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  1. Hi all, I have recently moved to the Winterthur Way development in Basingstoke. I rent a property which includes a parking space. It wasn't until I moved into the flat that I was given a parking permit and told to use it when parking in my allocated space (This was something that was not mentioned in my tenancy agreement!). After moving in I received 2 x £60 parking charge notices for using visitors spaces (Returning within a 48 hour period) to drop off my furniture. I used the visitors space as I had to use a different car of a suitable size to drop the furniture off. Also my space isn't near my flat its further up the road. I kind of understood as I could have possibly been using a space that someone else could have been using, all be it for a very short period of time. After paying these two charges from PPM I thought it was over ! Two weeks later as a result of having to pay £120 to PPM straight after moving in I had to do overtime at a weekend so I was able to pay next months rent. The overtime meant staying away with work from the 8/07/2017 and returned on the 11/07/2017. When I returned on the evening of the 11th I have been met with 2x PCN from PPM on my windscreen whilst I was parked in my own space. Straight away as I approached the car I have seen my permit was not stuck to the top of my windscreen where it was before I left. Both PCN's are for 'Not displaying a valid permit' one for 09/07/2017 & 10/07/2017. I thought this surely wont be an issue I will just send them evidence of where the permit had fallen (A video from my phone was sent) also a picture of my valid permit. After all it is my space and unlike the visitors spaces I could not have inconvenienced anyone as it is 'MY SPACE'. They should just accept that and cancel the charges. To my surprise I have an email from PPM stating my appeal has been rejected ! PPM is now giving me the option to appeal to the IAS but from my understanding I don't stand a chance appealing to them either? I don't really have the cash to pay the 2 x £60 at a reduced rate. Let alone £200 if the appeal to the IAS fails. However I really do feel they can't do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. I understand I probably haven't included all the information you guys need to help but I am also not sure where to start. I have included the response from PPM in a ZIP file with my name and REG edited out. Just let me know what you need and I will post it up ! Regards, tissot docs1.pdf
  2. My partner's residential permit expired two weeks prior to getting a ticket 19R. They did send a reminder to her previous address-also within the borough. However not only had she already changed her driving licence, registered her new address for Council Tax and applied for and and now possesses a blue Disabled badge. She is obviously at fault at missing the payment date. However they know she has lived at the new address since the last week of August because of Council tax and later her application for a disabled badge. One would have thought that the Council should have worked out her new address. Is it really realistic that when moving house one has to inform every Council department in order to cover oneself. Is there any hope that an appeal could be successful on those grounds?
  3. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 4/9/17 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] Y (stupidly enough to negate my Pofa) if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide has there been a response? Y - appeal rejected 5 Who is the parking company?Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (“PCM”) 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Right to park in own development ("London City Island" according to lease. Paid £30k for it and MC just washed off their hands There is a clause in the lease that might make my case slightly different to the precedents that I had read: To comply with all reasonable regulations which the Landlord may from time to time make and publish in respect of the use of car parking spaces within the Parking Area I strongly believe that the regulation to display permit and getting "invoiced" for it is not "reasonable" contrary to the clause in the lease. I have already paid for the right to park, being charged for no permit would be unreasonable. CAG pdf_Redacted.pdf Appeal rejected_Redacted.pdf
  4. Hi there, can someone please give me some advice, I test drive cars as part of my job, I recently did a test drive for Kia in Marlow and Henley-on-Thames in Buckinghamshire. I am from the north so pick up my first car drive out of the Danesfield House Hotel car park turned left following the sat nav directions. I went to put the radio on and knocked the sat nav off I carried on driving on the main road until I came to Henley on Thames and panicking not knowing where I was I tried to find somewhere to pull over to fix the sat nav. I ended up going into a loop and remembered seeing somewhere which was safe to pull over so carried on the loop again and pulled over to fix the sat nav. I must have been there for approximately 2 or 3 minutes sorted the sat nav out and drove off. A week later Kia tell me I have been charged for parking. I appealed to London Parking Solutions telling them I hadn't parked but I pulled over in the first safe place I could find and that I had only pulled over for minutes but they said I didn't have a permit so I had to pay £60 I haven't paid it now I have a letter from UCS saying I have to pay £160 other wise they are handing it over to the LPS solicitors any advice please
  5. I recently found a PCN attached to my windscreen from UKPC even though I was displaying a permit. The PCN stated that I was not displaying a valid permit, although the out of focus pictures taken by them, and displayed on their site, show the permit on my dashboard. I have appealed the PCN and asked that they stop harassing me, as this is the second time I have had a ticket whilst displaying a permit. What I find frustrating is that rather than cancel the first PCN, they simply waited 2 months for it to expire, and my guess is this one will probably go the same way. As this means I have to not only waste my time appealing these PCN's but also have to wait 2 months for a resolution, is there any way I can force them to issue a cancellation in a timely manner and to stop this happening repeatedly? As it stands,this series of events could go on infinitely and I have far better things to do with my time.
