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Found 8 results

  1. I guess it is same old story, had a lot of credit cards due to expenses from old job, always paid them off until things went wrong with work. Long story short, had about 6 cards and several other debts, debt was between £50k and £80k, interest was frozen, it is just I lost most of the paperwork when I was homeless. I do have PDF's in cloud of bank statements. I foolishly serviced the cards for years, until finally accepted I could not afford to service them, Then even more foolishly I kept the debts alive for even more years by making token payments. Then things got even wo
  2. Hello. I am an Australian that moved to the UK 5years ago, i have two passports. I have a credit card debt of $1500 but since it has been passed onto Credit Corp it is going up very fast. I was contacted by the bank to notify that it was being passed on to them a few months ago. Credit Corp have contacted me via email and have left voicemails. The first voicemail that was left for me said that if i did not contact them they would get there U.K agents involved. Is this possible or are they just trying to scare me? If they can get involved, what can they do? I am going to Australi
  3. Hi All, This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading it for 1-2 days now and the info here is simply amazing! I have various issues but the most pressing is a Court Case with MBNA and Preston Solicitors. I heard they are the nasty ones! I was living in the UK till January but due to my health and being unemployed, I had to move back to my country of origin, in the middle of Europe (sorry for being secrecy, just do not want people to find me this way) I have a CC debt of 25k from MBNA what I could not pay due to job loss and health issues. I tried to negotia
  4. Hi everyone, As well as other debts my wife and I have 3 credit cards which are costing us more than we can afford each month. A major problem is that 2 of the cards are over the limit and I’m in agreement to pay a minimum payment each month which isn’t even covering the interest added, in the last ten months I’ve paid back £500 on one of the cards and because the interest is more than the monthly payment the amount I owe has increased. The other card is within the limit but because we only pay the minimum payment that debt is not going anywhere. The interest takes up 2 thi
  5. Hi All, I have a complex situation.... My Mum died In 2008 (when I was 21yo) she left a huge amount of debt and a small completely run down house. As he next of kin I got probate, i contacted all known creditors and most when i explained i lived in the house wrote off the debt - great.... Except RBS who had been chasing me for her £3500 credit card debt... By the time my mum was cremated I owed 10k for funerals administration costs and a loan which I took out to make the house habitable... (at 21) I'm now being told The estate I.E my home (becuase there was no
  6. Hi, We have a bit of unusual situation here and dont know how to deal with it properly and will appreciate your expert opinions and comments in this regard. My girlfriend and i moved to an Asian country almost two years ago for work. We were going through some financial hardships in UK and my girlfriend sought advice from "clear you debt" [problem] company who has run away with over 4000GBP since without solving the matter. Anyway, since we have ben overseas we have successfully negotiated full and final settlement with MBNA (RMA) and Egg (ARC Europe Ltd). We have one more credit card d
  7. Hello, this is the bit where frank spenser comes bursting through the door covered in mud and chicken feathers exclaiming "I've had a bit of bother" Trying to make lite of a situation (( well my pile of debt is not really funny, but am getting to grips with the reality of my situation here is debts I have Card1 £10000 Card2 £6000 Loan1 £4000 Card3: £2000 bank in overdraft £1900 Saleable Assets: Unemcumbered Car £500 Car £3000 - if working! (mot failure something wrong with engine circa £800 to fix!! and need new shocks) but would still get towed away by a d
  8. Hi All, Back in 2009 i fell for one of those companies who claimed to remove all outstanding debts legally. I need not to go into that detail as we all know what happened to those companies and now i am left with original debt + charges with a default in my name which i want to settle in legally appropriate manner. This debt amount is separate from almost 4K i paid to ClearyourdebtUK for that purpose. Anyway i have two cards now with outstanding balance which i would like to pay off, one is barclaycard and other is Eggcard (i have paid a third MBNA card with short settlement few months ago).
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