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  1. I do not know who paid the cheque in. I did retrieve a copy of the cheque. I do not know these two random accounts and I did not recognise their names. Yes the bank let money be drawn against the funds before it was fully cleared. I was not aware that you could send an SAR to the bank and FOS, but I will go ahead and do that, thanks.
  2. I did actually get an email like this, but I knew it was fake and did not enter my information in it. I read my email on the phone sometimes but mostly on my laptop. Sorry I only just read your signature as I was viewing on mobile version and just clicked view classic full site.
  3. How does one get a hold of the HSBC CEO? Does he respond to these letters? I am sure that he had set me up and the fact that he cannot be found anywhere suggests his identity was fake which is typical of fraudsters. I know in my bones that he had something to do with this, he is that nasty character capable of it.
  4. No, I am 100% sure that my ex was involved. I believe that those who called me and involved are a team that he has links to How come he just happened to disappear not long after the fraud? How I know that it is definitely him is that in the final response from HSBC they said that my digital secure key was used for the transactions. My digital secure key is on my phone. The only other person who had access to my mobile was him.
  5. From the beginning I received a phone call around the end of September last year from what I believed to be HSBC. I believed that it was a customer service agent from the Safeguard team asking security questions as he said the online system needs to be updated, he was very convincing as he said my username i.e already knew it which now I realise that my ex must have seen me logging into my internet banking when he was with me. I believe that number spoofing was used as I did recognise the number to be from HSBC and I did not know that this spoofing technique existed until after the fr
  6. Hi yes I have the letter from Action Fraud. My issue is I do not have enough money for legal action, I simply cannot afford it.
  7. I reported it to FOS in May after receiving a final response from HSBC where they said they were not budging and this would be their last response to me on the matter. They said my secure key was used and therefore believed it was me authorising the transactions I was not able to supply the FOS with the original HSBC responses to my complaint so it took some time for them to retrieve it themselves from HSBC. I rang them up a few days ago they said it is a priority case but they have yet to assign an adjucator to contact me.
  8. I was in a relationship with a man who was both physically and emotionally abusive. He had used my bank account to commit fraud and HSBC held me liable for the debt from the fraud which is £9,566. I managed to find another place to move to and made sure I was virtually untraceable on social media and the internet. I never told the police about the abuse at the time for fear of him being arrested then released and onto me. However I did report the fraud to the police through Action Fraud and they replied a few months later saying that they cannot follow up on it as there is not en
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