  6. Hi first time poster after advice and assurance ! My daughter is a student in Derby and moved into a rented city centre flat in July 2016. There are no parking spaces allocated to the flats but the roads around the area state they are 'pay at machine' or 'permit holders'. She visited the local authority with her tenancy agreement and proof of car ownership and was issued a residents permit, which she was charged for, valid until July 2017. She has parked regularly in these streets without problems 19th Jan 2017 when she received a PCN. She then received a letter dated 20th Jan stating that her flats were not included in the permit area and that the Permit was issued by mistake. She queried this with the Authority and was told on 9th Feb 2017 that her permit was no longer valid and she would be liable for any further PCNs ( they have cancelled the one dated 19th Jan ). However to find an alternative private parking space took time - she eventually secured one on 12th March 2017, in the meantime she received a further four PCNs which we contested and they have refused to cancel. My argument is that they issued the permit - albeit mistakenly - and should either let the permit run to expiry or at least cancel it with sufficient notice to allow suitable alternative arrangements to be made. Our next step is to go to trafficpenaltytribunal.gov any help or advice would be gratefully received !
  7. Hi, Ive just got a parking ticket on monday night outside my mates flat, i was parked in his bay as he doesn't drive, he doesn't even know if you need a permit or not, Im guessing you do seen as I got a ticket and it says without valid permit, parked there loads of time aswell over the years, had no idea Is there any grounds to not pay or tell them to contact him over this issue, if he doesn't tell me how am i suppose to know The other point that that may be better grounds for appeal is that they ve got the wrong location on the PCM, it says Ravensworth court, I was at Palatine place, there is a street called ravensworth court in the area but thats not where I was Any advice or help would be muchly appreciated
  8. Hi Guys, Really hoping someone can help me with this as have read several forums now and I'm really confused/worried on what I should do next. I'll give an overview of what's happened and have also answered the questions suggested in other threads below.. .if someone could please help me with this I'd be really grateful: A few weeks ago on 2nd June I parked on what I thought was a side street, there were double yellow lines on the main road and the double yellow lines stopped at the entrance of the side street. There was an office on the left to where I parked which had a gated entrance and a sign attached saying "Private Property" which looks like the area beyond the gate is private. On the left hand side of the road there were also yellow hazard/no parking cones. On the right hand side (the side that I parked on) there were no cones and no signs either. There were also no signs at the entrance of the street which is why I believed it to be a public road. On the right hand side a few yards from the road there is a warehouse type building with "Private Property" signs on its wall, between the wall and the road there is a wooden barrier and between the barrier and the warehouse wall there is an area for cars to park which looks like a private car park for the warehouse which gives the impression that the private property signs are for this area. I parked here for 15 minutes upon my return found a sticker stuck to my drivers side mirror, telling me I've been issued a fine and to contact the number provided for parking advice. I called the number and it put me through to Leeds City Council who then confirmed they had issued no fine. I threw the sticker away assuming it was someone trying to scare monger. A week later I received the attached CPM Letter 1. The letter says I was being charged for not Displaying a Valid Permit but it wasn't clear that you had to display a permit to park on this street and the photos they've taken are at a weird angle. I then looked this up online and sent a letter back to them which was recommended on one of the forums I read, please see attached Letter sent to UKCPM. I have received a letter back and I now don't know what to do next, please see the attachment CPM Letter 2. They haven't answered any of my questions and refer me to a website to review the photos they took online. The information on this is slightly different as online it says the time of issue is 14:29 but the 1st PCN letter says 14:00. 