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  1. OK - status update! Cleared the balance back in early February - have letter from IND confirming balance paid in full and no further action to be taken. What I want to do now is look at clawing back the penalty fees that they slapped on the account over the years. One thing in particular that bugged me was that at some point the fees increased from the contractually stated £5 to £10, yet I never received any documentation advising of the increase. @dx100uk, if you're about I'd appreciate your assistance - if, in fact, it's worth pursuing to begin
  2. And they gave me a further refund, but I guess that's irrelevant. Thanks for the frank response.
  3. So in short, N245 with no chance of addressing the refund at this point in time?
  4. Original claim form I attached to this long ago, likely got the hard copy stowed away along with PDF of all correspondence leading up to Tomlin. Don't recall receiving name change of Claimant or notice of assignment.
  5. This is quite the mess isn't it. Welcome were the claimant on the original claim form, Hegarty LLP were the Claimant's solicitor and signatory. The claimant on the Judgment received last week is IND Ltd. Same Claim number. All correspondence has pretty much been with IND. Just pulled the Tomlin Order document, that's got Welcome as the claimant too.
  6. Even though the Claimant was originally Welcome?
  7. If that's the case, then any advice on what to do about it would be welcome! Should I contact IND and advise them that Welcome made a payment and they have to revise the amount?
  8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing... Only one word. Forthwith. N245 is it then?
  9. Back again! In a bit of a bind as didn't really have long left on this until it was settled. Early November I received a letter from Welcome advising that the PPI payment I'd received wasn't enough (the usual about it not putting my account into a position had I never taken PPI). I sent back the response and they credited £550.31 into my bank. While this was going on I (either stupidly or brazenly) withheld payments under the Tomlin order, thinking that IND perhaps were aware of this. They (more than likely) weren't. Middle of last week I find a Judgment for Claimant (ac
  10. Long story short - may get longer later: My wife bought a vaping kit from a shop in Chester on the 2nd July this year. £50. Product is here: http://www.innokin.com/vaporizers/cool-fire-iv/ When I first got it, it seemed perfect, worked well, did what it was supposed to do. At the end of August it basically stopped working. Put it on bedside table before going to bed (pressed button 3 times to put on standby), woke up the next day and found it completely dead, nothing seemed to spur it back to life (charging, pressing buttons, checking physical on/off switch on bottom).
  11. "UPON the parties having reached a settlement in relation to this matter. BY CONSENT and upon the terms of the settlement set out in the schedule attached to this order. It is ordered that 1. All further proceedings in this action be stayed upon the terms set out in the Schedule attached to this order, save that the parties be at liberty to bring such terms into effect; 2. The Defendant to pay the cost of £50.00 being the cost of the application. SCHEDULE 1. The Defendant do pay the Claimant the sum of £3300.45 in full and final settlement of the Claimant’s clai
  12. Next attempt. Nothing further was added to account after Jan 2011. I should also mention that the Tomlin Order is actually for the balance of £3300.45. Less the initial £2785.93 from the statements I got (when the interest stopped) - that means they added £514.52 when they tried to file the CCJ.. . Should we take that into account also? (It's now been 12 months and I've paid £960 off so far. So anything would be ideal) More accurately: Statement balance ended on £2,785.93 - 02/01/2011 LBA advised balance £2,830.45 - 18/04/2013 - £44.52 had been added.
  13. I think the PPI was pretty much sorted tbh. Looks like charges would be the way to go. But how to go about it?
  14. **UPDATE** Made arrangements to pay £80 per month under a Tomlin Order. Not the best outcome, but I figured I can afford that, and my defence, though was solid enough IMO, may not have been successful. At least this way I'm avoiding the CCJ and paying less in the long run than if I was unfortunate enough to get hit with interest/costs etc.. Thanks to all involved!
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