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  1. Hi Lea, You probably remember my earlier posts - this has dragged on and we have been unable to raise the stated balance but we still have cash buyers as a last resort. To answer your points we didn't know we could ask for a set-aside (Isn't that the purpose of an N244?) we have asked soliciors, cab, forum's, etc. and been given very little advice of any value. There is a charge on the property. Interest Rates: We have queried this many times with GEM and their answers are completely baffling! They incorrectly stated we were on a fixed rate, then apologised and said we were on a var
  2. I did black out the relevant details on my first attachment however here is a new attachment with all details replaced with === (PDF format)
  3. Hi CAG, I realise I am leaving it a bit late but can anyone check my attached witness statement which I am hoping to take to court tomorrow with my N244? I have blacked out my name and other details for obvious reasons.
  4. Thanks, there are a couple of £40 charges I'm questioning - I did manage to get 2 or 3 removed previously for late payment (A few days!) I was intending to argue the balances after we've secured a remortgage and through a solicitor I'm still trawling through the over 40 pages of statements! Thanks again for your help, I'll let you know what happens. best regards, mugwump99
  5. Not really! I'm still trying to obtain a remortgage offer. I have had offers from 2 cash buyers but we are trying to raise at least the 62k to get GEM off our backs and give more time. Found another bridging source that was much cheaper than the first but the problem is we have to have an exit route. I did attempt to reply to your previous points but my reply appears to have got lost in transit! I'n not sure why you suggested sending a SAR as we have over 40 pages of statements from GEM rec'd in August 2014! If we can't progress on the remortgage offer we will have to go ahead with
  6. Thanks again, The only reason I tried to PM you was that I am reluctant to put too much information on here regarding specific companies whose adverts appear on various site's - I realise the site's don't necessarily endorse the ad's.! The remortgage would cover all outstanding charges if the charge holders agree to discounts which 1 has and 1 other did recently (June 2014) - 3 to go! The bridging loan we have been offered would last one year and cost about 30k+ which I think is excessive.
  7. Sorry Lea_HTH I tried to send a PM but unable due to lack of posts! I didn't want to put company names on the main forum but I've been in touch with a company and they say they can stop this but they haven't put anything in writing to date. One possibility I have been considering is if we can raise the £62k to clear GEM, we then have plenty of time to get a remortgage or sell at our leisure. I'm not sure if this can only be done through an expensive bridging loan or if we can get an agreement for a 3rd party to buy the property with a proviso that we have the option to buy
  8. Thanks Lea_HTH you have been very helpful! I had come to most of the conclusions that you state but trying to get sensible and correct information is not easy as I'm sure you know! We have been offered a remortgage in my partners name only (As she is younger at 59) but the problem seems to be cache 22 as the charges need to be removed before any remortgage can go ahead. I have been offered a 1 year Bridging Loan but this would cost a fortune. (I'm sending a PM also.) Thanks again.
  9. Hi theoldrouge, Property valued at £250k (Net) recently. Outstanding Mortgage £62k and Charges £30k to £64k (Negotiating). Credit reports ok. Ages 59 (Female) and 68 (Male) Ideally looking for £100k remortgage to cover all outstanding charges. So LTV = 40%.
  10. Thanks Honeybee13, I'm looking forward to some replies! (I seem to be the only one on here that isn't in arrears but who's mortgage has actually expired!)
  11. Hi Folks, (Sorry this is a bit long!) I have trawled through several of the Forum posts relating to Possession Orders on here and on other sites but our case seems to be different (The story of my life!) Our INTEREST ONLY Mortgage with GE Money expired in Jan 2012 with a balance outstanding of approx £62k which we were unable to pay. We have since made interest payments of over £15.5k at a rate of 8.44% which hasn't changed since 2009 although we are meant to be on a variable rate. There are no arrears and we have OVERPAID approx. £740-00 to date. We made a written offer to
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