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  1. Has anyone got any advice for claiming distress or inconvenience?
  2. Are Currys holding on to and delaying customer refunds. In my case they seam to me to be doing just this. I bought an item online and Currys agreed to collect it as it wasnt as described and didnt fit my needs. It to 8 days to get the collection and I was told that I would get a refund within 3-5 days. Unfortunately that didnt happen I tried to complain: - I tried to raise a PayPal claim but the email supplied to contact Currys on the PayPal site doesnt exist so email returned. - I phoned Currys to complain, as soon as the customer services person takes my order number she tells me I have an immediate email agreeing to make a refund, but this is over 20 days since I purchased, and 11 days after Currys picked up the item. - dont delay in making that complaint because Currys may not do anything about your refund until you complain like me. Personally I think this is - at the least just bad customer service - at worst maybe Currys are trying to increase their cash flow by holding on to customers money. poor show Currys
  3. Hello. im new on here but ive been reading some of the threads with interest. In 2010 i took out a payday loan with Quickquid as my credit cards were maxed out at nearly 16k...... id just come out of a relationship that had left me financialy challenged. It was so easy to borrow from them ... had the loan and paid it off as planned. Anyway i had a 2nd larger loan when i needed work doing to my car....... this where it all went wrong because when it came to payday time i wasnt going to have enough money left to live on...... so i took out another payday loan with a different comapny. Yet again so easy to borrow, things just spiralled out of control and between 2010 and the end of 2013 when i finaly saw sense and seeked help id been using QuickQuid Payday UK Wonga Payday Express Lending Stream Pounds to Pocket 1 month loan Swift sterling Mr Lender every month for the time period, either rolling over loans or taking out new ones to pay off exsisting ones the borrowing off them again. I was so stupid, they ruined my life for 4 years, if id been turned down id have faced my issues sooner and got sorted.... at one point i was doing 80hrs overtime per month and still couldnt get straight. How could these companies not see by the credit checks that i was in meltdown? Last week i added up everything id borroweed and paid back to payday loans companies....... i borrowed £38,711 and paid back a whopping £61,409. Im worried about asking for refunds because i dont think i was honest about my disposable income...... i was in such a mess and not thinking straight, i was just desperate for the money, to pay tha payday loans etc. Im so stupid. Any advice? Thank you for reading this, Burke
  4. In mY 2016 i bought a PC from littlewoods, 156wks. i asked them today that i wish to pay my balance in FULL and enquired about interest refund, I was told NO refunds because the item was taken out on interest bearing terms? I asked them where on their T&Cs it says that items on interest bearing terms will not be interest refunded if paid back early, they said it doesnt, so explain to me WHY i am not entitled to a refund then??(2 years interest taken off balance)
  5. I joined this group about a year ago when a musical instrument I sent via Parcel Force arrived damaged. I knew that I could not get enhanced insurance on the item as it is on their list of prohibitive items for extra insurance coverage. But it is covered by the basic £100. (So I took the chance as I have posted this item to myself over a dozen times in the past with no issues as it was always well wrapped.) However, the response I got this time when things went wrong was terrible to say the least. I do admit I made my claim outside of the 60 days time limit (as I travel abroad alot), but I had hoped there would be some 'good will' for being a regular customer. No such luck! I took it to the top and still got a no. I did ask them for figures relating to claims in the past year under FOI, but as they point out since 2013 they were no longer a government owned business and it no longer relates to them! If anyone has any idea of the success rate (or not!) or claims, better post them here!
