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  1. I have written to Moneybarn today asking about the CCJ , the balance etc and why it isn't mentioned in the letters.
  2. As i said the FCA have been investigating Provident and Moneybarn for months now, specifically not helping people in arrears and not giving clear termination guidance, apparently its due to close soon. My letter from them is from what looks like a senior person at Moneybarn, and reply email addresses are ones i haven't seen before and refer to a specialist department (redress), the telephone number is also new. The letter is unreservedly apologetic, and that is an understatement.
  3. I have only checked the free ones, Totallymoney and Noddle, under current accounts they both show "Moneybarn" balance £670, but under "rulings" or "public information" where the CCJS are shown it gives the case number plus the amount (£4500)
  4. I moved during the couple of months it was with the Ombudsman , the ccj seems to have been actioned during that period. It was a few months later that i told them i had moved, so no, i didn't tell them before i moved. The credit report shows current balance of £670 but the CCJ entry on the credit file shows a balance of £4500
  5. To summarise , i had a car with Moneybarn, got behind with payments and not knowing about VT at the time, agreed when they said they were taking the car even though i had paid over 50%. They issued me with an outstanding full balance of £4500 in October 2017. I then read about VT, and I went to the financial ombudsman to dispute this saying i should have been told i had VT options. The balance was unpaid whilst this went on for about 3 months. During this i moved house. Fast forward another month, the ombudsman did not uphold my claim and said i was lia
  6. Thanks for the reply. The loan is with shopacheck , as you say now Morses. You are right about the interest rates, the reason I considered a claim was because they "topped up " the loan 4 times to even higher amounts ( started at £350, ended up at £1600). On each top up occasion no questions or payslips were asked for even though the last one was a year later. On a different note, I have been scrutinising the pdl claims, and have already emailed each company asking for full breakdowns etc. I won't go any further yet until I'm sure what I'm doing. At the peak I had monthly payments of £32
  7. My loans were well behind, most defaulted, but they didn't ask many questions so I didn't offer. A payslip was asked for and only major questions such as did I have a CCJ or debt management plan, my outgoings were never really mentioned, I was economic with the truth and only stated my normal household bills etc
  8. Oh sorry, not sure what difference between unaffordable and irresponsible lending is?
  9. Could anyone advise if doorstep lenders (i.e. Shopacheck, Provident ) can be included in a claim for unaffordable lending? I had 13 payday loans when I applied for a doorstep loan, but unsure if I can claim with this?
  10. I purchased a car 2 years ago via Moneybarn, but got behind with payments due to reduction in wage . After failing one month on a suggested payment plan, they sent me a default notice followed by a letter of termination. The leaflet enclosed with it said I had 3 options: 1: Pay off in full 2, pay arrears, they MAY let me keep car 3: hand car back I called them on the phone and offered to pay arrears in full but the rude gent said their hands were now tied and termination could not be stopped, and it had gone to "asset management" To cut an even longer story short the agent
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