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  1. thanks i will have a good read of it and make some notes thanks for all ur help your a star x
  2. I dont wish to appear rude, but I have no clue about all that above, I cant make head nor tail of it I am afraid. This is totally stressing me out trying to find out my best plan of action, I really cant afford to be shelling out lots of money but also cant afford to lose my car as I travel to see my children each week
  3. well the letter headed letter arrived today which makes the letter legit, im still awaiting the registry office to get back to me to let me know if bos is registered and legit. Looks like im gonna have to be looking for the funds to pay. Any advise on what to offer? they said the least they would take is 2/3? thanks in advance
  4. Sorry to be thick what is the FCA? Also still no contact from the manager after I asked and no letter headed letter either. I have contacted the court for the checking of registraion of the bos sono further forward at the minute
  5. TBH I would rather find the money than have somebody else tricked the way I have been. I wouldnt be able to sleep at night if I sold it on
  6. NO concience at all the horrible person I couldn't possibly do that!
  7. it wasnt the person I bought the car off that took out the loan it was 3 owners ago so not much chance of getting my money back
  8. sorry Im petrified they gonna come for the car, I need it to travel to see my children. I'll wait andsee what happens if i get the letter headed letter
  9. I rang them and told them that I wanted a copy of the letter on their letter head before anything was finalised, they said it would be sent out but wasnt so I rang again and was assured it would be sent out today, bill of sale was for a log book loan taken out on my car in 2013. Im in the uk.
  10. Hi I hope somebody can help me, I recently purchased a used car stupidly my partner said he had done hpi but hadnt. Its an 04 car and I recently got a letter not on a letter head or anything explaining that it has a bill of sale on it. I rang to find out who the company was as it didnt give any clue on the letter. Before I rang I looked into things and asked for them to send me the bill of sale, they say they cant do this but gave me the registration date of 15/7/13 and the number to check myself. I am assuming this will take
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