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  1. My mistake, just checked and I am paying by SO. I've just completed and printed off the pdf CCA form, I'll go get a £1 PO in the morning and send it off Signed For. That'll get the old busybodies in the post office gossiping.
  2. Hi all, hope you can advise me on how to deal with these bottom-feeders. The story so far: In December 2008 I was made redundant. Being in my 60s and in very poor health there is little realistic prospect of working again. I have since suffered a stroke and and am waiting for heart surgery. At the time I was indebted to two credit card companies, MBNA and Lloyds TSB, and kept up repayments for 18 months untill my redundancy money was exhausted. I informed both companies of my situation: interest was frozen and nominal £1 payments were agreed by both companies. Last year MBNA sold my account to Moorcroft who accepted the situation and agreed payments of £4. All ok so far. At the end of last year Lloyds sold my £3040 account to Cabot, letters from both parties informed me of the situation, I changed my DD from Lloyds to Cabot and all was ok 'till June when Cabot started to pester me for full repayment. Today I recieved a letter informing me that they were passing my account to FIRE (I know, it's the bloke on the next desk). Where do I go from here? I will be gratefull for any advice. Thanks.
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