14:29 is definitely not correct as I was back at my car by 14:20. On their signs and 2nd letter to me they've referred to being members of BPA but in the first letter they've referred to IPC. On the BPA site they don't appear to be members. Please can someone advise me on what I should do next, this has never happened to me before : '( I hope I've given enough information. I have some photos of the street where I parked which I'll post below. For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions: 1 Date of the infringement – 02/06/2016 2 Date on the NTK – 08/06/2016 3 Date received – 13/06/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - NO 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? – YES – please see letter attached (CPM Letter 1) 6 Have you appealed? Have you had a response? I’ve not appealed but I have sent a letter requesting more information and received a reply, please see attachments Letter sent to UKCPM and CPM Letter 2 7 Who is the parking company? – UK Car Park Management (CPM) 8 For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS – YES its IAS 9 If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here – no further correspondence as yet. Attached are photos of the entrance to the side street where I parked and different views of where I parked. Attached is another photo showing the entrance to the side street from the main road, Private Property sign, warehouse, the land that looks like a private car park outside the warehouse next to the side street and the gated entrance with the sign on the gate. I hope these photos help. CPM Letter 2.pdf CPM Letter 1.pdf Letter sent to UK Car Park Management June 2016.pdf Pics 1.pdf
  9. Hello all, A friend has referred me to this website as I've got an issue with a PCM parking fine. We have a car park that requires permits to be displayed last week my car was issued with a parking fine outside my home. Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten to put my permit back up in the window and the next day the car was issued a fine. The permit is not stuck in my window as we transfer it between cars. I move the permit onto the car floor when driving as I cannot drive with the reflection of the permit on my dash in the windscreen. This is highly frustrating as it was a simple error made on my behalf, and I shouldn’t have to pay the fine when I have a permit and I parked outside my own property. When making an appeal to PCM - what would be the best approach? I made a genuine mistake and can prove I have a permit. Do you think this will be sufficient and could you provide further advise? Thank you in advance
  10. I have been invited to pay a parking charge notice £60 pounds if i pay within 14 days or 100 after. on 24/1 I parked in a car park that must be for residents only I was only there for about 10 mins and when I came back I had this notice on my car. i think the man must have been already in the car park. on closer looking there are some signs on the wall but they are covered in spray paint. I know you can fight free parking but can I fight this or do I just pay? tanks
  11. Please help advice me. The permit expired on the 3rd , I received a PCN on the 11th. I never got a reminder as it is anew sheme in my area in Haringey, it was said to have been put in for spurs and help us resident prevent pp parking in our roads during match days. I do not remember seeing any clear directives in the consultation process or the 1st permit isued to me about ensuring I renew and telling or giving me guidance that I have to renew and if I don't what the consequences are. I appealed he 1st ticket and it was declined and I then got a notice to owner and the fee had doubled now £130. I do not know what to do, can some one please help and advice me on how to dispute this. This is a free permit for resident that is suddenly going to cost me £130.00 potentially. I have till Thursday the 9th when my 28 days run out for challenging the notice to owner. I am really upset about this. This is just another way of Haringey council ripping off its Residents. I found a judgement on Barnet being found in the wrong by a judge for not sending reminders out to their residents and Barnet had to cancel all PCN and refund charges where people had paid. but I couldn't find the case law and I am not also sure if this will help my challenge. Please advise. Many thanks
  12. Hi all, Our LA is proposing to change waiting restrictions in our neighbourhood, supposedly on the prefix folk use our area to collect kids from school, which is not the case at all, however we do get a lot of white van man up the next road and some local business parking from 7am to 3pm ish.. maybe a few station parkers but nothing too extreme. But my main concern is A) the cost to me and B) the state of the footpaths and lighting locally, and C) this will push the parking to the next available road that has a width restriction to its already narrow entrance that goes out of the estate which will undoubtedly cause chaos. esp for the poor folk that live on that particular corner, apx 100 meters away from us. Any advice please consultations end 26th June.
