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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me, as I've received a claim from these also for a loan of £2000 from 2006. I'm 100% certain I was mis-sold the PPI as I sent the forms off with that part unticked, which they RETURNED advising I must tick the box for it in order to complete the loan. I only heard from this IND Ltd in the middle of last month for the first time, I hadn't heard from Welcome for nearly 3 years prior to this at all! I just need to know what to do as I'm certain that the majority of the sum (nearly 3,000-odd at least) is made of interest and charges due to the PPI (I likely would have settled the original loan had the PPI not been bolted on to it!). I actually rang the FSCS number this morning to look into making a claim against Welcome for the PPI, when a woman advised me that I should contact the broker who initiated the loan - they are UCC Plc (Unsecured Credit Company Plc) - which has been in liquidation since May 2010 according to Companies House; also the number given of 0870 7773277 is no longer in service. At work at moment, so if needs be will post docs later - can anyone advise in interim what to do?
  2. Dear Members, Decided to check my credit report today and found that on May 1st this year a CCJ for just under £10k was registered against me, details given are for an old address of mine. My intention is to contest this, apologies but the details are patchy as the matter relates to a very old account. Judgement 02 May 2013 Northampton CCBC Default recorded Dec 2008 (HBOS Credit Card) just under £7k - so they are claiming £3k of interest/costs No notice of assignment received from IND No paperwork received in relation to the CCJ as I do not live at the address on the claim anymore I had back in 2010 requested HBOS to provide copies of the credit agreements, had an acknowledgement and several "we're still looking" letters but no reply. Business was very bad at that time and I had to stop paying - and was frankly hoping that they'd be unable to find the agreement and it would have to be written off. Unfortunately I have (long story) no access to the correspondance that I had with HBOS back then Fast forward back to this morning and after speaking to Northampton CCBC they advise that it is being transferred to my local court, possibly for some kind of enforcement, they have advised that I applied for it to be set aside ASAP. It's amazing how much stress this instantly creates. Any and all help gratefully appreciated. I cannot afford to pay this off at all, and having the CCJ is a major blow having tried to rebuild my credit file over the past few years. Clipper80
  3. hi all I received a county claim form yesterday from Northampton county court yesterday from hegarty llp acting for welcome financial services ltd. this is for a hire purchase agreement dated January 2007 which also included ppi but I have never chased this because I didn't want to deal with welcome finance anymore after being sold a car which I only ever had mechanical problems with. welcome sold the car sometime in 2010 I believe I cant be sure sorry memory is bad . Im sure I haven't made a payment since setember 2007 but my credit file says I made a payment of £4 which I never ever made if I was going to make a payment why would I make a payment of just £4 and I remember on 1 statement from welcome saying the £4 was a postal order and I have never even used a postal order . I have replied to the court online already stating that I intend to dispute the claim and have asked for a extra 14 days to prepare my defence s o as I understand I now have 33 days total from Monday morning 5/8/13 to make my defence please please help I not sure what to do next regards michael
  4. OK, after all the help on here I managed to successfully get Lloyds to drop a case against my mother. However, my Brother has now asked for my / your help with a claim that Welcome are bringing against him. The annoying thing is he put in a CCA request back in 2008, they cashed the cheque but never sent any agreement or anything (We still have the original request), I have told him to file the AOS. I have also got him to send of a CPR 31.14 and CPR 18 to see what if anything they have. Is there anything else we should be doing in the immediate future? I will no doubt be back in to ask more advice in the near future. Thanks Sytra
  5. I hope this is in the right place! I want to explain everything so I apologise if this is a bit lengthy. I received a letter from ind ltd in march stating that they had been appointed by welcome financial services ltd to collect a debt of £1789.40. This was relating to a loan they claim I had in december 2011 (or possibly defaulted on in december 2011, it isn't very clear). I did not take this loan out. Many years earlier I had a loan from this company but as far as I am concerned it was all paid off, way before 2011. I copied a template I found on here asking for the credit agreement from this account and denying all knowledge of said account. Today would be the 13th working day since they received this and until today I have had no further correspondence. Today I have received a claim form from northampton court. The address for sending documents is hegarty llp in Peterborough and the claimant is welcome finance. There is no mention of ind. The particulars of claim state: The claimant claims for sums due under a/various credit agreement(s) related only to money regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 entered into between the claimant and the defendant. The agreement(s) was/were terminated upon the defendant failure to comply with the terms of the agreement(s). The claimant complied with section iii and iv and annex b of the pd pre-action conduct. And the claimant claims: Personal loan account number [*****] balance of 1789.40 as of 2/12/11. Less payment of 1 dated 18/3/13. Interest under s69 of the county court act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 2/12/11 to 2/4/13 of 191.00 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or earlier payments at a daily rate of 0.39 AND costs. The £1 payment referred to here is presumably the postal order I enclosed with my credit agreement request-stating that this was not to be used for any other purposes. This is way over my head now and as I will be applying for a mortgage soon it is all very worrying. I have signed up to view my experian credit report, and have a healthy score with absolutely no sign of this loan anywhere. Thank you anyone who has read all of that, and I really hope you can help! EDIT in order to write this I referred to all of my documents, and realised I'd never checked the recorded delivery status of the CCA I sent. Having now logged in and checked on the post office website it looks asthough this hasn't been delivered. The address was a PO box but I was assured at the time of sending that this was still possible. In addition to this, the £1 payment that they are claiming could have come fron nowhere other than the postal order I enclosed.