  6. Hi, I bought a Woucher for a specific item (supplied by a third party which Woucher UK organise) which I then redeemed. The item was never delivered and despite emailing them and Woucher support, it never arrived. Woucher will not refund me my money as they say under their refund terms, I should have asked for a refund within 10 days of buying the woucher (i wasn't aware there was this limit, and had given the supplier the benefit of the doubt in supplying the item.) Despite many emails to Woucher support they would only refund my money to their 'Woucher Wallet' which means I have to spend it with them and if not spent in a short timescale reverts to 50% then 0% of it's value. If there is nothing that I'm interested in during that time then I've lost my money. However as I couldn't be bothered to waste any more time on this matter, as another item came up that I was vaguely interested in, I spent the Woucher Wallet credit on that, but guess what, that item hasn't arrived either. I have emailed that supplier and again Woucher support to no avail, in fact Woucher support think it's very funny and keep sending me repeats of non relevant advice. Where do I stand legally, wasn't I entitled in the first place to refund, and shouldn't I be entitled to it again now? Any advice as to what recourse I might have to get my money back would be gratefully received.
  7. Hi, I have sent all my payday loan refunds claims off but I just have a few questions. I don't have any bank statements but I have my credit report. I attempted suicide because of my bad debt and I had over 19 payday loans in Sept 2011 so I chucked everything and buried my head in the sand. On my credit report it shows I had every month in 2010 - 2011 3 loans running at the same time every month. I have claims for all my loans in 2011. My quick quid loans I had 33 loans that's roughly over 7 per year. Do you think I have enough to claim back as most of my outgoings in them 3 years were to my parents as they are retired and relied on my rent. in 2009 my dad to a loan to pay all my lenders and so my outgoings increased by £150. Rent: £500 Dad Loan: £150 (After 2009) Mobile: £45 Travel: £250 Food: £200 In 2008 - 2010 I was earning £1010 and in 2010 - 2011 I was earning £1200 per month. For 4 months in 2010 I was on JSA so I only had £280 every 4 weeks. In 2008 - 2009 I had the following loans all at the same time Wonga Quick Quid Poundstillpayday Wageday Advance Payday UK Payday Express Moneybox 247 Mr lender Uncle Buck In 2010 - 2011 Wonga Quick Quid Payday UK Wage day Advance Payday Express Payday Overdraft Monkey Dosh Convers Money Tower Capital Moneybox 247 Mr Lender Poundstillpayday Cash Genie Peachy Loans TxT Loan The Loan Store UK Uncle Buck CFO Lending Poundstoday and I think PoundstoPocket Oakham As I said I don't have any bank statements only my Credit report that was bad anyway. MoneyBox247 have sent me a sheet that show the credit check they did came back with a score of 450! Thanks for any help in advance Happy Easter!!
  8. Hi All, I wondered if you can please help? Over the years, I have had literally hundreds of Payday Loans from lots of providers. Most of these have been used to fund Gambling. I was taking them out up until recently. They have all been payed back, using help from family members. I feel disgusted with myself for putting them through that. Although I take full responsibility for having a gambling problem, I believe I shouldn't have been lent to. I had loans that way exceeded my income at the time of taking out more loans, and still they lent to me. My question is, Can I ask for redress for all loans including ones taken out prior to lenders becoming FCA regulated in early 2015 or only before they were FCA regulated? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I wanted to see if anyone has had a complaint against a PDL upheld with FOS and in particular if FOS had recommended that the full loan amount was to be refunded. Typically they will advise to refund loan charges etc and looking through some of the cases it seems that FOS will state that the debtor had the benefit of the loan so this should not be refunded. I agree with FOS in a small way, but when it comes to a PDL lending 14-16 times in the space of less than 2 years then surely there is a case to be answered and that is would it not have been required of the PDL to confirm affordability or even consider reliance on PDL's once the 3rd/4th loan had been requested. If as in many cases once a debtor asks for his 4th loan then surely this is reliance and therefor no additional loans should have been granted. If they were not granted then the debtor wouldnt have had them in the furst place - hence why they should be repaid in full.
  10. Wow....One for the record books! HERE Source - Credit Today I'm mightily surprised about this! Time to get claiming folks!