  13. Hi folks, New user; just signed up to see if anyone has any input on this scenario! Hopefully someone can enlighten me a little. I just purchased, off my father, his old car. He's a GP and his car has a valid (until the end of July) residential parking season ticket displayed in the windscreen that relates to the car registration. This car registration is actually his own personalised plate, which he is in the process of getting transferred to his new vehicle. My street has residential parking restrictions on it. It is my intention to apply for a residential permit once the registrations are switched (he should've done this before selling it to me tbh, but that's another story) and I actually know what my new registration will be (which is needed to get a permit) which has not yet occurred; we are still waiting for a response from the DVLA, but in the meantime I was rather under the impression I could continue to use his permit. I had the pleasure of having today off work and noticed this evening that I had a parking ticket on my vehicle, on my street, directly outside my house. The alleged contravention is "30 Parked for longer than permitted". I find this somewhat perplexing, since I have a valid residential parking permit in the windscreen, am parked outside the address to which the vehicle is registered and was not (until now, at least) aware that there were any time restrictions on such a permit. I've searched high and low on the council's (Harrogate) website to find some mention of a restriction of this sort on such a permit, but can find nothing. I intend to appeal the PCN. So, my question - do I have a leg to stand on?
  14. I am a resident of UK. I came to UK from India 2 years ago in April 2012 on work Visa. I work for a car manufacturing company in UK. On 14th Dec 2014 I was driving my company car and caught speeding by a speed camera for exceeding 40MPH speed limit(Recorded Speed:51MPH). The police contacted my company to get the driver details as the car was registered on my company and they got my address from my company and sent me the “Notice of Intended Prosecution” I have my Indian Driving License; I got the International Driving Permit during my last visit to India in March 2014 which is Valid for a year from March 2014 to March 2015. I have a UK provisional license issued on 11th Nov 2014. Hence during the offence I have the UK provisional license and the international driving permit. I read from DVLA website that the Indian Driving license or the International Driving Permit is valid only for 1 year from the initial entry into UK. I have crossed 2 years as a resident in UK so I don’t know whether my International Driving Permit which I have validity till March 2015 is valid to drive in UK after I crossed my 1 year of stay. I drove the car without learners “L” plate (I believe the speed camera would have caught the picture of my car which is an evidence of not having “L” during driving) which I feel as another offense, also I came to know that the UK provisional license will overrule my International Driving Permit or Indian Driving License. In the NIP I was asked to provide my UK driving license details such as driver number and current number of points. I have given to choose from below options Part 1. If eligible I wish to be considered for a driver awareness course at a cost of £110 Part 1a. I wish to be considered for the fixed penalty procedure OR Part 1b. I would like the matter to be dealt with by way of a court hearing. Now I wanted to know the below queries please in filling and sending back the NIP, 1. Whether I can provide my International Driving Permit only and opt for a course if eligible or fixed penalty. I don’t want to give my UK provisional because they will raise another question whether I drove the car with an L plate on it which will be another offense. 2. If I am not giving the UK provisional then, a. I need to know whether they will enquire and find out my date of first entry in UK. b. I need to know whether there are chances that they may find out I have a UK provisional 3. If I give the UK provisional license along with the International Driving Permit (though it is overruled by UK provisional) and claim guilty then are there chances to punish me for speeding offense as well as driving without “L” plate offense. 4. On top of all the above, If I give the UK provisional then I need to know whether the police will contact my company and inform them that I was driving the company car with a provisional license which is an offense and got a speed fine as well. This may affect my job as my company may take action against me since I did something against law. I am bit nervous and worried as I am confused to take a right decision. I kindly request your opinions and suggestions on my above queries please which will be really helpful for me to take a decision and respond to the NIP. Thanks in advance.
