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  1. the judge reduced the interest they want me to pay on the £18,000 from 13.4% to 7% Swift instructed their solicitor no lower than 7% or they will lose money lose money really they have made more than enough from me. Swift also want me to pay it back at £500 a month.
  2. sorry what is AFIAK ??? The judge was shocked to learn that a £10,000 loan taken out nearly 11 year ago that up to date I have paid swift £25,000 and that the £3,300 arrears they say I owe have now increased to £18,000. The judge wanted to reduce the amount owing there and then but he doesn't have that jurisdiction as pointed out by Swifts solicitor.
  3. ombudsman decided only £700 was unlawful so that's what swift took off the amount I now have a complaint in with the ombudsman who investigated these unlawful charges Swift surprise surprise turned down my ppi claim only refunding the £700 commission they put on it then after refunding it a week later charged me £700 in solicitors fees nice of them. The judge instructed Swifts solicitor 2 go back and tell swift to get the ppi refund sorted before we go back before the samr judge in 3 months time
  4. Hi not been on here for a while had a lot to deal with and try to keep it together but I was back in court on Friday and the judge awarded me the time order I requested to keep my home so relieved for myself and my daughter
  5. Rang CAB the next day after you advised they were all positive on the phone ... I advised need an appt she asked why I explained my whole situation and she was all positive and yeah we can def help you with that you don't need an appt I just need to transfer you through to someone who can help She proceeded to transfer me to national debtline and yeah after talking to them I might aswell of locked my front door and posted the key through letterbox and never went back Really disappointed with CAB
  6. Hi Determindator What are the letters they sending out ??? I went to a 10 minute hearing at court last Friday... judge suspended order for 2 months and I confirmed I would pay £300 a month the amount I was proposing 2 clear any debt owed to swift until the next court hearing which will be an hour long They received their 1st £300 by direct debit yesterday
  7. Re-payment record attached Don't know if this is any help 20180419150220408.pdf
  8. I would really like to supply that info but I totally have no idea sorry as I have only found the strength to open letters and even then I am having to force myself to do it a lot of the time I walk away from them for a while but eventually make myself open them I have another list of payments or charges not sure if it will day on there
  9. Please see attached charges list they sent me.... I really can't take it in my heads just all over the place with everything I will definately ring CAB in the morning and I have all the stuff swift have sent me since 4 th April with me in my bag all time so can go see them at short notice as well Yeah they gave me a number for Stirling insurance as I asked about claiming ppi I rang Stirling last Saturday morning they took my details and said would send letter out in post about claim for PPI I have not received anything from them yet 20180419150152547.pdf
  10. Agreement attached I applied online on Tuesday night to CAB gave all details that I have put on here and it said will get reply in 48 hours but nothing yet I will ring CAB tomorrow and give details and ask for appointment as a matter of urgency. I have a payment history and a charges history that swift sent to me. Just to add insult to injury I got home after work yesterday to a letter from them telling me my account was in arrears and if I needed help to contact them .... they not interested in helping but that will be another charge added on to my account for sending me a letter out telling me something I am now well aware of now. 20180419150128340.pdf
  11. Yeah I could get the fee but it will be at the end of this month 2 weeks before they going to come and remove me and my daughter, I'm scared that it will be to late to stop them that's why I filled in the form and posted it in the courts letter box myself at half 7 last Monday morning to make sure it was done in plenty of time as I don't know how long courts need in advance to give a date for a hearing and the loan people panicked me saying haven't got time to waste. Dx100uk I work full time havin a job is the only reason I haven't given up after all these years as I have to force myself to get up 5 morning's a week to go to work as I know if I don't then I won't be able to pay my mortgage and bills and that would have even worse consequences. I can't even afford to be off sick so I am never off as I know that if I was even for 1 day it would be hard for me to go back to work.
  12. Thank you Determindator All docs will be uploaded on here in the morning without fail. I am currently as I write this completing my sar which will be in post in the morning also without fail. My only problem is that swift told me to contact the court to have the possession suspended, I posted a form N244 with a covering letter detailing my personal circumstances into the courts letterbox last Monday morning only to have it returned to me in post on Saturday as I was unaware I also needed to pay £255 to the court with the form to get a date for a hearing, at this moment in time I do not have £255, so how can I go to court and ask them to listen to my personal circumstances into why this has all happened and ask for their help
  13. Hi I will have the agreement and statements uploaded to here in the morning needed to blackout personal details i.e name address etc. I have never been to court for any hearings as I explained I haven't been able to open any letters addressed to me for years due to depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The company working on behalf of swift who cone out and change locks have already been out in February to take house but I was totally unaware of this happening and my dog was home tgey heard him barking so cancelled it that day and swift have kindly charged me £142 for this and then the court gave them a new date of 11th April which thank god due to my daughter finding the strength to open a letter on the 3rd April we found out about and I had to contact swift and they have now postponed taking my home until the 14th May unless I can pay £18,700 by that date
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