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  1. Tough one! I was in similar situation, but UKCPS now use"money claim online" to get the courts involved. In a nutshell, I ended up having to pay
  2. Well guys, I've reported to action fraud. Also emailed BBC "watchdog" programme. Any things worth a shot I suppose. Thanks for all your comments guys. Much appreciated
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Does anyone think that I have a case, bearing in mind it is a blatant [problem]! I submitted all evidence requested, and the reason given by paypal was was "unauthorised use" which indicates fraud from the buyers end? Don't know what else to do? Really need to try retrieve these funds. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi. Thanks for quick reply. Yes they took £759 out of my paypal account, which was funds that that I was awaiting for a refund, from item I bought online (not from ebay) I always thought paypal was the safest way to buy/pay online, as no card details is given (in my naivety) they just took my hard earned money, without haste, and ruined mine and my sons Christmas. I also have sick child, who at the moment is receiving chemotherapy, and I explained to paypal that theses funds are for clothing/presents for him, but I was astounded at how little they were willing to get a swift solution to this issue. The guy I spoke to from paypal, on the phone was not interested at all, I told him I've always put my faith in paypal, but in effect might as well told me to ...... I'm absolutely devastated by this situation, as I'm a honest person, and have always tried to do the right thing . Do you think I could use MCOL? thanks
  5. New to site, but im desperate for help.* I sold a brand new iphone 7 on 02/12/16. Buyer paid through paypal straight away, no problem. I withdrew funds to my bank account,* and got item ready for dispatch. Received follow on email from buyer stating that they forgot to update their details, and could i send to their alternative address? I said ok, as it wasnt initially suspicious as they had already paid, and it is something ive requested myself in the past, when i bought tyres for my car, but asked for them to be delivered to my local for fitting. sent phone to address requested 1st class next day track & traced, and signed for. All good, or so i thought! On 17/12/16 i received email from paypal to inform me that buyer had initiated a "chargeback" and my paypal account had been debited £759 and sent back to buyers card company for "unauthorised use" i was furious! I provided paypal with all the information they requested, proof of postage tracking number, even a copy of signature from buyer. They told me they would investigate on my behalf, and inform me of their decision, I told them I have been with ebay/paypal since 06 and in over 300 transactions in have NEVER HAD A SINGLE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I have received a email from paypal today 30/12/16 saying that I've lost my money, and that's the end, case closed! I'm absolutely staggered by this, and would appreciate some advice, from any kind people of what I can do about this? I cannot afford to lose this money, as I have a low income, but of course paypal font care. Thanks
  6. hi mould hope your doing ok. the funny thing is after receiving your post, i got a letter off a company called "hamptons legal", who are acting on behalf of lowell portfolio 1, who after removing the default, have passed it to the said company. the letter was asking me to pay this "phantom" debt of £130 pounds before they "inform the credit reference agencies". i know its nonsense, after all that you have told me, but your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. as always thanks for the help kind regards kingslair38
  7. UPDATE! received email off equifax today (12/03/10) saying that as a result of not hearing anything off lowell portfolio 1 they have removed the default from my credit report! HOORAY!, however they said that this is until they receive a reply from the said company, so im a little confused can anyone explain has been the default been removed permanently ,or will it be put back on when lowell portfolio 1 bother to reply? any advice will be much appreciated, and as always thanks guys in advance.
  8. i will do as you said, and will let you know the outcome. once again many thanks, i am really grateful for your help. i have no credit agreement with lowells, however the only thing i had was a current account with lloyds tsb back in 2003, who charged me a £30 bank charge, which to this day they could not prove to be correct, even when i challenged them my bank statements as evidence to prove they were wrong. lloyds passed this to lowells in early 2006 when the default was three years old, it was only about three weeks ago when i got a copy of my credit report that i noticed lowell portfolio 1. so does a current account with lloyds tsb tantamount to credit agreement with lowell portfolio 1? the default was placed in 2003 by lloyds tsb but the debt was bought by lowell portfolio 1 in early 2006 when it was three years old. howver it is now 7 years old in total, so im guessing here but technically it should have been removed last year? am i right in assuming that a default no matter how many times it has been "bought" if six years has elapsed it should be removed?. once again thanks for the help, and any advice to my question would be greatly appreciated.
  9. UPDATE! after asking equifax to investigate this default for me last week, as six years has elapsed and it should have removed and the account is INACTIVE, i received today 23/02/2010 a letter off lowell portfolio 1 that they have bought the debt, and offered me ways to pay, now this is a full FOUR years after taking over the debt, and SEVEN years after the original default (2003). something tells me that they have rushed this letter out after being contacted by equifax, and had NEVER sent me ANY notifaction until today. can anyone please tell me where i now stand regarding issue, as i said the account is inactive and it is seven years since the original default was registered, again many thans in advance
  10. thanks for the advice, i will send them the letter, and will let you know their reply, this is without doubt the most help i have ever had with this matter, and i am truly grateful, thanks guys
  11. thanks, idid not know this and will let you know how i get on. thanks for the info, i really appreciate it.
  12. :(hi, this my first post, but have studied the site for a while for tips and advice so thanks everyone. firstly can anyone tell me can a bank charge, for a late direct debit count as a default?, even if the account had no overdraft? the reason i ask is in 2003 lloyds tsb put a default on my credit report for a bank charge that i have always disputed with them as being incorrect, i argued the point with the bank as the charge came at a time i had more than enough money in my account to cover my direct debits, and had my bank statements to prove it, but they simply would not listen, in my naievity i said as a matter of principle i would not pay this charge until the bank could conclusively prove i owe this money (they couldnt, and still cant!) but in a act of utter malice put a default on my credit report, i put a "notice of correction" next to the default, explaining pretty much what i have told you, fast froward to last week i obtained a copy of my credit report online and to my astonishment their was ANOTHER default on my credit report! i was stunned as i have never been in debt in my life, upon closer examination i realised it was THE SAME default, only this time it was now with a compant called "lowell portfolio 1". i contacted equifax and informed them of this, and after investigation informed that the original creditor (lloyds tsb) had agreed to remove it. now comes the second part of my question, i have heard that when a debt is passed on to a debt collection company there is procedures that have to be done correctly, otherwise the debt becomes "void", now i have NEVER had ANY agreement with lowell poerfolio 1, never signed any agreement with them, and have NEVER been informed that this debt is now lowell portfolio 1's. please could someone help me as this default was grossly unfair to begin with (i still to this day cant get credit, not even for a mobile phone!) i have no adverse data on my credit report, besides this "default", and would appreciate any advice about possibly getting this default removed. many thanks guys in advance for any advice you can give me.
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