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  1. A not so happy follow up! Took the TV into the PCW store today and agreed that the CPA 2015 applied . Asked why I couldn't have a replacement and was told it wasn't their policy. Handed over the TV in the ORIGINAL packing and said they could repair it, BUT THEN I was presented with two pieces of paper to sign agreeing to THEIR service terms with conditions like "We are not responsible for claim or losses resulting from the non-availablility of product" I said I didn't want to sign this and was told "then we won't repair it!" Are PCW allowed to attach their own conditions to the PCA? The repair was THEIR responsibility and I shouldn't be expected to sign away any of MY rights to obtain satisfaction under the act. I did sign BUT added the footnote that I had been forced to sign to obtain my right under the Act. The TV was then taken out of it's packing and I was given "my box" back so not sure how it will progress on it's journey. I welcome any observations or comments.
  2. Because you bought the TV after October 2015, the applicable law is the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It doesn't really make a world of difference to your rights in this particular case. The TV has to be of satisfactory quality and must last that way for a reasonable period of time. However, the Consumer Rights Act does provide that if a fault occurs within six months of the date of purchase, then firstly it is assumed to have existed when the item was sold – but secondly, the seller must be given an opportunity to repair. You only have to give them a single opportunity and if the repair is not possible or if the repair fails, then they are obliged to refund you or to replace – less a deduction for the use that you have had from it. I have looked on the Which? website and their interpretation of the Act is that the choice between repair OR replacement is the customers. Is this in fact true?
  3. My wife purchased a Logik TV from PCW 31/08/2016 for £79-99. Yesterday 13/01/2017 there was a "pop" and the TV no longer switched on - browsing the internet I find it is a common fault with Logik TV for the power supply or motherboard to fail in this way. Visitng PCW in Coventry I was told I HAD to allow them to repair the TV and COULD NOT ask for a refund on the grounds the TV was "not fit for purpose". Their policy is that they MUST attempt a repair . Is this true that under the SOGA I HAVE to allow them to try a repair before I am allowed a refund. I remember once reading that after you had allowed a repair you were no longer allowed to ask for a refund. Can anybody enlighten me as to what action I am allowed and whether I HAVE to allow PCW to repair a TV I have now lost all confidence in.
  4. My wife bought an Acer PC from Currys and because it had an hdmi display port had to buy a TV to use with it. The salesman attempted to sell her an insurance/service contract with it which she refused. He then said he would give a COMPLIMENTARY months cover on a contract in case she had any problems connecting the two, by the way I am an IT professional hence the original declining of a contract. The item was paid for via a credit card and the amount verified by PIN was correct. A month later a charge of £6-50 appeared on her credit card which it transpires is for payment for insurance/service plan. Referring back to the now fading thermal receipt issued at the time there is an entry headed "Monthly Card Mandate" for £6-50. Above this are other entries of a debit followed by a credit for Customer Support Agreement. She never entered into any form of agreement with Currys and did not expect to find entries regarding "Monthly Card Mandates" on what was expected to be just a receipt for purchase of equipment and for which the total verified by PIN agreed with the purchase price of the equipment. Is this all totally legal? After an agreement has been refused and then a complimentary month offered is it right to expect to be tricked into further payments in this wat without any from of signed documents covering the agreement? All thought welcomed.
  5. Received call from Lee today, so it shows contacting him with problems does work. Thanks to all.
  6. Finally received a call from Vodafone on my land line yesterday late afternoon (mobile has no signal) and everything seems to be sorted out, just after I put the phone down DPD arrived to collect the phone although the person I had been speaking to had no knowledge of his coming and was arranging a visit next Monday It appears there were "breakdowns in communication" regarding my account and this has now been rectified. I hesitate to attribute this to action by Lee as there was no communication to support this, it apparently happened by reason of complaints I had made directly to Vodafone. I apologise to him if in fact it was due to his intervention.
  7. I suppose that's one way of getting any correspondence out of the public eye:-( Now enjoying my second day waiting hopefully for DPD to collect my phone with no response to any queries to Vodafone, other than to say that if my phone finds it's way miraculously back to them before my payment date they will not take payment - otherwise I will have to rely on them refunding me. Fat chance - I am not paying an incorrect bill. Nothing from Lee yet, must be very busy:???:
  8. I purchased a Galaxy S4 contract with Vodafone on the understanding that I could make calls at a minimum from outside my house. I can't and so under the seven day cancellation I am attempting to return my phone. Despite being told it would be collected by DPD yesterday so far it hasn't been. On viewing my area on the Vodafone site I find despite my asking for the phone to be collected and cancelling the contracte there is a bill for £45-54 for line rental 2nd May -2nd June. I have cancelled my direct debit (due to have amount taken on 14th May) and am concerned as to what action Vodafone can/may take against me. I am quite willing to raise an invoice to them for lost recreation time (camping trip) due to the non-appearance of DPD yesterday resulting in a wasted day of my time (I am retired). I refuse to call them on an 0870 number due to my circumstances and would just like some advice as to my situation.
  9. My wife sent a signed form provided by her new bank Halifax/BOS to Santander to transfer her current account over. After about ten days she could no longer access the Santander account and so presumed it was in the process of being moved over. About four days later with no apparent action she phoned Santander who couldn't tell her anything as her account was closed and told her to go to a local branch with some ID. At the branch she was given a printout that showed her account had been closed and the proceeds put in a "holding account" four days earlier, the excuse being that she had sent in the form and not submitted it in person to a Santander branch. Upon asking for the proceeds in the form of a cheque she was told they couldn't do that but would transfer it to the Halifax account within 24 hours (not done as yet). Is this tantamount to theft in that the transfer to a "holding account" that she had no online access to and had not authorised was in fact "depriving her of access to her money" which I believe is a definition of theft? The request in branch SHOULD have enabled a cheque to be drawn but was not complied with thus further depriving her of access. I would appreciate any thoughts on whether there is in fact a case to persue here.
  10. Has anyone any suggestions on how to deal with mail order companies like Bradford Exchange? My wife orderd ornaments from them at the beginning of December, paying extra for pre-christmas delivery, three were damaged on receipt and two still haven't arrived. The only contact telephone number is of course an 0871 which cost us £5 to actually speak to a human being (although a telephone answering machine answers directly to charge you) . Eventually a SINGLE return slip was sent and a single broken item returned. Today another call went from position fourteen in the queue to position one and then disconnected! Is there anyway I can obtain satisfaction on her behalf for the late deliveries, non-answer of phone and general distress - email just goes unanswered?
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