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  1. Sorry mate, I had some personal issues so didn't end up doing anything I just let it go. Sorry for not coming back here to respond
  2. Hey guys anybody got email addresses for directors or ceo of hippo motor group ?
  3. Well I since found out it was hp at the time me being me thought I was leasing but looking at paperwork now realise it is hp
  4. Hi, I was around 18 months into agreement. The car was through hippo leasing. Cheers
  5. Hey guys anyone know where the cars are taken once they been repossessed had mine taken Wednesday but was half asleep when they took it as was on night shifts plus I gave the repo blokes some abuse but got no paperwork just wondered if they get auctioned off and if so where? I'm based in Newport South Wales. 62 plate Audi A3 they took got no issues with them taking it just wondered where it goes afterwoods. Cheers
  6. Ok i forgot about this till 2day obviously they still havnt sent me anything!! Cheque hasnt been cashed either it was signed for there end so what do i do now guys??
  7. Right guys ive written my first letter today and posted it recorded delivery to the alliance and leicester requesting all my transactions and charges for the last 6 years i will keep you posted!!!
  8. Will it matter that my account is only a basic account and not a current account??
  9. Yes that would be good for me too i have a basic alliance and leicester account and the amount of times ive been charged £34 just for being 10p short of a direct debit is scandalous. Im new to all this and would appreciate any help given cheers.
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