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  1. I could not tell you but an estimate of maybe 1-200, I could ring them and find out tomorrow.
  2. There are 6 months the agreement ends in March 2013, also there are 2 months in arrears. There have been late fees in the past I have paid, and there is a couple outstanding.
  3. so charges made on late payments constitute as unlawful? I have a few of those over the past 3 and a 1/2 years
  4. That would be a big help, I dont know where to begin when it comes to these laws, if there is any info you need me to get I can do that for you
  5. I am just worried that the letter will not reach them by the 7th and they will add another £300, seems like theyve got me where they want me, its either pay up or lose your car.
  6. Normal monthly is £216 + late fees £12 I can pay £250, so it is a small dent in the arrears, I think this is why they are unhappy. I am trying to arrange more money to give to them. I cannot speak to them until tomorrow as their offices are closed now but, I will phone them tomorrow, is there anything in particular I should say to them, any legal terms I may not know? thanks for your help on this it means a lot.
  7. Im sure I do have the agreement somewhere I will attempt to find it now, The borrower is PSA (Peugeot) My problem is, is that they have only given me until the 7th of this month to make the payment in full ( I only received the letter today) I will be making a phone call to them tomorrow evening I will offer the £250 as a payment for this month but the arrears will still be just short of £300.
  8. I'll start with a bit of background information so you can help as best you can. Basically at a very young age I fell for the whole credit thing and ended up quite deep in to debt. Instead of declaring bankruptcy I decided I was going to get out of the mess myself so I quickly signed up with a debt consolidation company, the only debt I couldnt add to this was my Hire Purchased car. If I added this then the car would have been taken. With my other bills lowered I have managed to pay off around 80% of my cars debt 3 and 1/2 years out of 4. I have fell behind 2 months and a total of
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