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  1. they have sent letters, latest was to say contract is terminated. Had a look tonight, couldn't find the actual contract, will have a thorough look tomorrow. Is it to late to send them letters as they are just moving to court proceedings? PS. thanks for the reply, I really do appreciate any help
  2. Barclays have just told me that the contract is terminated and even paying the arrears in full will not stop the car from being repossessed. Today was the last day for surrender... Anyone know how long it will be before they get a court order or any options available... I pleaded with them on Friday, and though the arrears are only £540, they will take the car and put it in auction where I am due to lose about 2k of the value and that will still be owed to them... HELP PLEASE ! Barclays Partner Finance are in the process of repo my dads car. They have t
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