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Found 4 results

  1. Was looking forward to a week away... until we got here at first was just disgusted at the state of the caravan, we have found food stuck to the surfaces, blood on the quilts, damp + mould on the mattresses, site came out and changed the mattress, but stated they had no other caravans avaliable and that cleaning had gone home thought we would make the best of it but then found issue after issue after issue with the caravan to the point where it is not only disgusting in state but also in my opinion unsafe. here is a full list of issues found so far - and i will say so far as everything we do seems to show up more issues, ill start at one end of the caravan and try and move around Gas fire igniter not working Crumbs on areas around seating Gas fire side inspection cover - child can get hand in back of fire Hole in carpets Hole in stool Missing safety notices near door - just bluetack marks left Dirty plates Dirty sink Pubic hairs in cutlery drawer!!! Oven door doesn't shut Oven igniter button missing Kids room light switch coming off wall Kids room shelf stuck on with sylicon - this is because wall is damp and simply pushes in and out Kids room mattress appears to be an old sofa cushion complete with cutout... Toilet seat missing stand off rubbers - but only on one side curtain rail ends are made out of elastic bands No locks on kids room windows - or opening restrictors Blood on quilts Missing edges on shelves Double bed is a fold up metal frame - not an issue if it wasn't bent BEST FOR LAST gas boiler inspection "certificate" is a single sticker stating date tested and next test doubt its safe anyway as boiler ignition switch is broken - someones idea of fixing this is to poke the pilot light windows glass out so that they could put a match in - you can reach in and touch all the elements see below for examples videos first then photos going to email a near identical copy of this to CEO email but not holding out much hope of anything being done
  2. Have there been any recent changes in what cca request we send ie Credit card cca and loan cca? Mr W
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post but my post is about how UNFAIR and rubbish the Debit card Chargeback scheme is. Wanted to let you know that I am in dispute with Lloyds bank as I asked them to put their visa/chargeback scheme in place earlier this year. My current account was defrauded by a company called MIYU Ltd, trading as Local Events Calendar who scammed me for nearly £500. They cold-called me asking if I wanted a 21 free day trial of an online ad for my company on their site. I agreed but they failed to display the advert and still took the funds out of my account. This fraudulent company are now in liquidation. Consumer Direct said that I was due a full refund as the Company had breached Trading Standards and Cosumer Rights etc. The day they scammed me I rang Lloyds and told them what happened. Lloyds said they would put the Chargeback scheme in place and hopefully refund my account. However the fraudulent company put in a counter claim and for whatever reason Lloyds took their word over mine and said they would not refund me for the [problem]. I have been a Lloyds customer for 30+ years with a good credit history. I contacted customer services complaints at Lloyds with evidence and a long explanation of how I'd been scammed, and was sent a 4 line reply saying, sorry we can't help you and a leaflet for the ombudsman. I rang to complain and was told the same thing. I am seeing a Lloyds Bank Manager in person next week to see if I can get any sense out of them before I have to go to the ombudsman. I have learnt from this affair that Lloyds Bank don't give a toss how long you have had your account. I believe they are told behind closed doors to palm people off to the Ombudsman. They made 1.6 billion profit in the first half of 2010. I am disgusted by them. When this is over I shall leave, result or no result. Thanks for reading
  4. Hello, i'm going to try and make this short and to the point. I joined Sky, signed up to all 3 deals (phone, internet, tv). had phone and internet connected. Due to tv breaking and replacement time, had the tv service installed six months later. at this point sky realised they had not taken any direct debits for 6 months for phone charges. They billed me in one go (£180). i could not afford to pay bill in one go. Sky cut my tv service off. Many phone calls later Sky admitted this was their fault, but refused to re connect me. i wrote to their c.e.o. got call from someone in executive office. I suggested they take direct debit for my normal monthly bills, and allow me to pay the outstanding amount in installments. They said no, but reconnected me and it was agreed I pay £40 on the 30th of each month. i actually made two payments that month, but they cut me off again at the beginning of the next month, saying I had broken my payment plan as I had not made a payment on the 30th. I explained that was for the next payment the next month (as I had made two payments that month). But there seems to be little in the way of common sense at sky. They refused to restore my service until the whole amount had been paid off - now over £200, despite this being their fault. The next morning my phone line was restricted. I feel totally bullied and cornered. I sent yet another email to the ceo. My husband, who is at home recovering from a heart attack and thus not working, finally paid the amount in full, as the stress of dealing with sky is too much, and I need an active phone line. This has now put us in a very difficult financial situation. Do I have any grounds to take this to the small claims court?
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