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Found 2 results

  1. 2007 stepdaughter and her husband took a secured loan (against house) for £10k. They subsequently separated and daughter was left high and dry to pay mortgage, loan and bills etc. Inevitably she fell into arrears but managed in 2014 to pay off all the arrears and has continued to pay monthly. The loan term ends in April 2017 and she has now been told she must pay £32k in further interest and legal charges. If she doesn't pay they will repossess. This would bring the total cost of the loan to over £50k as she has already paid them in excess of £23k. Ombudsman has investigated but says her claim against them is out of time according the paperwork she has seen from Swift. I was thinking of writing to the company and asking them to extend the term and freeze the charges and perhaps to offer to pay a lump sum to reduce the cost - but we can only afford a couple of thousand. Would they be obliged to accept an offer to continue payment? We fear the only alternative would be for her to sell the house but she has three children of 17, 13 & 12. Would paying a debt solicitor for legal advice/intervention be likely to help in any way? Finally although permanently separated she and her husband are still legally married but has not even contributed child maintenance. Would it be reasonable to give Swift his contact details and ask them to serve proceedings on him also? As you can tell - we are in turmoil and need advice urgently on what steps we can take to prevent my stepdaughter and her children being made homeless.
  2. Hello, all you wise and wonderful people. Heard about The Group from a friend, and would welcome any advice you can offer, on behalf of my son. He has a mortgage with Northern Rock and currently owes £67000 with no arrears. On 8th July 2004 he borrowed £17,400,he cannot remember who from, but subsequently G.E. Money Home Lending took over the loan.(He rather thinks 'his company' was bought out.) The monthly installments are £288.64 Current monthly rate was 0.750% He is a self employed steel fitter and has struggled finding work over the past few years, consequently, he fell into arrears. On 21st April 2011 a GE Money statement stated that the amount received since inception is £13.374.27, fees and interest stand at £7,804.01 and capital balance is £2,503.13 On 16th October 2011 the monthly arrears statement ran as follows:- Original amount borrowed £17.400.00 Monthly Installment £288.64 Account Balance £20,430.38 Type of Account Repayment Mortgage Original Term 90 months (7 years 6 months) Remaining Original Term 4 months Total cost to repay the loan £20,919.21 He informed them that he could not afford the settlement figure and it was agreed verbally over the phone that he would continue the installments. No paper work to confirm this was ever forthcoming. He was taken to CC for repossession November last year, he filled in a N244 and the judge made an order for £288.64 plus £50 for arrears, plus a chance to sell the house himself. It was put on the market,current value in region of £130000, best offer received was for £70.000. Unhappy about all the charges for late payment etc sent GE Money a SAR last Friday. Notified on Saturday by the CC that he would shortly be receiving a bailiff warrant for possession, enclosing a N244. Went to see a CAB officer this morning who said he could not fight the warrant, as there was now no paperwork to attach a N244 to. Would really like to get a view of the original loan agreement, would this be covered by the SAR? Would also like to argue that in view of illegal interest charges,we do not know the true figure of the loan. Is my son wasting his time trying to fight? The house is still on the market incidentally. He has spoken to Northern Rock today, who say they cannot interfere, "as nothing to do with them". I would appreciate any comments or help that you can provide. Thank you for reading.
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