  15. Problem with permit parking zone and council. We live in an unadopted road and on our deeds the land up to the centre of the road is ours. Because we live close to a school we agred to give the council permission (in 2003) to introduce a permit parking scheme. This was in the hope that they would police it at relevant times (drop offf/pick up). This has never really happened. Wardens do occasionally make an appearance but they won't confront parents in their cars and just hang around hoping their presence will be enough, then they go away and we don't see them at the relevant times for months on end. We have had to learn to live with this as, despite many letters from residents they say it will improve (but it doesn't) or they say they haven't got the manpower. The bottom line is they are taking money for a service they can't or won't provide. Now, however, they have gone too far. They sent out a letter in September stating that they would be putting a white line across drives and garages so preventing anyone parking there. Our garage fronts onto the road and we use that space as somewhere to park for visitors/extra car as a permit has never been needed there as it wasn't in the scheme. We disputed it with the council and stated that they were expressly not to put such a marking across our garage which is on our land. They responded saying that the letter was to be passed to their legal team. To date we have not received a response to that letter. Fast forward to Monday and I returned home to find a white line across my garage, effectively, removing a parking space from our house. As we have 3 cars that is a real problem because everyone else in the road also has a lot of cars and we all use the places outside our own houses as a courtesy to the neighbours. Now they have stated that they may not have acted upon their rights (under traffic regs) to put lines there before but they have decided to do so now. They have also said that we can't rescind our permissions or have any input to whether the lines/permit zone continues on our frontage as, even if we own it, and it is unadopted, they still have rights that trump ours. We are taking this further but I wondered if anyone had any inside info re this kind of thing or personal experiences to relate?
  16. I received a parking ticket in August 2014, from ANPR ltd. My work's car park was operated by ANPR. I lost my permit the day before when my car was cleaned. I didn't notice it was missing and got a parking ticket when someone came round to check. I had been working for the company for 4 months prior to the ticket, parking in the same spot with the same car, as my company had been allocated a certain amount of car parking spaces. I was entitled to the spot. I swiftly got a visitors pass and used it until i left the company mid september. The car is in my mums name, so all correspondence was to her. As advised by a colleague, all letters were ignored (3 letters: 14 day reduced fee, 30 day full fee, and some debt collector one) until the most recent, which worried my mother as it described a court summons. It was a letter explaining that a lawyer is taking me to court. It also showed a breakdown of the the court appeal: £100 damages + £40 DVLA fee + £35 admin fee + £35 court charges = £210 (there shouldn't be any damages because the space is reserved for me anyway!) today I foolishly contacted ANPR and stated the reasons why I wouldn't be paying the fine, as i was an employee of the company, however I admitted that the parking ticket had been lost when my car was cleaned. Should i have done this?! Have i compromised my position? Any help would be appreciated! I will not pay this extortionate amount. Shall i carry on ignoring them? Do i state in an email why i wont be paying them and leave it at that? Do i appeal to POPLA? Will it go to small claims court?
  17. Hi, We have a residential parking area which is policed by wardens quite regularly. I have had a valid permit since the inception of this policy. I ndeed we were 1 of the original members of the meeting when this was being planned and took part in all discussions when decisions were being made. Monday morning a week ago, a neighbour knocked drawing our attention to the fact that my car had a PCN on windscreen, for 'not clearly displaying said permit'. As mentioned, current permit is valid and always has been. What had happened is on Sunday afternoon, day before PCN served (Monday morning, 15/09/14) , I was cleaning the dashboard of car. I had inadvertently left a cloth partially covering the permit in force. However, due to my disabilitiesdue to my disabilities, I have to take regular breaks from such tasks, as and when I am able to do. Indeed, had the warden serving PCN looked into the vehicle, he would have noticed additional cloths and sprays, in the footwell, behind the car seats and possibly on passenger seat. This is how I had to leave the car on the afternoon of Sunday, 14/09/14. Such was my exhaustion from carrying out what little of the task at hand, I had by that time completed, that I found myself unable to complete the current chore, leaving the car in the state in which it was found, at the time of PCN being served, 08.47 15/09/14, with the intention of completing the task on the day PCN served. I am asking for advice as to how to proceed in challenging the PCN bearing the above in mind and how I should word such challenge. Also, am I correct in thinking somewhere along the line, that if PCN has been issued on the above basis but not for the reason as permit being hidden due to date of expiry, that DoT have issued guidelines to local authorities for cases such as this, advising that if permit in force, then PCN should be withdrawn if and when challenged? Many thanks for reading and all advice gratefully received. francis.
