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  1. hi ive been in contact with the manager paul and we have come to an arrangement so feel happier now and thank you for your help x
  2. hi love did you get to look at the upload of terms and conditions please
  3. No just one man came in so I could phone them credit not good I've put in a complaint as they should of give me a default notice but they didn't if I had not paid the £300 they would of took the car but I had no idea they were coming waiting to hear back x
  4. car cost me £6000 in 2011 i already got citizens advice advice they called car cash and i sent in my income and outcome and it was minus £160 they let me pay £25.00 for four week then reviewed i begged them for a bit of compassion to let me pay £20 but they will only except £38 for four weeks in which the email says il have to pay more to clear some of the arrears. they also sent some men out to repossess they clamped my wheel came in house so i could phone car cash as three days before i had paid £300 of debt the lady on the phone giggled and said bet you were
  5. hi i get child tax credits and child benefit for one child but due to borrowing money to pay a lump sum to pay some of the debt to car cash point im using these to pay back this debt weekly also i pay £15 a month to car tax aswell as car insurance per month and thats why im left with on job seekers allowance car cash point are making me pay £38 per week the same amount due when i was working if i had known i was going to be laid off i would not have got a car loan but my work closed unexpectedly sreducing my income they still want me to pay the same weekl
  6. I will upload tommorow and i appreciate all your help thank you
  7. hi is they anyway i can attach the documents so you can look at them i cannot see any where in the terms and conditions any mention of a £60 payment it just looks like the amount of credit is £460 and the interest £1656.92 total owed £2116.92 no mention of a payment of £60 in terms and conditions just the seperate on i mentioned earlier xx also in the witnesses of deeds where the line says in the presence of : that is blank is this allowed to be left blank
  8. just gone through paper work the agent had a form with him states that agent visit fee for completion and sign up of loan agreement £60 and i give car ash point to deduct the 360 from my loan advance as payment for home visit. so because i wnted £400 they issued me with £460 so they can then pay me £400 and give the agent £60 so its another way they can add more interest because the loan contract is actually for £460 even thugh i only got £400 in the bank shocking. Do you know the complaints time process x
  9. i was asked if i wanted to pay the £60 to the agent which obviously if i had £60 lying around i wouldnt need a loan so they added the £60 on as the the loan so in reality im paying their agent to come to my house and then paying interest as its added to the loan being £760 instead of just £700 same with the second car loan £400 but paying agent totally loan is £460 i was shocked at the £60 i had to pay their agent shocking Also i emailed my complaint to them on the 19th July but not heard anything what is the process of complaints anyone know i went on their site and left
  10. i understand the Sar link thank you x
  11. ??????? what sar car cash point mean lol x
  12. Also i emailed my complaint to them on the 19th July but not heard anything what is the process of complaints anyone know i went on their site and left a message about a week ago asking for the complaints process and still no one has replied also though out ive been emailing a certain person i sometimes tagged the manager in them and not once has he replied to them
  13. car cash point i had one loan which i have defo paid 1/3 i still owed money to the first loan being £700 dd the £60 for agent £760 i got a second one in january only because the mot cost was £350 i got a £400 the second time well £460 with the cost for the agent added to get the money from mot so im not sure what i have paid on the second one but still have a debt outstanding for £274 in total i do not have a clue what i owe in total or what i have paid
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