  6. Not to sure of the exact details of this as it may go back several years. I today received a claim form from a firm called Hegarty LLP based in Peterborough on behalf of a company called Welcome Financial Services (funny that the letter is dated 5 days ago yet it's sent first class). It seems to be to do with some finance agreement or loan. But I'm unsure as I have never had any dealings with this Welcome Financial Services at any time over any matter let alone this matter. I did have some letter from 1 firm or another a few weeks ago regarding this or a similar matter with Welcome Financial but simply binned it as junk mail as I know full well it's nothing to do with me. Only today this claim form turns up from a firm called Hegarty LLP in Peterborough that seems to be some kind of online county court claim!. It is in my name but I know it's not me because as I said I've never had any dealings with Welcome Financial. So it's either someone else with the same name or a con, I just don't know and can't find out!. Now here is the funny, well strange thing. Something similar with regards to this Welcome Financial happened a number of years ago. A similar claim with regards to what I assume was either a finance or loan agreement to a person, not me but with the same name at an address we lived at back then. I phoned, written and disputed that they had the wrong person and it was nothing to do with me even though they mentioned a previous address to that that I lived at and seemed to know details about my dad (who had died several years ago). When I disputed things then and asked for proof (which they never provided as they couldn't seeing as it's a DPA issue if they cant prove they do indeed have the correct person they are looking for etc) which they never provided but they never got back to me as I assumed they looked harder and found the correct person they were looking for and now this claim. I'm unsure of any of the details but if it's to do with what it was claimed last time (from what I can remember) it was a financial agreement or loan from several years ago a person with the same name as me or in my name took out, probably about early 2007 but unsure as this claim form gives very little details as such with regards to exactly what it relates to (barring the amount asked for being nearly £6200) and dates in question etc. But there is a form\response pack included that they are asking me to fill in information for and send back. But I'm totally unsure of how to respond to this now. This claim is 100% nothing to do with me so I certainly don't want to give them any details that I don't have to, why should I it's not me they want?. how do I go about disputing this when I know nothing about it and they are asking for me to complete the acknowledgment of service thing?. I cant give them details when I know nothing about it. So is there any advice on how best to respond on this issue, thanks?.
  7. Hi, long time member, infrequent poster. Looking for some guidance as I have received today a court claim as below, After reading up on here about Acknowledging Service and CPR procedures, I have acknowledged service online and requested the following from Hegarty under CPR 31.14, 1 the agreement relating to Personal Loan Account number AAAAAAA. You will appreciate that in an ordinary case and by reason of the provisions of CPR PD 16 para 7.3, where a claim is based upon a written agreement, a copy of the contract or documents constituting the agreement should be attached to or served with the particulars of claim and the original(s) should be available at the hearing. Further, that any general conditions incorporated in the contract should also be attached. 2 the assignment from Secure Trust Bank plc to your client 3 the Notice of Assignment sent to the defendant by your client 4 documentation showing compliance by your client with Section III and IV and Annnex B of the PD Pre-Action Conduct I have also sent a SAR to Secure Trust. Can anyone advise what the next thing(s) I should do are?
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