find that I am being harassed into going to court but this time I am stronger and willing to put the fight in for all those poor souls who have had their life ripped apart by these sharks in the financial commu
  12. Hi there, Looking for a little advise if possible please. We took out a loan many years ago 2004 roughly for 35000. We would like to sell our home and have a potential offer for the house we'd like to accept. However.. We thought we would be able to cover the costs with the sale as first plus said we only had 11300 (roughly) outstanding.. This took a while to even get as they kept sending us to Evershed and then evershed would say not us go to first plus.. Very annoying. . They said that it was minus interest but the total figure cam in today just say £29,689
  13. Hi we have been waiting for Firstplus to do something for a couple of years now and they have not, this is after a protracted claim and counterclaim got struck out in 2011 (we have not paid them for 6 years now) I am assuming that as they have not acted they cannot The order is headed "general form of judgement or order" and states "the matter be stayed with liberty to apply to restore by . ... in default of which the claim and counterclaim will be struck out without further order" Can I apply to have the legal charge removed and if so how?
  14. Hi all, I could do with some advice on our secured loan with First Plus which is for £30 K (plus PPI of £8K ) taken out end of 2003. Firstly we are having no luck reclaiming the PPI, we have been trrying since 2007, FP claim we bought loan and PPI through broker Central Trust even though we were an existing FP customer at the time and got a call from who we thought to be FP offering a further advance on loan, we were deceived into thinking we were speaking to FP when we were not !! FP will accept no responsibility for PPI as sold through Centr
  15. To cut a long story short. In Nov 2004 we took a consolidated loan for £53,000 with Firstplus over a period of 15 years as at the time I was fit, working and aged 55 years. Wife was 52 years old. Repayments were about £600 per month. This meant the loan would finish in 2019. We have paid off the majority of the loan as we had to sell up, but there is still £4000 outstanding which is being paid off at £70 per month and will run until 2019. However both the wife and myself would have been "officially" retiring on state pension next year, however at moment du
  16. Sorry for the title but I've had all I can take from Firstplus and their unprofessional staff now!!! We originally took out a loan in 2008, which was set-up through the now extinct "Loanmakers". We were told we had to have PPI and in our financial situation I couldn't argue it, although I did not want it. The details: Original cash loan amount: £38000 Original PPI loan amount : £5506.20 Original fees amount: £995.00 Original total loan amount: £44501.20 Original loan agreement date: 15/08/2008 Agreed loan term: 25 years and 0 months Annua
  17. Hi Not entirely sure if this is the correct forum for this type of post however, any advice would be greatfully received. I am currently in an interlocking IVA with ex hubby, in joint property with 2 children with morg and secured loan. House worth 100k approx, first charge owed 94k second 50k so as u can see major neg equity, loan was given in 2005 when they were giving 120% ltv. Meantime husband left me with 2 children and cannot pay both liabilities and neither can he as he is now paying for rented flat. Went to shelter for advice they recommended MRS, first charge agree
  18. I was informed on Friday that my Firstplus loan has now been rescheduled following a Successful PPI claim. Does anyone know how soon after the rescheduling will I receive my cheques. I have been told to contact on Wednesday if I had not heard anything but just wanted to know what sort of timescale I was looking at. Thanks.
  19. Hi. Has anyone had any experience of reclaiming ppi through Firstplus. I have recieved the acceptance forms and posted them back with the reassurance they will pay within 28 days by cheques. Is this the case or am I in for the long haul.x
  20. In November 2004 we took out a loan for £53300. We sold in February 2006 and repaid £48411. There was still an outstanding balance of £5773. We have been paying approximately £70 per month since then to pay off the balance. Adding up our all our credits to date shows we have paid a staggering £87887. That is Eighty seven thousand and eight hundred and eighty seven pounds! We still owe about £4400 to settle the account! On the outstanding balance alone we have paid £5168! I wish there was some way we could get rid of this debt. The last payment is due in November 2019 6 years after we
  21. Hi all, I'm fairly new to this posting threads business so please bare with me if i am doing this wrong! I have been trying to claim back the PPI on a first plus loan that I took out in 2005 for some time. My first complaint was after I found out that the PPI was front loaded on to the whole term of the loan 10 years. .even though you are only protected by it for the first 5 years. My second complaint came when I found out that any pre existing medical conditions would not be covered by the PPI although no medical questions etc were asked. I have written to them
  22. HI i have a first plus loan which was taken out just under 5 years ago. i visited their site to claim back my ppi the loan was FOR about £13k and they added the ppi loan of about 2500k. i was paying aroud £168 amonth back. they have now said that that i was misssold and are offering the following : a refund of £1680 + *% interest also the will take 250k ppi + intrest of the loan my payments will be to around 140 a month its this correct or should i get the whole of the ppi money and my payments stay the same? the £1680 is the 140 - 1
  23. Hi, Try to make this brief, my ex and I seperated 5 yrs ago and he ran up many debts, one I reluctantly agreed to have secured on my home soley in my name but the loan was in joint names, I struggled to pay the loan for a year, I have two disabled children and on income support at there carer. my ex refused to pay any amount to the loan or CSA or even see the children, he cleanly walked away. I went to the CAB and they contacted first plus and agreed a smaller amount which I have paid every month without fail for 4yrs, the arrears are now 8K and they want to start possession, they stopp
  24. Hi, Please could somebody advice. I took out a loan via Norton finance with firstplus in Nov 2007 for 10 years. The monthly ppi payment for the loan are £87.62 and the ppi only runs for 5 years of the 10 year loan so ends this November coming. I have successfuly made a ppi claim via the FSCS and they have compensated me for, and i quote "the compensation aims to put you back in the financail position you would have been in had you not received the insurnance advice. The compensation only covers actual losses. It does not aim to cover future losses." I have received £261
  25. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on this - I took a secured loan in 2006 with First Plus, at the time I was self employed and was for a period of three to four years after the loan was started. I didn't realise the situation with regard to PPI specifically the exclusions around self employment status. The loan is still trundling along now and I would like to know if anyone believes this would substantiate a PPI claim against FP, for the reason above - I dont ever recall being asked around employment status at the time. Any thoughts around this very welcome.
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