  11. Is this all legit and above board? This is the sort of thing I mean; http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=84262 I have a similar issue with quickquid in which they sold a debt and all rights to a third party, but I think they have now bought it back and want to offset the balance against a refund I'm owed. I have noted that the debt is full of charges which would need to be removed. It seems unfair that they can do this as when they sold the account they broke the chain and their right to set it off against any future refund. And they probably sold it for a fraction of what they are now saying it is worth. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi Just received a letter from MAS 5 who are the current mortgage company, in which they say they are to refund me late fees from period between 2009-2015. Great But that the refund will go straight into the account? Can I do anything to get them to pay it directly to me? Please help thanks
  13. Wonder if they will refund the bailiff fees if the tickets went to bailiffs? Discuss. http://www.motoring.co.uk/car-news/council-to-pay-back-hundreds-of-parking-fines_66808
  14. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/motorists-entitled-refunds-over-wrongly-issued-pcso-parking-203555260.html#4TDwUhA
  15. Hi I was wondering if someone can help please. I have been trying to claim PPI refunds for my loans that I have with the Associates (Capital) Jersey Ltd. They date back as far as December 1999. I have 2 original agreements, and the rest are R62 forms on Associates Capital letter head. The R62 forms were requirements for tax returns in Jersey. They quote the associates account number and the amount of interest paid for that year. I have been sending letters for the past 2 years and have had no luck whatsoever. I believe The Associates were taken over in 2001 by Citi Financial Europe PLC, and therefore would have taken over their loan book at this date. I even have a letter from CitiFinancial (Jersey) Ltd which quotes the associates account number. This was dated February 2004 Citi Financial say they can't find my details. On several occasions I have sent them passports, bank statements etc proving my name and address. I have also requested information from them about my accounts by providing all of my addresses I lived at in Jersey. I have rung the only number that seems to be provided and end up talking to a call centre in the Philippines who say they can't put me through to anyone and to write a letter. I have written several and I am just not getting a conclusive outcome. I have also tried emailing the crt email address, and even though the email doesn't bounce back I never get a response I have also tried the Financial ombudsmen and they say they can't help as the loan originated in Jersey even though it was taken over by Citi Financial it is out of their jurisdiction.. I now live in New Zealand so it is now proving a lot harder to communicate. I am thinking about sending a courier to the CEO of Citi Financial because apparently registered delivery you can't trace. It will cost me about GBP30 so I hope this works Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated many thanks Sharon
  16. Appears some airlines are offering to refund Child APD on flights already booked & paid for from May 2015. http://support.easyjet.com/apd http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/gb/en/travel-information/customer-service/latest-news.html
  17. HSBC is expecting to pay back $367m (£218m) of interest payments to some UK customers owing to mistakes in paperwork for personal loans. The bank has admitted to failing to include information in annual statements relating to the option for customers to make overpayments. This is required in the UK under the Consumer Credit Act. The bank outlined the provision in its results for the first half of 2014, but suggested no customers had lost out. A spokesman for the bank said there had been "no financial detriment" suffered by customers as a result of the error. Omission Under the rules, banks must explain to loan customers that they can make overpayments or partial overpayments on top of their regular repayments. HSBC included this in the initial paperwork when customers took out a loan. But the bank has admitted that when it sent annual statements, reviewing the latest status of loans, these details were omitted. A spokesman said that the error went back a couple of years, but had now been corrected. HSBC says it will be contacting all affected customers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28639103
  18. Hi everyone I've tried finding the solution to this one both in the ever-useful CAG forums as well as on various websites and consumer rights guides with no success as yet. Apologies if I'm covering old ground though. Long explanation begins.... I recently bought a mobile phone (sim-free) via an online website. I'm not new to online tomfoolery so I made sure I paid by credit card for a bit of extra protection. The phone was sold to me as being unlocked, new and unused. The phone was actually provided by one of the 'marketplace' sellers via that site, a Ltd company based in the UK. The first handset arrived, in a sealed box and appeared to be new. However when I put my SIM card in it transpired that the phone was blocked. I checked this with CheckMend which confirmed it was listed as being 'lost or stolen'. I emailed the supplier who apologised profusely, asked me to return it and they would send a new phone and cover my return postage. I did so. However I forgot to put the charging cable in the box. A new phone arrived a couple of days later, but the box