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  1. Shoosmiths are now the legal representative for Money barn. I have an order to attend court in November under oath to discuss my financial means. This all came to light when i tried to switch energy company. they said I had a CCJ. Its odd that this was not the case back in May but I do now. Ive applied again for my Statutory £2 credit file to see exactly whats what. Is it correct that even after 6 years, they can ask the courts to enforce Payment...? With a £13551 debt paid £50 per month it would take nearly 23 years to repay
  2. im trying to get all the info that money barn has. I have my credit report from may this year. There is no CCJ listed on my address at the time i took out the agreement. But letter i have clearly states A ccj was obtained. Im going to court in November to answer financial questions under oath. .. Its now under Shoosmiths solicitors who have taken over from Money barn. Now im even more confused
  3. no, all i have is a letter demanding my appearance at Portsmouth county court to answer financial questions.
  4. i did contact them prior to car being repossessed. He was very rude. I offered to pay the 2 months arrears but said his hands were tied. What i cant understand is the total figure does not represent the value of the car being sold at auction. Surely this figure less costs would come of the figure of £13551
  5. the original cost of the car was £16k . I placed a £3k deposit. 6 payments were made before falling ill. The car was subsequently sold at auction. I have had documents from the courts that a CCJ was obtained in september 2008 for £13551
  6. the agreement started in June 2007, the car was reposessed in January with out any warning. All i was told that they took the car and was sent to Auction. Now after 6 years Shoosmiths are claiming against me
  7. I purchased a car back in 2007 with money barn for £16k. I placed a 3k deposit and a payment of £399 per month. I was taken ill and fell in arrears. To my shock they repo the car without a court order. 6 years have elapsed, I have now been contacted by a company called Shoosmiths solicitors outlining they are now the legal representative of Money barn. I now have another CCJ and have been ordered to court to answer financial questions under oath. If I do not attend, It clearly states i will be done for contempt of court. Since I have moved around, I have never seen the original CCJ, And are now in fear of Losing every thing due to illness. Could any one advise please
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