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  1. Sorry dx I think you have missed the point, I am not just wanting all my charges reclaimed but I want the company itsself to be investigated for they're unlawful and unjust practice. I want the figure they quote I still owe (£24,000) I want that amount to be wiped out and the company to admit liability. So the reclaim is only a part of what I want from this company. They have been getting away with day light robbery literally for far too long.... And the reason for my above statement post was if what this person has stated is true then my loan was taken out i
  2. sorry for the late response, I have spent countless hours searching online about swift reading other forums and statements given my general public and professionals alike. I came across this information which I think might be useful to others.Swift Advances plc………Unregulated Credit Agreements. It is fact that Unregulated Credit agreements appear to be exactly what they say they are. They are not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) or the Consumer Credit Agreement Regulations 1983 nor the amended Regulations 2004 (CCA Regs) which came into effect in May 2005. Except Section
  3. hi everyone I am in a similar boat, I took out a loan in 2007 with swift for £10,000 now ten years later and £17,000 later they are still demanding I pay £24,000 or hand over my home. I am a singe parent with 5 children. I am now considering taking them to court to fight this all the way. I want to know if anyone has ever took swift on and won a case on misconduct or otherwise.
  4. unfortunately this isn't the response I was hoping for but saying that I have read through the CONC 7.3 link sent and there are so many grounds on which swift have not complied to.
  5. Hi, a quick up date to todays actions well it has been a very stressful day... I am still waiting for swift to send me the letter with all figures of charge and what interest was put on each charge. In the mean time I received an email back from FSA and they response is as follows.... Thanks for getting in touch with the FCA. I understand you took out a loan with Swift Advances in 2007 for £10,000. Your marriage has since broken down and you’re making payments on the loan yourself. The firm have added charges and interest for delayed payments and have told you you owe
  6. Thank you guys you all have been fantastic help, you all have given me a boost and a kick in the right direction, I have spoken to swift requesting the information all charges and fees applied to my account with interest charged for each charge. They said it shall be in the post lets wait and see now
  7. Yes but they are very reluctant to give out much information, even obtaining statements is like drawing blood.....
  8. you have a point, would you advise I contact the company and ask for each charge and interest charged on each charge too?
  9. I will get on to the spread sheet tomorrow with a fresh head. I will go through the last statement I received to date and put it al on the spread sheet. Then work out the percentage charge for each charge and then a total percentage of charge to date and interest paid to date on the charge to date.
  10. dx100uk I shall be fine doing the spread sheet not a problem as long as I have all the info needed. And thank you everyone that has helped me so far . dx100uk I don't think you have to be and expert but when your thrown into the deep end you end up learning so much more and see a new world. I think the biggest fight can be forth with wit and determination. I have both even through I feel drained I have come so far not to lose but fight on.... And when you have good people on here like your self and others to guide and mentor you then it would be foolish of me not to take this matter t
  11. Thank you determindator I have the most latest statement stating all he figures paid from start until now but I don't have a letter stating what APR has been charged. I will contact the company tomorrow to request this information. This is so draining.... Thank you
  12. I have asked the ombudsman to look into the PPI i have bags and bags full of statements, letters and more that have been sent to me and in the name of my ex husband not to mention the same letter then sent to both our names (what a joke) and each time a letter is sent out there is a charge so most likely they have charged e for all 3 same letters sent out!!
  13. the following shows on the contract amount of credit; £9,000 monthly repayment; £146.67 number of repayment to be made; 120 16.4% APR variable interest %7,475.40 brooker fee; £900 admin fee; £225.00 total charge for credit £8,600.40 at the rate of interest ; 12.24% variable figures outstanding from September 2016 as follows; (taken from statement sent from swift) payments due; £17,267.47 credits; £16,694.03 fees charged ; £9,344.32 arrears balance; £303.44 total owed balance; £19,167.04 hope this gives a more cle
  14. Hi Determindator, I have read the link and reread the copy of my original contract I cant seem to find the tick box for PPI anywhere on the contract.
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