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  1. rwill I send it 1st class signed for ? Hi dx100uk , could you assist as in how to word the letter to them? or would it just be , worded in the lines of refund of commission ppi insurance
  2. Morning all, and thanks dx100uk would there be a template for the pelvin ppi claim, anyone know what address to use for Welcome cheers again
  3. could you explain that bit , lol, sorry for not understanding god it was 11years ago by the looks of it going by the posts that we stopped paying them 2 aggs.pdf
  4. 1st agreement number, on the new agreement theres no account number any steps I can take would be great
  5. think about 4 year ago i have the new 1 still they sent us to sign and return , can scan that also
  6. never refunded, took it off and recalulated loan, tried to get us to sign new agreement , but we never did, that was probs few year ago, stopped paying it , anything we can do, does the agreement look ok thanks dx100uk
  7. morning , anyone able to to have a look at our agreement , cheers
  8. just had letter saying debt sold to coast finance solutions, stopped paying this years ago , could somebody look at our agreement again see if its ok or not cheers
  9. Did try , but they were fobbing me off all the time , last letter i think was they took ppi of loan and they recalculated it , sign this new loan agreement , but we never did
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