had been opened and the charging cable removed. I contacted the supplier who assured me the box had only been opened to check the phone was in working order (no mention of accessories being removed). The phone worked and appeared new again so I accepted it. Less than a week later, that phone became blocked. Checks with CheckMend and the network that blocked it confirmed the phone was NOT new, I was not the first person to use it (it had been registered to someone else before I placed the original order) and that I could not unblock the phone. I contacted the supplier again who again apologised profusely and asked me to return it. She claimed she had a new supplier and this had never happened before. Although I was of course pretty vexed at this point I begrudgingly agreed that they could send one last replacement phone. I returned the locked handset. At this point, delays began as well as accusations that I had blocked the phone myself, was trying to steal the 'expensive' accessories etc. The supplier had received the second phone but couldn't send another immediately, then claimed that without every part of the phone (they wanted the original box and charger) they couldn't do anything. I retracted my request for another replacement and asked for a full refund as I was not able to wait for another replacement. I was told this could only happen if I sent back the box and charger, which I did. The last items were sent in a signed-for package two weeks ago. It has not arrived - either undelivered and waiting at the sorting office or genuinely lost in the post. So....my questions are: 1. Should I pursue a Section 75 claim at this stage or do I need to find out where the box and charger have ended up? 2. In the case of a faulty item, do all components need to be returned? I worked in retail previously and we would accept faulty items within period even without all attachments, original box etc. I don't understand how the lack of a box can affect my statutory rights. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
  19. Problem is, that they are vouchers to use on the underground, and are only valid for 6 months. My annual travel card expires in 8 months, thus these vouchers are useless to me. Is it possible to reject them and demand a cheque?
  20. Customers of Yorkshire and Chelsea building societies to receive refunds of arrears charges in £8.4m windfall About 34,000 mortgage borrowers with Yorkshire Building Society are to receive refunds averaging almost £250 each after mistakes were made in the calculation of mortgage arrears charges. In all, about £8.4m will be paid to the customers affected, some of whom have mortgages with Chelsea and Barnsley building societies and Accord Mortgages, which are all part of the Yorkshire group. Borrowers will receive an average of £247. The group is to refund all mortgage arrears administration fees charged since January 2009 and interest on those fees, even to customers who were not affected by the mistakes in calculation. The problem came to light when the City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, questioned whether Yorkshire's procedures were robust enough. The society then reviewed its treatment of some customers who had been charged arrears administration fees. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/10640632/250-refunds-for-34000-building-society-borrowers.html
  21. Customers of Yorkshire and Chelsea building societies to receive refunds of arrears charges in £8.4m windfall About 34,000 mortgage borrowers with Yorkshire Building Society are to receive refunds averaging almost £250 each after mistakes were made in the calculation of mortgage arrears charges. In all, about £8.4m will be paid to the customers affected, some of whom have mortgages with Chelsea and Barnsley building societies and Accord Mortgages, which are all part of the Yorkshire group. Borrowers will receive an average of £247. The group is to refund all mortgage arrears administration fees charged since January 2009 and interest on those fees, even to customers who were not affected by the mistakes in calculation. The problem came to light when the City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, questioned whether Yorkshire's procedures were robust enough. The society then reviewed its treatment of some customers who had been charged arrears administration fees. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/10640632/250-refunds-for-34000-building-society-borrowers.html
  22. I got a tv off PH in Dec 08, and have paid almost £2000 (almost died of shock when I added it up) anyway a white dot appeared on the screen and also a coloured line down the front of the tv, so I booked it in to get fixed, and was told it could take upto 2 weeks for them to find out if it can be fixed or not. So phones them today (after the two weeks) and they said they still hadn't found out if it can be fixed, I asked what would happen if it couldn't be fixed, and was told they would find another tv around 2 years old same size(47inch) and pref same make, as they only give you a replacement tv. Now I know we have had our tv for two years, but it is in perfect condition other than the problem and we are the only ones that have had it, but they are saying we have to have one someone else has had for two years and has been sent back to the shop, but I don't want a tv someone else has had, so if it can't be fixed can I get a refund instead of a replacement?? Does anyone know, as I would like to know before they phone and if they do say it can't be fixed at least I will know my rights. DON'T KNOW WHY IT HAS PUT BRIGHTHOUSE IN FRONT OF MY TITLE AS IT IS REGARDING PERFECT HOME.
