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  1. Riisk

    Failure To Notify

    Update for those interested. Letters were both sent on 3/3/14 and we had a reply from the DVLA 13/3/14 and they have withdrew the court case. Going to give the court a ring on Monday to confirm this.
  2. Riisk

    Failure To Notify

    Hi all, been reading a lot about these lately as my partner has just received her requestion through the post. I've written 2 letters, one to the court as we are unable to attend due to been out of the country and one to the dvla as they seem to enjoy losing our post as you will see from the information in the letter. Anything you would change or advise? She plans on pleading not guilty. Letter to the DVLA Letter to Court; Going to court is a massive hassle and is going to cost enough in fuel as it's not local (45miles away) and time off work to attend,
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