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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Last year I rather stupidly took out a log book loan from these guys whilst I was going through a rough patch. I now unfortunately am in the situation of being on benefits hopefully only short term. I have emailed them several times asking for advice on this situation to no avail. During this period my car broke down and was towed to the audi garage for repairs. The bill at present is 2500 which on jsa I cant afford with a further 30 days @10 per day storage charges. The repo men came round today no court order just to repossess I told them the situation with the car and the garage
  2. Hi new to the forum, joining for the reason I post below Have just received a letter from log book loans concerning a second hand car i bought 3 months ago. "We understand that you purchased the vehicle without knowledge of our interest and as such it is likely that you will be classified by the Hire Purchase Act 1964 as an ';innocent purchaser' and will have obtained good title to the vehicle. In order to confirm that this is the case we would ask that you please complete and return the attached questionnaire to the address given above. Once the questionnaire is returned, we will be
  3. Recently, I asked MM for a settlement figure, which was quoted at £907. I need this settled ASAP as I can no longer afford the repayments of £200 per month. However, I was not able to settle at this time. After some rejigging of household bills, I proposed to repay the £900 by way of 4 payments of £200 and a final payment of £107. This would fully repay the debt and release security on my car. I offered this as I have already paid un excess of the amount borrowed. The monthly payment was due on the 1st, but due to major household expense, and a change of pay date, I had to delay this to the 23
  4. Hi, I am brand new to this forum. I have had recent experience with Logbook Loans. Approximately a year ago I took out a loan for £1000, and despite my best efforts to stay within the terms and conditions found it impossible to avoid their charges. After a few months I had such serious concerns about their conduct I arranged to borrow some money from a family member to settle the loan. This proved impossible to do however, as the staff at Logbook would not do a review of the charges until after I had paid them, and I just didn't have the confidence they would be reviewed fairly. I con
  5. Last night (27th September) I signed the bill of sale for easy log book loans / christian gachet for a loan, after reading these forums I realise I made a huge mistake and i would like to cancel the agreement. Can anyone PLEASE help me through this process so I do it correctly and get my v5 back and make sure they don't go through with the loan and reposses my car in a few months for no reason. I am extremel worried Please help and soon
  6. Hi. Long story: I took out a loan away back in May, when I was slightly screwed financially. I now completely regret it, to say the least - and have been trying to get funds together to settle it. Asked in Nov 2010 for settlement figure. It came back as £2,019. Two months later, my new settlement figure is 1934. This is just shocking : only 67 pounds difference! Here's my email to LBL. I'll let you know how I get on: luckily, I can afford to settle it, so it'll sort itself out: but I don't like being held to ransom by a bunch of loansharks. Any advice / help is much apprec
  7. Hi Guys, I hope you can help me, I took out a logbook loan in Sept 2009 in the event I needed cashflow, which it later turned out I did not, as I later got the pay I had been waiting for. I tried to cancel the agreement the next day before their cheque had even cleared in my account, accepting that I would probably incur £100 or so in fees. (They had been advised that it may be very short term and they said it was straight forward and not a problem) Upon trying to settle I was advised that if I settled early I would be liable for the entire outstanding amount including the interest
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