  18. I am hoping to get some advice, my son went to help his friend decorate a new flat he was moving into, he left a note in the windscreen stating 'working at No * ' he was given a however ticket which says he was parking in a permit space without a permit. contravention code 16. Can anyone give me any advice re appealing? Thanks
  19. Hi there. I'm after some advice. My wife has a private parking permit for a parking space she uses for work. Yesterday, she received a 'parking charge notice' stuck to her window because her permit wasn't displayed. The truth was that the permit was visible but it wasn't in it's holder (normally stuck to inside of windscreen) because the windscreen has recently been replaced and the holder was damaged. she has been having to remember to place the permit on the dashboard the last few days until she gets a new permit holder. The reason why we are incensed at the charge is because although the permit wasn't on the dashboard on this occasion, it WAS visible in the car. It was in the centre console between the seats, with all the necessary details clearly visible. A cursory glance into the car would have been enough to see the permit. The Parking company is Premier Park Ltd. Now there are some complications. My wife has a company car and so all communications will presumably go through LEX, the lease company. She is concerned that contesting this penalty could cause problems for her regarding the company car. I have concerns that LEX could take a while to forward any documentation they may receive in connection to this parking charge. Also, the private parking space is actually for a flat which the owner has 'leased' to my wife (for a monthly fee). This presumably contravenes the flat owners' agreements when he purchased/rented flat. So, is this worth appealing? My wife just wants to pay the fine and forget about it but I've hated these private parking companies ever since I got clamped in Cornwall a few of years ago for overstaying by 2 minutes Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  20. hi. not sure where to post this thread sorry if its in the wrong place. i am a cabbie and work out of a local railway staion that used to be free. over the last three years we have had to apply for a yearly permit from meteor parking to wait in the station for business at a cost of £185 a year. are they entitled to do this as the land almost certainly belongs to BR although they probably have to apply to BR. as work is pretty rubbish at the moment and my permit is up for renewal this is another expense i and other cabbies could do without .thanks in anticipation
  21. Hi all, First post on here, so please go easy on me. My situation: Currently residing in family flat (NOT the owner), and finally bought a car. (Full time student at the moment.) The flat owner (aka my parent) has access to ONE off street parking space in the complex car park. Applied to the council for a residents permit to park on my street, where most of the bays are always empty. Told that as this is the inner town zone, and demand is high, there is a 6-12 month waiting list. In the latest email, they are now refusing me a permit in this zone (the inner town one), stating as I already have one off street parking space (I don't, my parent does?!) they are unable to offer me a permit for this area. They said they are only able to offer me an adjacent zone (meh, fine by me I guess), but the zone they offered is not the second closest one, it is the third closest one!! Arggh!!! This third closest zone that I speak of has over 90% of its bays almost half a mile away from my house, which is frankly ridiculous. Some of them are almost a bus ride away. So my question is: Is the council LEGALLY OBLIGED to provide me with a residents permit, and for what area? Are there any laws regarding this? If there are any laws that deal with this in my favour, I would like to quote these. With all my work (and dealing with my minor lifelong health condition), I am absolutely sick and tired of being pushed around by the council.
  22. I am undecided on my course of action and wondered if anyone has been through a similar experience. This is the second time that i have had a parking notice from ukpc. I work for an organisation that leases several parking places in a car park monitored by ukpc. I was given a parking permit to use a specific space in the car park in July 2012. In August I forgot to display my permit and received a parking notice for £90. The human resources manager at my workplace sent an appeal on my behalf verifying that i had a permit. I assumed this was being dealt with so thought no more about it. 2 weeks later i received a reminder letter for the parking charge. I phoned the consumer helpline who said they had not received the appeal. They suggested that i send another online appeal, i asked them to make a note of my call but was told they could not as they only had a read only screen!!!! I tried to appeal the decision on there online website several times as suggested but the website would not let me submit the appeal. I e mailed them after searching for an e mail address and stated my problem. Once again I received no response. I then downloaded an appeals form and sent my appeal with a copy of my parking permit by post. A week later i received a final reminder but assumed that they had not got round to looking at my appeal so i ignored it. I then got a letter from their debt recovery department demanding £150 pound and a threat of court action. I phoned them and relayed my story so far stating that as far as i was concerned my appeal had not been dealt with.. The guy i spoke to was uninterested in my appeal but i would not give in and refused to pay the costs. He was sick of me and told me to send him my permit to his e mail address which he gave me. The e mail address turned out to fake. I was furious and found a general e mail to info@ukpc. I e mailed them the case so far in detail. I then got a phone call from the guy whilst i was at work, who i had spoke to from debt recovery previously, offering a one off payment of £50. i refused, argued with him and told him to get lost. 2 days later i received a letter stating that as a good will gesture if i paid £15 the case would be dropped. I was so fed up by then i paid it. This process began in August and didnt end until November and was a nightmare. However, i find myself in the same position once more as last week. I didnt realise my permit had fallen off the dash board and was on the floor!!!!!! I have another £90 fine!!! I dont know what to do and have read all the ukpc issues on here and have not found any similar to mine. I know im a fool for not checking it was displayed that day(like i have done every day since the last incident). Sorry for the long drawn out story but i felt some of the issues i mentioned may help others. Any advice on my current situation???
