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  1. It is a while ago but i think i was banking with the Midland (long before it became HSBC) at that time.
  2. Tar re thread. Wrong or not, they refused to close the account. They refused to cancel her card. They refused to help me in any way whatsoever. As i said, i even asked a solicitor and she told me i would need to declare myself as bankrupt before they would cancel the card. p.s. it was an Access card NOT AmEx Access "Your Flexible Friend" - certainly to my ex!
  3. The card issuer, Access, said not. Or at least not until i had returned her card to them.
  4. How horrible can some women be! I had a similar with an ex. She had a credit card on my account. When we split up the card company wouldn't cancel it. They said i had to cut it up and return it to them. One day she called at my house and left the card - so i cut it up and returned it. I even phoned them and told them what i had done, again asking them to stop the card. They refused - "until it arrived". My ex made one call, said the dog had eaten the card and they immediately sent her a new card. Naturally they refused to do anything for me. Ditto the police. I was told by a [removed] that my only option would be to declare myself bankrupt. Moral of the story? Be a woman.
  5. Since opening this query i have also been in contact with experian, with the same results and i'd forgotten to include contacting noodle. Plus, i said all because experian + equifax + noodle = three == ALL and google had informed me that: In the UK there are three main credit reference agencies – Callcredit, Equifax and Experian
  6. "this CRA"? - well, it's actually all of them. "no-one else on the planet is bothering with it therfore whatever they say can have no effect upon your life" - sorry, but if no-one else on the planet bothered with what the credit reference agencies say, then no-one would pay them good money for reports and they would not have a profitable business model.
  7. having only info about one account, which i don't use, and then highlighting to me that my score was lowered because i don't use that account .. . yet i shouldn't be bothered / try to change / etc ??? thanks for your time.
  8. OMG! how many times do i have to say, my score is arrived at by looking at only one inactive account. the comments specifically state that my score was lowered because of that accounts inactivity. if my other accounts were added, two of them very active and with much larger overdrafts, can't you see that my score must then go higher? plus, the average time i had held my accounts would rocket. my stability would massively rise. both these would positively affect my score.
  9. THEY = the people who look at CRA's to decide if you are credit worthy; increasingly for id purposes (including HMRC); etc. Seriously, do you really not know who might reference CRA data?
  10. why? cos the only account they do show i don't use - therefore they think i don't use any bank accounts! so what does that make me? some sort of cash in hand cowboy? someone who clearly can't be paying tax (through the account they know about). or worse! and how might not having the accounts i do use, far "better" accounts. much bigger accounts, high transaction accounts, not affect my credit score adversely? and the accounts have been constantly used! never not used. even for short periods. yet the account they do show has never been used ...
  11. ok, but i didn't. i have, very rarely, used a little of my overdraft but only until i noticed - a few days max! Why ditch / hide / ignore / whatever, perfectly good, used almost daily, average more then one transaction per day, always in credit, bank accounts?
  12. But they are not debts. They are four bank accounts at RBS (plus another two at First Direct). Why should details of currently active bank accounts (two of them producing 4 or 5 pages of transactions every month) be totally ignored? If i used those six accounts to destroy the worlds entire financial system would they still not show on my credit report?
  13. I'm really not with this. they have deleted all the bank accounts i use, even though they have regular money going in, direct debits and standing orders simply because i've had the accounts a long time. Yet they keep a record of an account i don't use simply because it's newer? Won't that give the (credit) impression that i live off nothing but air?
  14. The ONLY bank account they have a record of is one that i don't use (it's a backup). As far as they are aware, i effectively live totally cash in hand. Also, why on earth would a CRA have an account with NatWest but not RBS? Or First Direct.
  15. After my previous post, i tried to join Noodle ... any suggestions please? This email sent to Noodle: i have just tried to join noodle but was rejected because i replied to one of your questions incorrectly. N.B. i am NOT asking you to tell my WHY you rejected my application! You asked who i opened a credit card with. As far as i'm concerned, i had opened a particular store card and the card did indeed say the stores name on it. However, you clearly wanted the name of the money behind that stores card. How is a private individual, i.e. someone who is not a forensic accountant supposed to know this. So i rang them. They told me that they were XYZ Finance. Yet you had two possible replies showing "XYZ" - neither of which was who they told me they were. So i was forced to guess. Now my email is locked in some sort of limbo, i can't re-apply because it's already registered but i can't get in because i never finished the application. Security is one thing but to ask a question that even the card issuer can't answer is just downright stupid! p.s. i am posting this email on the Consumer Advice Group web site - let's see if all publicity is really is good publicity.
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