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  1. Thank you CraigMcK. If other people running 32Gb laptops are having a reasonable experience, if not an excellent one - well I think using an SD card sounds like a good idea. However my windows 10 has got to 29Gb, leaving no room for the computer to work let alone put my files. Surely if its working for others they are somehow preventing all the updates from occurring so windows stays smaller in size? Surely they are informed people? Possibly everyone who can use that model stays on windows 8? Thanks for the feedback
  2. I got a laptop from Currys on 15.8.2015. At time of purchase, it had windows 8 and was prompting to upgrade to windows 10. Windows 10 has grown larger in size in recent months now and has currently reached 29 GB. I think soon windows 10 will be larger than 32 GB which is supposed to be the size of my hard drive. Programs cannot uninstall because they need writing space while they uninstall, thw laptop keeps crashing. Currys keep taking it for "repair" which takes 3-4 weeks a time. They say they are just doing a system restore when they have to also rein
  3. I have had a 30-day SIM only rolling contract with T-mobile for over 12 months.It had a fixed allowance of landlines and texts and unlimited landlines for monthly tariff of 15.32+VAT. On 2012-10-14 I lost my handset (not provided by T-mobile), in a pub at a party on Cowley Road Uxbridge. A couple of days later (I can find exact date in my email) I went to a T-mobile store in downtown Birmingham on or near Corporation Street whereI was visiting at the time, and asked to report my phone lost. The store keeper allowed me to use his phone to speak about this to Customer Service for T-mobile to who
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