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Found 13 results

  1. I bought a car from stoneacre in 2014, i have 3 year warranty with vauxhall until september this year. My engine has failed on the motorway with no warning at all. We have had the car serviced and the book is stamped. However we lost our invoice, the garage cannot provide an invoice due to not having it on their computer system. genuine parts and oil was used. Now vauxhall are telling me that the engine wont be repaired under warranty due to not having an invoice however the book is stamped. can anybody advise me on what to do? thanks!!
  2. Please can anyone help/advise?? I currently reside with my wife and family in accommodation provided to me by a UK Fire & Rescue Service Fire Authority. My wife currently owns a two bedroom terraced property which she currently rents out with consent due to moving in with me shortly after us both meeting. The UK Fire & Rescue Service Fire Authority have informed me and my family that they intend giving us notice to vacate the property due to their intent to sell off the property for other financial purposes. This has forced me to act quickly and to locate a property suitable for my family to use has our main residence and to put my wife’s property on the market for sale due to the property not being suitable for my family. The seller of the property we wish to buy has accepted an offer and a mortgage has been approved, we hope to complete the sale within a couple of months. My wife’s property is currently undertaking viewings. My conveyance solicitor has informed that due to my wife having a second property during the purchase that we will have to pay the additional higher 3% SDLT on top of the 2% stating that the Fire Service property does not qualify as our main residence even though I have resided there since 2001 and my wife since 2010. Due to the change in StampTax Duty Law earlier this year I do accept that we will have to initially pay the additional 3% SDLT due to my wife and I currently potentially having two properties during this transition. However what does seem to discriminate and be totally unfair against myself and family is that due to my employment in the Emergency Services and the place of work to where I have been contracted to work, that I have no so called “main place of residence” has outlined in the Government Stamp Duty Document. This impacts upon us not only due to the fact that I have to finance the additional 3% Stamp Duty to secure a“main place of residence” family home, but also by the fact that the property that we plan to sell is also not classed has our main family home, therefore I have been told by HMRC Helpline that once it’s sold (within 3 years) of purchasing our main place of residence (therefore only owning the one property), that we are not eligible for claiming back the higher SDLT due to that property not being our “main residence”. Is the above correct and I have to swallow the bullet or have I misread something so that I am entitled to reclaim?? This situation seems to be a rare case I just hope that the HMRC Tax Office accept that the unusual circumstances of myself and family have been overseen in the HMRC stamp duty document and that they will act accordingly. Therefore not to financially penalise myself and family by not allowing us to reclaim the additional higher 3% SDLT on completion of sale of my wife’s property and due to our sole intention of only to own the one property of “main residence”. :mad2: All I'm asking for is fairness and this does'nt seem to be the case. Thanks
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/feb/19/royal-mail-raises-stamp-prices
  4. Hi all, Can someone please help. Around a month ago I completed a purchase for a £195,000 shared ownership property for which I purcahse 40% shares in at £78,000. Over a month after completing I have recieved an email from my solictiors claiming that HM Revnue and Customs have notified them that "Stamp Duty of £222 falls due on the rent aspect of the new lease. Unfortunately this was not taken into account on your completion statement and is therefore due and owing to them." A few queries on this. Do I have to pay stamp duty being that my share falls below the threshold? Is stamp duty applicable to the rent aspect of the agreement? As far as I was concerned this was all done and dusted now I get this lovely email right before Christmas. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Which? is urging Government, regulators and businesses to renew their efforts to call time on nuisance calls and texts as complaints continue to rack up in the tens of thousands. After finding that a quarter (24%) of people don’t know where to complain when they receive an unwanted call, Which? are making it easier by launching a new online complaints tool so offenders can be identified and punished. They are urging consumers to report nuisance calls and texts to give regulators the vital evidence they need to take action against companies breaking the rules. This tool is powered by Which?. It helps determine who you should report nuisance calls and texts to and automatically issues a complaint on your behalf, subject to your approval. To stamp out this everyday menace, we need to get more people reporting nuisance calls. Please use and share our free nuisance call reporting tool today. Report a nuisance call
  6. Hello, Filling SDLT1 on time and pay stamp duty later - after 6 months (we are aware about interest of course) Can we do this?? (no cash buyers only Mortgage) Is the land going to be register for my name straight away after receiving on-line registration or paper SDLT1 Form OR just only after payment?? When "technically" land is going to be register for my name?? Can someone advice please Many thank in advance
  7. HI, I will be 60 this month, and I have been told I no longer need to pay my married womans national insurance contributions anymore. I have been paying this since 1976 - is this information correct? Many thanks.
  8. Returning from Birmingham New Street on a Cross Country Service earlier today I was caught rubbing the stamp off a ticket after it was returned from the train conductor. After the ticket was returned the stamped was smudged and I was curious as to how easy the stamp rubbed off, I proceeded to rub off the stamp completely only to be caught by the conductor. The conductor asked to see the ticket again and simply asked 'Why did you rub off the stamp?' I answered that 'I did not know why I had rubbed off the stamp and did not intend to reuse the ticket.' As the ticket was a Young Persons railcard I also produced my railcard upon the first inspection of the ticket. I may be over worrying after reading other posts on this forum however please could you advise ihf any prosecution is likely to take place? All details of the event are given above. I was never interviewed or asked any other questions nor was I told my actions could lead to a prosecution. As the ticket was purchased online I was worried that any details requied could have been obtained by the conductor when he inspected the ticket or the railcard? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  9. http://www.tax-news.com/news/HMRC_Hails_Victory_In_Stamp_Duty_Avoidance_Case____57427.html
  10. Leaflets outlining who is eligible for cut-price stamps this winter are being sent out to UK households. Prices for first and second class stamps rose earlier in the year, but some people on benefits will be eligible for 36 stamps at the former prices of 46p and 36p from 6 November. The offer is open to those who receive Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19871242
  11. Asking for a friend of mine who has disabled son - he is now 28 yrs old. She has been carer for the past 24 yrs - she herself suffers with polymyalgia rheumatica. She is concerned about the coming changes to PIP and what would happen if he were to lose/downgrade his DLA and she were to lose the carers allowance. She is not sure if she can sign on for job seekers - has she paid a stamp whilst on carers allowance. I could not answer her query - is a full stamp paid on carers, or just enough to pay for her state pension?
  12. Suppose you fail your Atos test and subsequently are refused JSA on the grounds you're too ill to work, as is happening to an increasing number of claimants. You're left to survive on your own with no benefits bar your HB, CT and any DLA or whatever. What happens to your NI stamp? Is it still paid by the state? If not, what happens if you survive long enough to get a state pension? Would you get a reduced one for not paying your stamp?
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