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  1. Yep, sorry about that. 4 posts in, bla, bla, .............
  2. This is brilliant, they not only sc#m the motorists, they sc#m the land owners as well and they have to pay for the signs. And their members of the "British Pig Association". What a JOKE! Sorry for replying to my own thread, but the funny side of this has just dawned on me, ha, ha. OMG, 3 post in 5 1/2 years!
  3. Please google "flashpark" and take a look at "Legal". What's going to happen on the 1st October 2012?? I get the distinct odor of bull sh#t! Sorry, can't post the link, system won't let me. Two posts in 5 1/2 years!!!
  4. One piece of advice I have never seen on any forum (yet) regarding PPCs, COMPLAIN to the shop, supermarket, etc. I have received a few of these notices (invoices) and I have never replied to them. But I have complained bitterly to the shop whose car park it is. Tell them that you are disgusted at the way they treat their customers and that you and your family will not be using their store while such measures are in place. Also tell them that you are not going to pay and that you will go to court if necessary. Inform them that you intend to contact "Watchdog", "You
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