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  1. sorry no statements- i originally went through resolver website- welcome then sent me letter stating that they had no details on underwriter as it was before 2004? So icalled them -they gave me the policy number for the ppi and how much my premium was. Along with the dates of the agreement and my welcomde account number. Still no details on the underwriter- so i contacted 2 known underwriters whom advised its no them.
  2. i had a HP agreement in novemeber 1998 for a car taken with welcome finance. Recently i thought i would try and find out if ppi was included. I was young and silly at the time but needed a car. Through writing to WElcome -i have found out i did have PPI and what the premium was paid including the dates taken out and also a policy number. - all paid off i may add. Welcome have stated they dont know who the underwriter is with?? i have contacted: Aviva Llyolds in relation to this and both even after quoting policy number etc have denied being the underwriter?? I,m not sure who else to contact in regards? anyone else have any underwriters for arround that time that i can contact please? any help would be appreciated. thanks
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