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  1. Coast cannot commence legal proceedings in court as they are not registered with fca, so cannot claim for repossession of your home.
  2. Hi honeybee, I was looking to help those against welcome finance threats from the purchasers of the debt. My question was poking for further information which dx gave. No repos had been carried out yet, although there has been repos carried out albeit illegally.
  3. Posted by Surrey 36 Posted February 17, 2011 I would be grateful for any advice or if anyone can point me in the right direction DX, I would say that the first post created an invitation to chat, I could be wrong, should I start a new thread by answering to this thread because we not allowed to chat. How can another user reply to my thread if they cannot chat? Do they then start their own thread in answering or replying to my thread?
  4. Dx, I dont understand what you mean by create topic and this thread is not mine. I understand its not mine and never claimed it was, i was simply replying to the thread. Are we not allowed to chat in someone else's thread.
  5. Hi dx, no repos have been carried out by welcome finance loans by this company yet, is that what you are saying?
  6. Just come across this post. Can I ask if anyone has been repossessed yet and if not, why not. I noticed a particular post above stating that coast after a court hearing does not attend or respond.
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