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  1. He has spoken to the landlord and he said it's between my colleague and the parking company. He isn't interested.
  2. Thanks. I also said to report it as theft but when he rang the Police, they did not seem interested.
  3. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me. A colleague has just had his car repossessed by the above mentioned company for failure to pay fines. The fines relate to him being parked in his private space which he pays for the privilege. The first fine was due to the fact a permit was not on display which he has contested on several occasions and they will not back down. The fines have been ramping up as no party will back down, my colleague clearly pays for the spot and T&s are aware of this as all the registration plates are on a database. Yesterday his car was towed
  4. Just registered to reply to this. I am also stuck in this mess, would love to hear if anything is happening. Feel i was conned into this mortgage in the first place and now i cant get out of it. HELP.
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