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  1. I used to have lots of calls from NRAM, I changed my number in the end and went ex directory, a slight pain but was worth it - then don't give them your new number - tell them you can't afford a phone that's what I did.
  2. Hi - Not been on a while but have had the following happen over the last few years - 2011 repo order applied for and granted, to let lie. Also an unsecured portion of the loan was made subject to a Charging Order - This last two weeks I have been lucky enough to clear arrears for the both loans - Mortgage and the unsecured bit, eviction was due tomorrow morning. What I'd like to know is, is the repo order still in force or should they nram, terminate it, they have stopped the eviction but was wondering what officailly happens with the Order ? als
  3. Hi there - Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, did a search under Council Tax and there was a problem loading the page ? or none available ? Anyhow - my local Council has just issued me with a Liability Order - giving 14 day's to respond with the form filled in, with personal details - what does this mean for me ? Thanks Guy's.....
  4. Hi Guys;) I havn't posted on here for a while but have been noticing the negative commets on Models Direct when doing recent searches. Unfortunately I have been through the same story and parted with cash for the 3 yr deal (LOL) for my 14 yr old daughter whos is realy keen on modelling, no work has been offered - there are no hits on her "E" portfolio at all (apart from the 2 times I looked at it in April this year !). We don't even get any e-mails off them, stating that my daughter has been put forward or turned down for jobs (whatever). We get e-mail stating thta the "Company" has been appro
  5. Thanks for that - I thought my address was showing the same house number mistake that the Muck Hall stuff did?? flippin "Inbreds"..........ignore then !!
  6. Hi Guys , Not been on for a while (so things must have looked up !!) BUT I have had another letter regarding this old debt, this time not from Muck Hall but from "Meritforce" Door Step "Collectioneers", based again in Scotland, letter headed "AUTHORISED COLLECTOR VISIT" - they have given me until the 25th May to pay up, stating they are acting for Mackenzie Hall ??? is this another "ignore" letter - thanks in advance - RF
  7. Hi - I have just started the procsess of reclaiming charges from the halifax - they have sent the list of charges and I have sent a letter claiming the total charges back (£3.5k). Briefly the letter goes something like this; They acknowledge my claim/complaint - acknowledge that we "indicate" financial diffs. they state that the fees were correctly applied. However as a gesture of good will they will cancel any fees from todays date (for 3 months) ?? This is in no way an admission of liability. They then go on to say the complaint has been stored and when the OFT proceedings hav
  8. thankyou JonCris - I will continue to ignore them ! it must be the 5th letter I've had ! - Probably won't be the last take care RF
  9. thankyou for the advice guys - kind regards RF
  10. Hi again - another letter from Muck Hall ! this time stating this is the final offer as the "Client" has reduced the amount outstanding by around £300 and this is a "generous" offer !!! LOL. The offer is "time barred" and won't be made again !! I guess just like the Debt itself . and kindly included a direct debit mandate for me to sign......whats odd though is that the balance they want (same ref no) varies from around £650 to £1,472 and now the generous discount to £1,100 !! Shall I ignore this one also .
  11. Hi All - I have the awfull task of dealing with the above bank following the sudden death of the Account holder, it is outstanding to the value of £7.100, no arrears as this has recently happened. I have informed them of the death and have received a letter from them, this is the jist of it:- "to close the A/c they need a copy of the Death Cert and a letter informing of any estate which would contribute towards the outstanding balance". He has a surviving wife and the mortgage looks like it has a PPI, I don't think, at the moment, that this barclays loan does, they won't discuss unti
  12. Thanks ODC - I will ignore it until the other "joke" mail arrives from them !!! who do they think they are ? the FBI.
  13. Hi again - more advice please ! MucK Hall have now sent (carrying on from the above threads) another "letter" to me resembling a P45 with tear off edges - inside stating that they have had no response from me and unless I contact them in 7 days ? they will send "field collectors" any pointers...................thanks.
  14. Hi guys thanks for your posts I have not contacted MH or these new DC's at all, I have basically just ignored the demands so far. I have'nt mentioned the debt is statute barred - should I inform both MH and Respnse about time limit ?
  15. Hi again - the saga continues (from previous thread) - I have received a letter from Response credit management, "Notification of Outstanding Debt" issued on behalf of mackenzie hall, who originally contacted me ?? BUT demanding half the amount, that MH did !! it states I have 14 days to pay !!! any ideas, should I continue to ignore them ????? maybe if I wait long enough they will give me some money instead !! lol
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