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  1. I have had the same. The debt is over 6 years old (and dropped off my credit report a fair while back). They're probably just going through a bunch of old accounts in the hope they'll mop up some cash. I'm just ignoring them as I really doubt they'll do anything. They've had nearly 8 years to claim that cash and never once took it any further than a few letters, can't see them spending cash on taking it to court.
  2. Nope never complained, just put it back to one side until I had time to deal with it further.
  3. Just received that email too. A while back I emailed them and had the same response, they said that the loan was affordable and they wouldn't uphold my complaint (this was a £500 loan when I was earning £850 a month) which soon sky rocketed to over £2000 when MMF took control of it. A few days ago I had an email from MMF saying they're no longer chasing the loan and now Wonga has emailed saying the matter is closed as I wouldn't have met the criteria.
  4. My vehicle is 2010, claimants is 2008. Claimant is is early 40's I'm in very late 20's Road conditions were very dry. As I said before the bumpers touched, it wasn't an 'impact'. Her car didn't move 1mm let alone the "pushed into the roundabout" (only reason she ended up in the middle of the roundabout was the fact we both moved up further to let the cars behind past). The information provided by her goes against physics, yes it was a stupid thing to do however mistakes happen and we're not perfect. I'm more annoyed by the fact that they've lied.
  5. Insurance company will be fighting the claim as they've noticed inconsistent evidence provided by the claimant.
  6. Well there were no tow bars and a rolling car touching number plates isn't enough to cause damage, they'd either be stress damage to the paint work or cracks as it's only plastic if it was an impact. It's also impossible to do more than a few mph when you're both stationary (I'm not in a high powered car that's able to floor it from the off!). I'll be passing the details on to the insurance company this weekend as they close at 5pm (stupid time when people work) with all the evidence I have.
  7. Why do people buy more expensive cars, electronic equipment, food? End of the day they all do the same thing. It's user preference. There's many reasons why people purchase the products (from better build quality, support ... the list can go on). Well not going in to the technical side you're actually only getting 14.9GB to begin with so 1.9GB for the OS isn't exactly ripping people off - the same goes when you buy a new HDD or PC and notice that 500GB HDD is only showing approx 420GB with the OS installed.
  8. In March last year I accidentally tapped the rear end of a car in front of me. In short we were both at a roundabout stationary, she set off on to the now empty roundabout, I looked to the right to see if it was still clear and started to lift my clutch, as I glanced back I noticed she had stopped half way onto it and bumpers touched - no more than 3-5mph if that. Now I know it was stupid, should have checked properly she had gone however I'm still confused why she decided to stop when it was empty. .. anyway that's beyond the point. I received a letter from the 'no
  9. Used to have a friend who lived in there and yes they're very much quick to pounce. I also live just opposite and City Permits Ltd also operate in here. In short ignore them as they won't take action. Had a few off of them in the past for failing to display my permit and a few friends who've visited have also received them and nothing has happened. Here's the same warning notice they use in our car park:
  10. Received a letter last night. I've been offered £50 as a settlement or I can have the case looked in to further (you need to supply why you've been affected, reasons etc). Just going to accept the cash and leave it as that.
  11. Just a quick update, my credit file is showing the CCJ as satisfied now. manontheweb - I'd have a look at your credit report again and see if anything has changed. The person I was dealing with was called Sophie and she seemed decent enough.
  12. After sticking my head in the sand for way too long I've started on the road to clean up my credit history / outstanding debts. Anyone had any dealings with the below providers / how easy will it be to setup repayments with them? Tower Credit (CCJ) - Paid Capital One - £361 Motormile Finance - £221 + 2 others (not sure on the figures yet) Payday Express - £135 - Waiting for an email back, will repay in full. Lowell - £337 Express Gifts Limited - £93 - Will repay in full, just need to find who the debt was sold to. Cash Genie - Huge interest on this one (Debt Value: £2,851.0
  13. Said it would take around a week for me, call the court and see if they've received anything (guessing it's Northampton). Noddle updates records every month, you probably won't see any change in your score straight away though (someone correct me if I'm wrong). That said I hope it will help as I'm trying to clear as much debt as possible in the next 6 months due to me being turned down when trying to rent a place - fortunately I've managed to secure 6 months rent upfront however this won't be possible again next time, by then my credit history will see some improvement which I'm b
  14. Just an update. After a good amount of searching around I found the contact number (01624 679536). The account has now been closed and the CCJ will be settled
  15. They traded(?) under the name Prime Payday however the emails involved all came from tower credit ltd. Looking around it appears Tower Credit was dissolved a while back. The judgement date was 06/12/2010 for the amount of £239. It went through Northampton bulk processing.
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