  23. Leading banks and building societies could be forced to follow Barclays, Northern Rock and the Co-operative Bank in forking out huge sums to refund interest payments to its loan customers because of problems with their paperwork. The Office of Fair Trading last week wrote to 50 banks and building societies informing them that they may have failed to comply with the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) when issuing arrears notices or loan statements. With billions of pounds in compensation having already been paid out following the PPI mis-selling scandal, lenders face another hefty bill if they're found to have breached the guidelines. Lenders are obliged to provide a minimum level of information on statements and arrears notices they send out, but some were found to have been communicating with their customers with vital details missing - such as statements that fail to state the original amount borrowed. In such cases, customers are entitled to a refund of any interest that they paid during the periods when the mistakes took place. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2499955/More-loan-customers-refunds-50-banks-probed.html#ixzz2kZ8a4qa0
  24. I was recently declined a visa for travel to the US after I had booked my flight with United Airlines through an agency here in the UK. The date of travel for which I paid my fare was mid august 2013 yet I have to wait a further 6 months for my application with the US embassy to go through all the procedure before I can reschedule my holiday for next year. I have contacted United Airlines about this asking if I can have a coupon to spend with them within the next 12 months from the date I purchased my original ticket. As I bought my ticket through an agent they have referred me to the agent but the agent is not helpful saying that my only option is to reschedule the flight at an additional cost of £350. My problem is I dont have a date of travel until I have sorted out permission to enter the US, yet the agent will not offer another solution. I would either have to set a date and pay the additional £350, or lose the £800 or so I paid for the flight. Is this all the agency and/or airline can offer me as a consumer? Here is the email that United Airlines responded to me: "Thank you for contacting United Airlines. Your ticket was purchased through a Travel Agency. We are unable to determine all of the terms and conditions that apply to this ticket. Please contact them regarding your inquiry. Most tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. We appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming you on board a future United Airlines flight. Regards" Any suggestions to what I can do will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hi all, I will keep it brief. I bought a car from BMW a few weeks ago, the price quoted on the New Order Invoice jumped a day later to include £2k of 'extras' that were added to the finance document! I didn't notice them until I had signed, but unfortunately for the dealer I did notice later on (after collection) and requested they be refunded ASAP. The products/services were: Tyre Insurance GAP protection Chip Protection and Gard X Paint protection crap (£500) The first 3 were refunded, the dealer refused to refund the last 1 as the GardX has already been applied apparently! Of course this made me very angry, why did it mysteriously appear between invoices without anyone even mentioning it.. They didn't even provide me with the new invoice until I had to request it. Anyway upon requesting the refund for GardX, the dealer said it was not covered by the 14 day cancellation period that is applied to all insurance type stuff and had already been applied etc so they had incurred costs. Not really fair as I didn't ask for it or know I was getting it, but fair dos I signed on the dotted line, if you like... just chalk it up to experience and never go back.... However the GardX pack I have, includes a pack that refers to it as a 'warranty (i.e. we will come out and repair your car if X and Y are met, which of course never are). Is there any grounds for cancelling this still? One other interesting thing the dealer said, that GardX is automatically added to the invoice and then cancelled only if the customer requests it, before it's been applied. Is this some sort of grey legal area they are occupying? I paid for the car on finance, surely this cannot be completely above board to do that and not mention it. If anyone can help me take this into a suitable direction, either to SMC or FoS/TS, I would appreciate any guidance, I am livid!
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