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  1. I had no notification of it until I received a demand from the Sheriff'S office. I was not given an opposite to defend No. I could, at that time made an initial payment of £500, but was told by the Sheriff 'S office that their client wanted payment in full. I can fill out an N244 form, but I need help with that. If not successful the charges will increase
  2. Hello, I owe service charge backpayment to my management agent for my leasehold property. They took it to county court, then fast tracked to high court without informing me. I only knew when I received a demand for £2100 from the Sheriff's office. I offered to pay in instalments but they said their client wanted full payment, which I could not do. I sent them a copy of my Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form, they said their client rejected it. A Baliff visited my property when I was not in. I submitted an income and expenditure form (both mine and my wife's)
  3. Hello, thank you for your reply. It was not a PPI claim. I paid a company to prove this was an unenforceable credit agreement. It did go through the initial stages and my understanding is that judgement was in my favour as Capital one could not provide the relevant details/paperwork. ###should I still make a SAR request and would this include the details regarding my claim? Thank you.
  4. Hello, about four years ago a company (which now no longer exists) began an unenforceable credit agreement claim for me against capital one. They went through the initial stages, and I never heard from Capital One again. Then yesterday I received a statement from Capital One. Since the original company that was dealing with this no longer exists I would like to continue the original claim. It will be near impossible for me to find the documentation from four years ago. I would really appreciate advice on how to go about this and any links to template letters. Thank you.
  5. Hello. Whyte and co are dealing with my pcn fine (Newham Council). While I do not deny I need to pay this, their charges are somewhat dubious. They are charging £175 for ATR, even though this was their first visit. They now insist this was their third visit, which I do not think is true. They also say they do not need to provide evidence of former visits or letters sent (None received). Is this true? Thank you to all the helpful people on this site, and a Happy New Year.
  6. Unfortunately, the N244 was rejected - no reason given. I am now dealing with Whyte and co on the issue of the ATR fee (£175). They finally responded after the 5th email, and insist the ATR fee is permissible under regulations.
  7. hello, have finally had a response from Whyte and Co. They have removed the HPI fee, but refuse to remove the ATR fee, saying it is permitted under regulations. I would be so grateful for advice on this, especially legal, as I intend to continue fighting, but need precise information. Thank you.
  8. The people on this site are so helpful. a friend of mine (builder) was told by the porter of a bloc of flats he could unload in a parking space in order to do a job there. he then got a demand for a fine through the post from London Parking Solutions. This was a year ago, and several emails have been sent back and forth between the two. London Parking Solutions did not respond to his last email, and now he has received a demand for £240 from Gladstones Solicitors. The fine is imposed for an area that he was not even parked on, but London Parking
  9. hello, I submitted an N244 application this morning. I never received a letter of rejection of the OTT, hence the bailiffs turning up. I still have my vehicle, I paid them £60 (all I had), and they are returning every Friday for £100 until the balance is paid off. Yes, the ATR fee was charged at the same time as the levy fee. Thank you.
  10. So, they have to remove the £175? Do I have to pay the HPI check? Also, there is no vat number on their receipt. What is the DVLA FEE? Sorry for my naivety in this, and thank you.
  11. Re : Whyte and co bailiffs. Bailiffs turned up today after northampton denied my stat. dec. They have sent one letter (November 2012). This is a breakdown of their charges :(Penalty Charge: £202.00) Postal Request: £11.20 HPI Check: £20.00 Levy Attendance: £57.00
  12. Today I had a visit from Whyte and Co bailiffs. Unbeknowst to me I had a pcn stat declaration rejected by Northampton county Court. They wanted £517.84. they gave no breakdown. They never sent any letters, claiming I had lost my right to any notification of rejection or correspondence from them as I appealed. I paid them all I had (£600, and they are returning every Friday for £100 until the balance is cleared. I had to pay them as they were threatening to clamp my work van. I am being sent an N244 form by the court, but am sure they have not behaved in accordance to rules. Any advice wou
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