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  1. The problem is proving what was said at the time 4 years ago, would be very difficult and not worth the risk. It plays 4k on the TV, just not via HDMI as you need. It's a tough one but I personally wouldn't risk as it's word vs word. Just chalk it down to experience.
  2. I think you will struggle to prove it with so long passing between delivery and the warranty passing. A report wouldn't prove where the damage occurred, just that it is damaged. If it were delivered damaged to me I would have been straight back onto them. Might just have to put this one down to experience seeing as you kept forgetting about it.
  3. Hi all, I ordered things yesterday online, I selected next day delivery, but when I have just checked now, they aren't estimated to arrive until Friday? Something I ordered today is also due to arrive Friday and not tomorrow. All were prime eligible products. So I jumped onto their webchat, and spoke to someone. Turns out they have suyspended next day delivery until they can catch up from Xmas and get their drivers back. In fact here is a snip from the web chat. "Ojas: I can truly understand your concern however as you must have been aware that we had loads of deliveries on Christmas season so the inventory at our fulfillment centers is revising so they are not getting shipped on the same day as they are placed. This is the reason the next day delivery is extended however please be assured that it will be in its original form once again in 2 to 3 days as all of our carriers are also returning back to work. Me: hmm so it's down to the fact you are behind on deliveries, that's fine as long as you say that Ojas: So please be assured that the prime one day delivery service will be in effect within a couple of days." Isn't this a breach of contract? A warning for anyone else expecting their deliveries they day after they are placed as usual.
  4. Did you damage it? is that why Samsung want £56 to repair it as it's not covered by manufacturer's warranty?
  5. It's free for the first month, then you have to cancel. I always take, especially when taking things home in case of accidental damage on the trip or getting it in the house. Then I cancel it a few days later. I'm covered for the month and then it doesn't renew the next. Simples.
  6. I don't think a reservation of this type is any form of contract. How many people reserve something and then don't turn up to collect it? If the reservation meant it was paid for online, to collect in store, which the OP should have done really, then of course that is a contract.
  7. I upgraded my sons Hp stream to Windows 10 with no issues, same size storage in it.
  8. I highly doubt it will be a sea gate ssd
  9. Won't restaurants have to the minimum living wage too? If so, people who choose to do that job will be paid fair wage and won't rely on tips anyway.
  10. That is ridiculous. The fact they having a hearing given the circumstances is crazy. Nothing will happen once they realise, surely to God. I assume they already know the details on the incident?
  11. I'm going to wait and see what their fix involves and what impact that will have on the cars performance. That's what VW are trying to figure out now. If for example my fuel economy is going be lower as a result of the fix, then I will not be happy and will expect something to be done as a result.
  12. Okay fine, thanks guys. Looks like I've fixed it for now, just pulled and cleaned the fuse. Seems to have been okay since. I've read that the vw group have offered to buy back cars in the USA and also give compensation for others. It will be interesting to see how it goes down in this country once they have done their testing.
  13. I'm sure there is some thing that they are not covered on their insurance if you have notified them you aren't fit for work. That's why you need a fit note from the doctor saying that you ready and able to resume your duties after illness. It's basically illegal to make you go in when you have told them you are unwell. Don't go in, it's not your problem that they haven't crossed trained all staff to cover for absences.
  14. No not yet. The last letter they said said they were testing the fixes to see what impact it had on the running of the car.
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