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  1. Hi Oliver, I understand where you are coming from - this is from their T&C's If you choose our Reserve and Collect service you will be given a reference number and details of your order. You will not be asked to pay until you collect the goods from your chosen store. Because all Reserve & Collect sales take place in our stores, sales are subject to the normal in-store terms of sale, statutory rights and the Manager's discretion. Just take your Reserve & Collect print out and/or reference number with you and our store will sell you the goods at the website price or store price, whichever is cheaper. Anyway - I logged a case - banged my hear against two CSR's and then a manager phone me - I stated about how their wording at different points through the reserve and collect process was confusing - quoting examples - definition of "working day" and bingo - £ I will get a £60 refund and they will communicate the issues to the relevant departmen - however I was told I would be contacted by the finance department today to get my details and lo and behold - no call - will chase them in the morning
  2. I didn't take screenshots at the time of my original order, but after I was refused the price on Monday, I went through the process again with another item as I knew that the wording said about working day on the site - with it being a Monday night it was based from then if you get my meaning
  3. Hi, the offer was only available for the Saturday only - the price had gone up at midnight or else I would have done that and would have sorted the issue Sorry bankfodder I tried responding on my phone before but I had to give up with the limited screen I have another thing - when you go through the reservation process (I done it again with another item last night to see exactly what the site says during the process) the website says this for the reservation Your items will be ready on Tuesday 13th December 2016 from 09:00 until the end of the next working day - I read that as 2 days as I expect most other people would and this contradicts the wording on the email where it says Your order will be available to collect from XXX within minutes of placing your reservation right through until the store closes on the next working Their T&C's don't mention anything about working day definitions or 24 hours etc Thanks for the other information as well that has been posted - I do feel like taking this the whole way as it is very shoddy and in things like this the retailer should strive to be clear on things like this as it only reflects badly on them
  4. Please see my post above - it should state "next day" - why put Working Day?? The former I wouldn't have an argument with the latter I do
  5. No, but it didn't state Sunday either - just next working day and working day is defined http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/46/section/1173 and is also defined at a number of other places (Collins dictionary https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/working-day third part) and I was aware of this, and indeed this is the practice that Argos does (or did anyway)- order Saturday collect up to and including Monday Thanks for the fast response
  6. Hi, I reserved an item that was on a special for one day (a Logitech Wheel and gear lever) on a Saturday night which was a Christmas present for my son. Their website, and the corresponding email stated it was available for collection until the end of the next working day which I (rightly) believed to be Monday. However on going to the store on the way home from work today I was refused the order as they said that reserve and collect is only available for 24 hours - contrary to what their website /email states. I have still purchased the item (reservation price was £129.99, but paid £189.99 after a £20 discount given by the manager This is definately sharp practice by Currys and I am not happy - is there any advice you can give, do I have any standing or is it just a bad one and get on with life? Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Nev Met. I am doing my POPLA appeal at the moment, thank you very much for the above, however, I am having some issue around point 4 which relates to 2 hour free parking etc. However, my issue is to do with an overstay? and advice you can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks Steve
  8. Hi F16 They returned the cheque in the letter earlier this week. The date of the POPLA is 25th Febuary. Yep, lucky me
  9. Hello again, well it appears that despite their last letter which was uploaded above, they did indeed forward it onto the PE appeals!! I have received two letters while I have been away, one with the POPLA reference number but also giving me another 14 days to pay the reduced rate, and another stating how marvelous they have been in court which I have also attached here. So - what now in regards to POPLA. As it is an overstay - I believe they can only prove a loss of £1.50 plus admin fees/DVLA fees (which wasn't needed as they have my details on file as I use the paybyphone app and have also used the telephone number where they recognize the number and have all the details to hand!) Cheers [ATTACH=CONFIG]49530[/ATTACH] Also, sorry about not responding sooner, I travel a lot with my work and hadn't seen any notifications in my email.
