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  1. I am already on the case with FCA also you are so right regarding the CCTA complete waste and log book loan companies regularly don't work in accordance. Also you can stop them get an injunction at your local court and submit with witness statement and wait until judge is free. You can also get time order for court look at overall debt. There are ways to stop these sharks and hopefully once law commission publish there finding later this year the whole area will be better regulated!!
  2. Thanks everyone but have already done everything such as contact CCTA which is code of practice that now governs log book loan lenders and financial ombudsman are investigating but now I have issued court proceedings that supersedes this. As for bill of sale being registered and default notice they can repo but they must abide by the consumer credit trade association code of practice and any issues you can get injunction to stop any sale and a time order and the court will look at overall loan interest rate and under the Consumer Credit Act which now log book loans are undertaken. Mobile money as all log book loans think that no one can overule them but am on a mission won't stop until someone puts a stop. I learnt hard way and just want make sure people can get all help they can and log book loans are stopped.
  3. They followed me I think and found out it was at families address
  4. I very foolishly took out log book loan with Mobile Money and very evident that they are not type of company to help people. I have learnt that they break alot of CCTA code of practice.. and as there is no proper legislation there is not much help out there for when my car was repossed. I have followed every procedure got bona fide debt advisor that log book loan company should recognise and put an account on hold mobile money would not accept. I applied for time order and day after documents sent to them they went to another county were car was hidden and took it without any keys on back of a car with hand brake on etc. The collector wasn't sia regulated just another to add to long list of mobile money being above the law. Well I have court date and looking into going to media this week. These companies are just doing there own thing and need stopping. Luckily I have backing of citizens advice who are legal advocating on my behalf would love to hear if anyone else has concerns or took mobile money to court. I am hoping to lobby my local mp for all log book loan companies to apply to court before they repossession as ccta are being ignored. Any advice much appreciated! !
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