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  1. I had the same email even though the debt is now 7 years old and have told the its statute barred via writing, email and phone. Yet they seem to think that SB doesn't apply to this debt, idiots, complete and utter idiots.
  2. I have already done this some time ago, it was signed for about 3 weeks ago and i have not had any response at all.
  3. Im after an email for the compliance director please, i have sent letters to him about this being statute barred and also recording a default in Feb as mail order, but i have had no response but i still get emails from them every other day, they do not have my current address or phone number. I have literally sent 250 emails to their ascent email address with no response either.
  4. I really would tell them to take a running jump and until they take you to court you will have no more dealing with them.
  5. Dear Sillyboywyn Customer # On behalf of QuickQuid, we'd like to personally apologise for any inconvenience caused by the email erroneously sent to you on Thursday 11 July - “Extended Repayment Plan Available: Prevent Sale To 3rd Party Collectors” At QuickQuid we take great pride in providing high quality personal loan products, customer service, and consumer protections for each and every one of our customers. In response to your email query, we can confirm that the erroneous email sent last week was not the result of hacking or any external data breach, and therefore, your personal information and credit score have not been compromised in any way. The email was sent to individuals from the QuickQuid database, which includes both QuickQuid borrowers and people who have previously enquired about a loan product through our Web site, affiliate third parties, or licensed credit intermediaries. Since the email was issued, QuickQuid has been committed to contacting every individual recipient informing them that the email was sent in error and should be disregarded. In addition, we are in continuous contact with the Financial Ombudsman Service, Office of Fair Trading, and Information Commissioner’s Office and are sharing fully with them the results of our internal examination. We appreciate your patience and once again apologise for any trouble this may have caused. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact our QuickQuid Final Resolution team at: 0800 016 3114 Kind Regards, QuickQuid Final Resolution Tel: 0800 016 3114 Email: [email protected] http://www.QuickQuid.co.uk
  6. Just checked my email and i also have this in there, I do not have any PDL's any more and this was paid in full last year.
  7. I really do know nothing about it, i have just paid it anyhow, I was a bit of an idiot 7 years ago so im sure it would of been right.
  8. Hello Guys, Does a court fine become SB'd at all? I have just come in to a letter from Greater Manchester Courts saying i have a balance outstanding of £245 for failure to display a tax disc, now i cannot remember even getting this and had moved shortly after the alleged offence, they have traced me to my new address so have said this needs paying, I have no problem in paying it as back then my car could well of not been displaying tax as didnt have a care in the world in and around that time. My question is do fines like this become SB'd at all?
  9. You can add mine too Brig, they chasing a SB debt even though they know it's SB'd. They said that SB doesn't count for a PDL.
  10. And looking at his LinkedIn page he has worked for all the worst DCA's there are, and not one of them has improved.
  11. Do NOT pay any more than the loan plus one months interest and a default sum.
  12. I have experience with doing this with 11 payday loans all within the last 12 months, i know it works.
  13. Dont pay them another penny, Already paid back loan plus one months interest.
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