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  1. Hello! So I sold my motorbike a couple of months back, didn't have the V5 etc. So the new owner contacted the DVLA and asked for one. They then contacted me saying the new owner had requested it and that I need to send off some info (like the green slip) or something (which I didn't have). So anyway, few months later I get a letter through at my dads, whos house I use as a postal address. The letter says I owe them £55! reduced to £35 if I pay by the 22nd March. What the bloody hell? It never said anything about a fine in the previous letter, it literally just said If i ignore it they'll
  2. So essentially after years with T-Mobile and being unwantingly charged by them in the past, they finally charged me big time. £110.71 for going over my allowance by 4 hours 56 minutes apparently. Now I've never done that before, I've always been anal with my bills and phone calls, i rarely use my phone but apparently between the 27th November and the 15th December I used it a lot! I never received any warning about it, no phone call nor text. And the best part of this story is that I got the money back from them as it only went out today, so now I'm scared ****less of going to court
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