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  1. I have sent the caller a message to tell him that he will not be getting into my house today or ever. I will be corresponding directly with Paratus. I refuse to be bullied by them anymore.
  2. Mortgage company is Paratus. Our mortgage is never going to be paid off because it's interest only and we weren't advised about insurance to make sure that we have enough at the end of the term. We've got approx 2.5k arrears and our situation has changed drastically in that I have no job so we only have my husbands income which is substantially less than what I earned. Do I let them in the house to discuss a way forward? I just don't know
  3. Can anyone give me a quick heads up about them? We have mortgage arrears and they are visiting our home tomorrow. I'm indecided about letting them near.
  4. "We note with great concern that no payments have been received on this account since January 2014 and as you are aware our client holds a charge against your property. We therefore enclose and income and expenditure form and request that you fill this in and return it back to us. We must stipulate that unless payments are received on this matter we shall have no option but to recommend to our client that further enforcement proceeding be taken.
  5. Has anyone had any dealings with them? They reckon that they've got a charging order on our property, we haven't paid anything on this debt for 2.5 years, a recent check on our property shows no charging orders and only our mortgage outstanding. Is this usual practice for them to mislead regarding charging orders? TIA
  6. Thanks, I've just sent an email to them, not having Marston bullying me in my own home!!Read too many bad things about this crew!!
  7. Well I'm assuming it's been missed with the baliff at the door? Am I wrong?
  8. The date is unreadable and this paperwork has only just been delivered as our postman has been delivering our post to the wrong address
  9. I know the creditor but there's a massive dispute and I've only just received this as our post has been wrongly delivered. They have set Marston onto me as I have now missed the defence time scale. Marston been banging my door down this AM but I must make it clear that I have signed no contract for this amount claimed.
  10. [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH] The response pack is also photocopied and looks old
  11. How do I identify what I think is fake county court paperwork? Is it usually blue with the courts address on it? Thanks [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH]
  12. Hi this is the email received from our mortgage company today after i emailed them yesterday questioning why we were never made aware of a massive lump sum to be paid at the end of the mortgage after doing some reading it looks like we should have changed over to a repayment mortgage, we were never advised of this at any point, looks like we are never going to be mortage free. We confirm your mortgage was recommended to your via your financial advisor. They recommended an interest only mortgage, which commenced on 28/04/06. We confirm this indeed on interest only, with a remaining term of 16 years and 6 months. Therefore after this time, the whole mortgage balance is repayable i.e.: approximately £76,278.89. We therefore recommend you seek some form of free independent legal advice in this matter. We also confirm we have log your comments about this with our consumer affairs department, who will be in contact shortly
  13. Hi In 2006 we took out a mortgage with the above mentioned, the mortgae was not properly sold to us by the broker and we have recently become aware that at the end of our mortgage we are going to still owe a large sum of money of which we have no plan in place to pay. We have looked at using a no win no fee solicitor to try and sort this out but we would rather do it ourselves if possible. In all honesty i would rather sell up and move to rented, sick of all the hassle. What would you advise, i am very ready to pack up and leave. I have also been reading about direct debit claw backs for mis sold products, does anyone know if this applies to mortgages too? TIA Sonway
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