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  1. I thought as much although the agent wouldn't confirm it. Been going back and forth with a varooma agent who keeps spouting the terms and conditions of the contract and completely ignoring the fact no recovery action was taken. Looks like its a long road of financial ombudsman
  2. I will try with the FCA threat, already checked the BOS and everything looks fine on there. I actually spoke to the recovery agent who confirmed they don't charge Varooma the money unless they recover the vehicle. Didn't say how much for turning up but I assume its not much
  3. I found the default notice email in my spam folder. Again sending an email is not proof of delivery as people are not guaranteed internet access. Anything along those lines should be sent by post recorded delivery. They charged £15 for sending the letter that I didn't receive so why was it not sent recorded ?
  4. they said they posted it but I didn't receive it. Said they send everything by email but it just goes into my spam folder. I did say that sending an email is not proof of receipt as I have been told many times in the past by any financial institution. Also sending a letter for payment within 3 days and sending it 2nd class post cant be seen as fair business practices
  5. that's my whole point, it was actually £435 for the repo fee for a repo that never happened and that I wasn't warned about
  6. Hi hoping someone can help I stupidly took out a log book loan with varooma, I missed a couple of payments due to being off work with family issues and had the dreaded letter regards defaulting on the loan. I knew I had money coming in the next week so was planning on just getting the account up to date at that point. I then received a letter 7 days later telling me if I didn't pay in 3 days my car would be towed. This letter was dated the 11th and was sent 2nd class post so I received it on the 14th. No sooner had I opened the letter that a recovery agent was at the door saying my car is going. IF the letter had been sent recorded delivery I would have received it on time and paid the amount owing. I had to pay £735 which I was told was full payment to stop the car being taken. I assumed this was the full balance of the loan ?? I have now had a reminder that I have 4 payments left and the next instalment will be coming out this month. Is this right after just paying £735. I realise the recovery agent fees are high but he didn't take my car, just turned up and I paid. Also is it legal to give a paltry 3 days to pay and then send the letter 2nd class so it has no chance of getting to me in time ? I am trying to recoup some money and stop the further 4 payments being taken out of £100. The original loan was £500 and I have so far paid around £1550 with all the charges added on
  7. thanks for that, that will be handy ammunition to come back at them with
  8. Hi was hoping for a bit of advice on an issue I am having with Vauxhall, here is the story I bought a 2010 corsa 10 months ago and since I bought it the car wasnt right, the car would judder and act like it was about to stall even when stationary. I took it into vauxhall on 3 seperate occasions as the engine management light was also flashing. 1st time it was dismissed as they couldnt find the problem, 2nd time they said it was the wheel balance (which I know know is [edit] as the car would vibrate at high speeds due that issue but not lose power and cause the engine management light to flash). The 3rd time they found it was the coil pack which would explain all the problems I had since I bought the car and this fixed the fault. I was charged nearly £70 for the wheel balance which is excessive, but this was never the problem with the car and now they have found the fault (the coil pack) I have requested they refund the cost of the wheel balance which was unnecessary work and not covered by my service plan. The problem is the garage are saying the wheel balance was a fault and was fixed therefore I am not going to recieve a penny back. I have had to take 3 days off work due to this fault that should have been picked up 1st time with the diagnostics and paid way over the odds for work that I didnt need. I just need to know if I can take this further Thanks
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