  10. Well, received their response to my letter today - totally ignoring everything and returning cheque - see the attached PDF (I have learnt this time ) so do I take it that they have breached the BPA requlations? What now?[ATTACH=CONFIG]49437[/ATTACH] Cheers Steve Update - Wife has realised she sent it to the payments address, I am now forwarding onto the appeals department with the addition of Please find attached a letter that I have previously sent to your payments department. Please take this letter to be an appeal against your speculative “invoice”. However as described in the attached letter, I include the original cheque for £5 plus the payment that you fraudulently took from me on the 16th January 2014 and may I remind your organisation that on any legal action you take you have to take all possible actions to reduce costs where possible, and indeed, rejecting this payment may well prejudice in any such action you may take. I await your response in the form of acceptance or rejection. If the latter, please include a POPLA reference number as is your remit as a member of the BPA Yours however I will leave it a day while awaiting any feedback from forum experts (with thanks in advance) Cheers Steve
  11. How does this letter sound - really want this over with - there is the heading of Without Prejudice To whom it may concern, Yr Ref: xxxxxxxxxx “Parking Charge Notice” It is with great dismay that I received your letter dated 05/02/2014 in relation to parking in Aire Street, Leeds. I would like to bring to your attention an incident where you were in breach of the alleged contract. I parked in this same location but due to my card expiring, and a different registration I was unable to pay straight away using the pay by phone number, however I paid for two hours of parking at this site prior to leaving the car park using the pay by phone number after having ensured that my details were correct on the system which took some time to do. I was surprised to see that I was actually charged £8.70 which was including a fee for overnight parking - something that I did not do. This can be confirmed if you bother to look through your ANPR logs. This is in contrary to your “pay anytime during your stay” or is there an hidden addendum to this – “and we will overcharge you where we can!” Anyway, onto your Parking Charge Notice. On this day, I was aware that I would be needing to park at this location until lunchtime (3 hours). I can only assume that I made an error using the paybyphone app on my phone as I had parked at the Aire street location on several occasions before with no such incident. I will list my points in Bullets below where I find your actions and letter somewhat lacking. 1. As this is clearly an invoice and not a fine (something that you are not allowed to issue!), you are breaking the law by not including a VAT registration number. 2. The use of the heading “Parking Charge Notice” is very close to “Penalty Charge Notice” (see 1 above) 3. The charge for overstaying is punitive and does not comply in any way to any losses that the land owner may have suffered, which is all that would allowed to be claimed in a court of law, as was found in Parking Eye v Smith 2011 4. Your charges do not differentiate between non-payers and customers who have overstayed by a small amount 5. You have not stated who the owner of the land is, and provided proof by means of a contract between yourselves and the land owner that you have the right to issue these charge notices in your name With these points in mind, I am prepared to reimburse the land owner and yourselves for any losses to a sum of £10. This consists of a cheque for £5 that I have included with this letter, and the overpayment that you took from me via paybyphone on the 16th January 2014. We will consider any further actions and /or correspondence from yourself attempting to pursue this matter as harassment (Henderson v British Gas) and we will take legal advuce on how to make you desist from your actions and indeed may then instruct. Yours any fine tuning needed? Cheers Lawrenso
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]49124[/ATTACH] Hi, I hope that this is better for people to read - sorry about the earlier quality I also find their heading - Parking Charge Notice - to be a bit close to the mark of Penalty Charge Notice!! Many thanks
  13. Hi all, As you may have guessed I have come looking for help and advice. I was parking over the space of a couple of weeks in a parking eye controlled car park in Leeds while visiting a client located by it. The first time I went (16th Jan), I was there for two hours, but encountered issues with the paybyphone process - being they had the wrong card details and wrong registration number registered for me. By the time I got it sorted, I was hit with a parking fee of £8.70 for parking overnight!!! Instead of two hours of parking which I wanted. This is despite their signage saying that you can park anytime during your stay. Oh well I thought - lesson learnt. Today I have received a Parking Charge Notice for the 30th January where I overstayed there by 35 minutes. I an only assume I must have made a mistake using the App. I parked at 9.31am and I knew that I would not be leaving until lunchtime but looking back on the email receipts I only paid for two hours! (should have worn my glasses when using it) So now they have sent the attached letter to me £60 in 14 days or £100 after that. So it is OK for them to Overcharge me but not for me to make a mistake. They know it was me due to using my card to pay, although in the letter they do not acknowledge that I have paid for parking and overstayed and indeed does not differentiate between non-payment and underpayment - equally guilty in their eyes. I feel like just writing them a cheque for £5 to cover their losses for the underpayment, having to get my details and admin which is a process that they will have finely tuned to reduce costs, and that I consider it full and final etc.. Also, as it is a charge/Invoice - they are not listing their VAT details on the letter!!! However, I look to people that have far more knowledge in this area Many Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]49116[/ATTACH]
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