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  1. Hi jm2k, Sorry to hear you are having the same problem and unfortunately I have no tips for you. As I said, Welcome would not accept my proof of identity, but Aviva were more than happy with the things I sent, so not sure how each company works, sorry. Hope you get it sorted soon. Regards Alabalafala
  2. Hi DX The loan was taken out in 2002, and was for £2,500, which was paid off in full and with no missed payments. I used the spread sheet on the site to work out what I would get back in PPI, and it came out at £700 and some change, so you can imagine my delight when Aviva paid me back £1,408.54. I obviously did something wrong with the spreadsheet lol. Alabalafala
  3. Final update: Aviva have been fantastic and I have now received my PPI payment from them. Even though the documents I sent to them for proof of identity were the exact same as those I sent to Welcome, Aviva had no trouble what-so-ever, accepting my items and got all my details from Welcome and have made payment to me this week. A donation to the site will be forthcoming. Alabalafala
  4. Hi just quick update. Finally manged to get my accounts numbers, and dates loans taken out, from Welcome and you were right DX they were with Aviva. Have now called Aviva and they were really helpful and are now looking into my claim. Just a waiting game now. Thanks for the advice DX much appreciated. Regards alabalafala
  5. Will do DX, have been through the forum and found phone numbers so will give them a call, but do I not need to have the account numbers for the loans, I don't have those, hence the reason for the CCA to Welcome? Should I wait for a reply from Welcome or just phone Aviva? Regards alabalafala
  6. Thanks DX have been doing that this morning and found a few companies who did the PPI for Welcome so will I send a SAR and CCA to them to see if they have my details? Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated. Regards alabalafala
  7. Thanks for that DX. The charges will be from more than 6 years ago so it probably isn't worth chasing it. Don't think there would have been many charges on older accounts because I always made sure to pay them, thought there would be a few on last loan because I thought it was paid off but later found out it wasn't. However this is also more than 6 years old so no point in chasing it. Was also hoping Welcome would supply me with info on 2 loans before 2005 to see who supplied the PPI, because my successful PPI claim was for after 2005. Would Welcome be able to help me with this? Regards alabalafala
  8. Hi all, I have been a member of the site for many years, and was given great info about reclaiming bank charges years ago, thanks for that. However, my problem is now with Welcome. After scouring the Welcome forum for months I decided to go for the PPI on the loans I had with them, and through the info from this site I managed to get back a good bit of cash, again thanks, but Welcome used the refund to pay off an outstanding balance on my last loan, which I thought had been paid off, since found out why it is still open, but that's another story. However, after returning to this site I figured that there may now be charges I can reclaim, so after reading up on many stories and gathering advice, I sent off my £10 and £1 postal orders to Welcome for my CCAs and a SAR and this is when the problem began!!!! My first letter went to Welcome on February 10 and since then I have four letters from Welcome saying they can't prove who I am and each time I have sent them new proof. To date I have provided them with One of my original loan agreements, which shows my previous address, it was only one I had Letter from solicitor after sale of my previous address, showing full payment to Welcome for a secured loan Letter from Welcome Finance showing loan balance paid off, this was from my previous address. A bank statement showing current address Telephone bill from current address Letter, to my current address, from Welcome regarding a successful PPI claim Letter, showing current address, from FSCS regarding my PPI claim Birth certificate Divorce decree Welcome keep asking me for a passport, driving licence, firearms certificate or a police ID card and I have repeatedly told them, in letters and emails that I cannot provide these as I suffer from Graves Eye Disease so don't drive, I have not been abroad for more than 10 years and my passport expired about 7 years ago so don't have a valid passport, I do not own a gun so do not have a firearms certificate and I do not have a police ID card. Again I received another letter today and after scouring the house have sent them my latest pension plan and a copy of my telephone and Virgin media bill. When applying for my PPI I didn't have to send this much documentation, and I have asked the person dealing with my latest request to confer with the person who dealt with my PPI. So if these latest documents don't work, apart from standing outside their Nottingham offices with my name in bright neon lights, I have no idea what else I can send them to prove who I am. And bearing in mind they have written to me four times and I have replied to each letter with further proof of who I am!!!!! Does anyone have any advice about this????
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