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  1. Good News:whoo:DCA agreed to waive the fees so my account is clearrrrr.... Thank you so much everyone. You all are very kind and helpful.. Wishing you the best!
  2. Oh now I c, gosh this is totally different from what I translated and understood. I thought I needed to pay £250 in 2004 (the time I bought the flat. Gosh, I m so ignorant and dumb. No wonder I frequently get into trouble. Thank you so much Erics!
  3. Dear Renegade, Thank you so much for being supportive. What should I do next? I want to write them back that their DCA fee is unenforceable? Is there any template or sample letter that I can quote of?
  4. Dear Surfer and Renegade, Where can I find that these charges are unenforceable?? Can you please please help me? The updated situation: The MA has apologised and dropped their fees but DCA is sending me this letter: "Our fees of £178.00 remain outstanding. We trust this is merely an oversight on your part and request payment is made within seven days of the date of this letter. Where payment is not made, solicitors will be instructed to act in taking debt recovery proceedings in the County Court. Should court proceedings commence, the court fee and solicitor’s costs will be added
  5. Thank you so much 2Grumpy, I did provide them a copy of the letter I wrote - informing the previous Managing Agent in Jan that I'd be gone for months and my alternative address. So right now, the MA reduced their arrear collection fees but they are still pending to remove the instruction fee that they paid to DCA and the DCA fee which is about £250. They said it is not their fault because previous MA didn't provide them with my updated address when they took over.
  6. The MA replied to me as follows: "Unfortunately we are unable to remove the legal fees due to the time that has lapsed since you making contact with us" I read the letter from DCA again and noticed that they mentioned the completely different MA in the letter. I did some research but my MA and the MA in the letter are not related in any way. I guess it is just typo error, or can I use it against them? I have emailed serveral time to DCA that I made the payment directly to MA but no reply so far. Should I write them by post? Or is it MA's responsiblity to contact to DCA about
  7. Thanks Everyone for your replies. I was feeling so down. Here is their breakdown, Arrears Collection Fee £60+VAT Instruction Fee to DCA £70+VAT DCA fee £140+VAT All together £324 I will write to them as per BRIGADIER2JCS' advice.
  8. Dear Renegadeimp No I do not have any t&cs from this new agent nor the agent before them. Thank you so much for your advice.
  9. Dear Ericsbrother Thanks very much for your advice. I made a payment via online banking and the Managing Agent accepted it! Now they are asking the extra £300 for paying late for nearly four months. They are asking this via the DCA called Property Debt Collection Ltd PDC. To be honest it is difficult for me to pay the lum sum amount £1500 in advance for 2013/2014 period. The Managing Agent do not accept the direct debit payments. However, I immediately pay this amount, because I dont want to get into trouble. However, I believe that it is unfair to be charged £300 for legal costs.
  10. Dear All, After just finished dealing with the Identity Theft problems (my other thread) , here I am again, someone please help me... I own a flat and pay service charge always on time to the Managing Agent. The service charge period run from April to March. I notified the Managing Agent that I was working aborad by email. However, while I was abroad, the new Managing Agent was appointed in April 2013. And they sent me the service charge bills in advance for 01 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. They quickly transferred this to the DCA called Property Debt Colletion Ltd (PDC). Now that I a
  11. Hi Andy I am really glad to let you know that I contacted Howard Cohen as per your advice and they sent me Notice of Discontinuance today. Thank you so much indeed. You are a life saver! Wishing you the best..
  12. Thanks very much Andy, I changed my answers as follows: A1 Do you agree to this case being referred to the small claims Mediation Service? No B Your contact details: Thai Address, Thai mobile and Email (Time difference +6 hours) C1 Do you agree that the small claims track is the appropriate track for this case: No If No, say why not and state the track to which it should be allocated: I was a victim of fraud and wrongly accused. Complete set of evidence to support my innocence were already sent online together with the defence form. I have requested the claimant to withdraw
  13. Thanks so much Andy, I will complete N180 now. Here is what I am going to fill out, are they alright?: A1 Do you agree to this case being referred to the Small Claims Mediation Service? Yes (If I say No, I will be called to a hearing?, which will cost me air ticket price £1000+ , which I simply cannot afford) B Your contact details: Thai Address, Thai mobile and Email (Time difference +6 hours) C1 Do you agree that the small claims track is the appropriate track for this case: Yes D1 At which county court would you prefer the small claims hearing to take place and why? I was a vict
  14. Thank u so much Andy for giving me suggestion. May I ask which form number should I use, if the situation force me into making application to strike out the claim? In the meantime, what should I do with the N180 form I received yesterday? The deadline to return the form the Court is 4th August. Should I accept that mediation is required? or should I just not return the form anymore?
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