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  1. hi norfolkwaveneyvalley sorry to hear that you lost your house to the sharks, all they do is swim around looking for more people to prey on. I cannot believe there is no one out there who can and will help us. I think we should get anonymous to sort them out, what do you think, since every one else is scared of them.
  2. desire and needs document, whats that, what ever that is I did not receive it.
  3. ok thanks i will write to swift and the brokers and see what they say, i wonder how they sent that document without noticing i had not signed and stating that i had. i am sure there was a reason why i did not sign
  4. i think the brokers is still trading, i have to double check.
  5. for security reasons. where i marked with a red cross where there is no tipex i did not sign, they said i signed , as you can see it is clear.
  6. what I was showing on this letter is, they said I signed an agreement about paying back loan at end of term. if you look at the paragraphs on page 3 and 6 where I put a cross, I did not sign I don't even remember telling the this information.
  7. sorry was having problem with my computer. attachment below.
  8. hello this letter I received in October, if you look at the paragraphs that I have marked with a cross next to it and let me know what you think. sorry I will upload tomorrow, having problem.
  9. sory they had to claim it back from the brokers not swift sorry. the ppi company had to contact fos to get help.
  10. it took me 3 years to get it back. a specialist company was helping me. and a little help from the financial umbudsman the cheque was sent to me. I received £7.000 I think, I am still looking for the documents I had to pay a fee to to the cmc of £1,800
  11. that was the bankruptcy hearing, I went in and handed a notice to the judge judge stating that there as been no proof of claim upto this date, and I have been requesting proof from before bankruptcy judgment was made. they did a drive by valuation. case has been adjourned until January.
  12. hi determindator how can CAB help when up against swift, CAB will probably tell me I cant afford to keep the house and to sell, I don't think they can do much with the situation I am in.
  13. hi there I have been away for a while doing some studying and trying to find a way to deal with swift. I received the history notes from swift today but I don't know what I am looking for in the notes, as anyone got any idea.
  14. ok. I am going to write them and ask about those documents. I do everything in writing now,
  15. so its a waste of time trying to get the history notes. as anyone ever received them, and was there anything in there that they could fight with.
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