  23. Hi All just wanted some advice...... I am contemplating writing to my CEO at the trust I work at without becomming somewhat a trouble causer because nobody else wants to speak out or are too scared to, although I am known to them due to the recent thrashings of Roxburghe in court but isnt that what whisleblowing is about ? The crux of the matter is this....The trust has announced it intends to go through with its parking plan in 2014 which means that staff parking permits will sor from £180 per year to an average £500 dependant on salary. In their defence the trust say staff have to pay this amount to pay for 750 new parking spaces, re surfacing, cctv and a reduced 2 year waiting list plan. They also refer to park and ride schemes, cycling and new bus routes...... I live 15 miles away, I cannot afford an extra £500 per year, and no bus route can get me into work to start at 7am. Although the trust says 655 people voted in favour, neither me nor a lot of my colleauges are aware of any invites or ballot to discuss the matter and there are many colleagues ! I see this as profiteering as the outline does not go far enough, for the following reasons.... 1. I accept each NHS Trust profit from parking and they say it goes back into care. 2. I think its morally wrong to charge this amount to staff looking after the sick when the taxpayer funds the NHS. 3. The new 750 spaces across all 5 sites will not guarantee parking so if somoene is in a contract and there is no parking space, are they entitled to a refund ? 4. If staff are paying for new parking spaces to be built, does that not mean we own the land?....What if I was to say to my neighbour "Im building a new conservatory but I want you to pay for it?" 5. The trust have not stipulated how long it will take to pay for these upgrades 750 in all and how much it will cost before we no longer have to pay £500 per year... Any thoughts, cheers
  24. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help, I parked in a bay that is supposed to be for the businesses in my area and have received a PCN for it. I honestly didn't see the sign as I was going by a map of the controlled areas I was given on the day i bought my permits. I had parked in the exact same spot the afternoon before, then later that night I went back to the car to display a new valid permit. Usually I can manage to park down the ally way where my flat is. I had looked at the other signs and even read a notice on the pole that shows the business permit sign but i didn't look further up! The thing is, none of the businesses bother to use the bays, they all park down the ally ways. Pretty annoyed that i got the ticket as I did have a valid permit, is it worth challenging? I was parked in Edgar Road, chadwell Heath.
  25. Hello guys, I was wondering if you can help me. We live in parking permit zone and i have just bought a car, went to the post office and got it taxed(disabled) and the post office sent the logbook under my name as the car is now taxed as disabled. My wife and son are both disabled. My wife has got a blue badge where as my son is autistic. He is 8 years old and dont wanna sit in the back seat and the problem is that as soon as the car is parked he wants to open the driver door and run out so i have to be really quick to stop him running so as soon as i park the car i run out of driver side to get hold of my son. Now last week we came home from shopping and i parked the car outside my house. My son as usual was trying to run out and as i was worried i ran out to get hold of him and in all that i forgot to to display the blue badge on my car. As we are waiting for the logbook to come from dvla i cannot apply for the parking permit. The next day i had to go out and found that there was a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) on the car. Contravention Code : 12 Contravention : PARKED IN A RESIDENTS' OR SHARED USE PARKING PLACE OR ZONE WITHOUT EITHER CLEARLY DISPLAYING A VALID PERMIT OR VOUCHER OR PAY AND DISPLAY TICKET ISSUED FOR THAT PLACE. OR WITHOUT PAYMENT OF THE PARKING CHARGE. As the car is taxed as disabled, i was wondering if we can appeal the pcn. I know that the blue badge should be displayed but as i got autistic child i was wondering if i can appeal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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