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  1. Update: After emailing the DCA asking to confirm if they had brought the debt off A&L and if so provide a statement of payments to A&L. Their response: "We confirm that we act as agents for our client and have not bought the debt. Unfortunately we can’t send sensitive information by email regarding payments but we can send you a letter or you can telephone our office" I have asked them to send me this letter.
  2. Ok thanks stu007, much appreciated. DX- thanks. Do I send the SAR to Santander? I have no idea what the old A&L mortgage account was? Also... I am worried that if I write to them I am at risk of damaging my credit score? Will they put a CCJ or default repo on there?
  3. It was a long time ago and my ex wife dealt with it, as I was away. Court rings a bell but can't be sure, I didn't have to attend a court or anything so perhaps it might have been all written stuff? How could I find out? I am hoping the DCA can come back with some more info. I am surprised that Santander have never written to me ? Thanks for your time DX
  4. Rechecking, I Know that the debt was handed from A&L to MOORCROFT and I agreed with them I'd pay £50pcm. It has only recently( last 6 months) been taken over by a company called ENACT. The letter I received most recently states 'our client: Alliance & Leicester'. I have emailed ENACT today asking if they are collecting this from A&L and if so have asked for a schedule of payments that have been sent to them. Steve
  5. The exact debt was about £9500. The amount owing to date is £3198.49. No CCJ or default issued. By memory I think the debt was agreed in writing, but can't be sure? Initially went to MOORCROFT but recently passed onto Enact. Also, Alliance & Leicester are no longer trading. Thanks for you help.
  6. Hello all I have been directed here by a friend who heard me talking to moorcroft about an old debt. History I had a house repossessed way back in 2002 there was about 9k left and I was told to pay 50 every month and no bad mark would be on my credit file. I was in afgan serving my country at the time. I jave paid this ever since and was told in 2013 that aroun 5.6k remained. Never had a statement and have been paying ever since. In all honesty I thought these would be knocking on my door etc. It has changed debt collectors a few times which makes no sense as I have be
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