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  1. I forgot to say, the house was completed around Feb/March 18 and I moved in in July 2018.
  2. Not sure this would work as I have contacted the builder and they have refused (politely) to deal with me on account of the fact that they sold the properties to the housing association who, in their eyes is their customer. The HA then sold the property onto me, so I must deal with the HA and not the builder. The Housing Association have been utterly useless so far, and I am continuously having to chase them up as they don't get back to me on time. I am getting so sick of it, I am considering contacting someone like BBC Watchdog as I think it is awful how people are being treated. I have no way of finding out what is going on re my snagging issues, nobody ever gets back to me, I have also made a couple of complaints about the general state of the street, and again, nothing has been done, yet I am expected to pay rent and service charge each month.
  3. I was bullied into completing and forced to move into the property before my tenancy had ended on my existing rental property. It is easy to say, you shouldn't do this or that, but I had already invested thousands in solicitor and legal fees at this point. After speaking with other shared ownership neighbours, it was quite obvious that this bullying technique was used on all of them.
  4. Hello there, I purchased a shared ownership property (75% of) earlier in the year and completed my snagging list. When I contacted the useless housing association I purchased the property through, they told me on three separate occasions that they would ring me back and nobody did. On the fourth occasion they told me that they could not help me as I owned my house and they only deal with residents who rent from them. They told me I must deal with the builder directly. I have now been chasing the builder four times and after the fourth and final chase, the builder has told me that as they sold the property to the housing association, who then sold it on to me, I must deal with the housing association and not the builder. I have again, been back to the housing association who have again not come back to me. I have written them an email which in summary says, "You have again not responded. If you do not respond and provide some form of acknowledgement of my snagging list, I will be forced to take matters further". In legal terms, how can I take matters further? I want to threaten getting independent tradesmen in to rectify the issues on account of nobody taking ownership of these issues. I also pay £300 in rent and £45 per month in service charge. I don't think I can stop paying this and this could cause me further issues along the line. Can anyone advise me on what I can do next? Every time I ring them, I have to deal with people who don't know what they are talking about and tell me they will ring back and never do. Any help would be really appreciated as I do not feel it is fair that social housing tenants or owners should be treated in such a disrespectful way.
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