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  1. Please could someone help me obtain a letter template to request DSAR for my mortgage documents. Including the Consumer protection laws on original loan agreement, original offer, Original terms and condition (mortgage), copy statements and Copy of deed. Or anything similar would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi again, I just want clarification on set aside. As I am chasing a 28 days window... If I apply for a set aside judgement and pay the fee. What happens to the CCJ? It just remains on record (6 years ) Any urgent comment will be appreciated... Many thanks, Just to follow it up...I meant if the judge Don t accept My applications...
  3. Thank you Andy... I would take that on board. I believe that was my reply at first. But unfortunately, I did not seek advise sooner. It's been granted despite of the way the claimant chased the old debt. Am I allowed to approach the claimant for a reduced forthwith payment? Or the judgement final? I do want to clear the CCJ on my record... I do hope others would get something from my rather confusing queries... Will contact CAB and make my decision. Thanks for the heads up...as I now know the right questions to ask... Thanks and hope to hear from y
  4. Ok. If I send N244 it cancels the CCJ. 1 month time limit irrelevant... And if the judge don't accept my set aside I will be told When to pay...(pay whole amount) There will be no ccj? Did I understand that right?
  5. Lol dx... Thanks. It's on the papers I received. I checked Experian it's there and recorded. To pay £xxxx forthwith. I got the email containing N244 attachment. My question is... if judge don't accept it, what happens To the ccj? As I have 1 month to pay for it to remove. Will it stay on record if judge refuse to set aside? Judge might not reply within my time limit? Thanks for your patience...
  6. Hi I apologised for my confusing explanation. Yes I was informed but.... my reply was the claimant could not produce CCA. So, I should have replied and agreed a affordable repayment? I know it's too late... I have no option but accept the judgement.? The judgement was 'forthwith' Can I approach the claimant for reduced payment? Or is that too late now as well... Thanks...for all the comments...
  7. Ok. Thanks Andy... I think Im beginning to know where I stand. But how could the judge proceed knowing the debt purchaser Could not provide a legal document i.e. CCA (cease collection etc). Also knowing the debt is old, but im not sure if the claimant produced How old the debt was ...also that the debt has been registered as defaulted for 6 years Which ended 2 years ago. Unless, the claimant didn't produced on their claim? Can they do that? If I accept the current situation... ( I know im out of my depth here, can I pursue to complain what had happened to rel
  8. I replied to the claimform (last year) the claimant not replying to my CCA requests. Since then I haven't heard from them? Apart from letters demanding payment. BUT this February 2016 they emailed me with reconstructed CCA. Again I replied To produce a original documents regarding the account. UNTIL Last week I got a letter of CCJ being granted? 9/4/16. I don't understand it... did they apply to claim again in court this year (new claimform)? If so, I didn't get it!!! It's obvious it's a back door CCJ and I'm fuming about this. I am now realising DCA
  9. Yes. I dont want it on my file... I want to know what happens when i get the set aside...
  10. No I haven't moved. I recieved the blue claimform last year? I replied via MCOL? Online. I demanded to send me CCA... Since then they 're sending me letters to settle debt. This February 2016 they emailed me with reconstructed CCA. I replied with the same template letter I always use regarding CCA. Since then nothing happened. Then this month I got a CCJ on it... Do I have a chance to set aside CCJ? If so, if I defend my case... is my reason good enough? If not...if I lose. What happens? Will the judge...just ask me to repay the debt? What happens to the set aside CCJ
  11. Hi, The credit card debt was defaulted 2006 along with my other debts. It was recorded on credit file which ended 2-3 yrs ago. Credit file now clean. When it was defaulted I came here for help how to deal with debts. I started paying the debt thru DCAs. Which keeps changing. At that time I learnt requesting CCAs due to persistent DCAs demand To repay in full etc. But the above debt disappeared then 're emerged as Lloyds. Different DCAs tried to collect the debt but could not provide CCA. The last Dca is 1st credit. Their solicitors started to take me to
  12. Thanks...no I have not moved at all. More than credit card was purchased by Lloyds during 2008. It changed hands to diff DCAs which I have paid token payments. Then I started asking for CCAs it all went quiet. Lloyds continued to chase the debt Even after the 6 years in my credit file. New solicitors tried it again. I sent for CCA had nothing presumably been sold couple of times. April 2015 they applied Judgment thru Northampton. ..I quickly replied thru online and email informing them Of they haven't replied to my legal requests.. .Then it went q
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to thank all caggers for all the advice given previously... It is a big relief knowing that there's people you can run to for advice at times like these. my new questions regarding CCJ on old credit card debt That's been passed around to different DAs over the years is now Been recorded at Northampton Business Centre 2016. The debt was originally More than credit card... in 2007_08 I run into difficulties It is one of many that's been filed on my credit file which I believe ended 2 years ago. (After 6 years)...great thanks from al
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