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  1. Thanks....I've now paid and had an e-mail confirming the address should now be active....however, the webmail client says the username or password is incorrect. I've copied and pasted the login from the new account e-mail to ensure i'm not making a typo,but it still says the login or pass is wrong.
  2. I must have never actually completed the registration then. Now I think of it, I believe I was having problems with my bank account when I tried to register it, and the payment was declined. Is there any way of having the username released so that I can register it?
  3. I'm having an issue logging into my CAG Webmail account. At first, I wasn't 100% sure i'd ever paid for one, but on attempting to register it said the name was already taken. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only person that would ever use the username I chose. I won't post the full address to avoid spam bots picking it up, but it would be the same as my username on here, and would have had consumeractiongroup.co.uk as the domain. I did send a message via the technical help form a few days ago, but have yet to recieve even an aknowledgement that the message has been recieved.
  4. I'm wondering whether the sale of goods act would apply to this. I've got an xbox 360 core system that I purchased just after launch (early 2006 I believe). I've spent quite a lot on the system (games, accessories, xbox live gold membership), and naturally, I expected it to last a long time. However, today when I was trying to get my external harddrive working on it to store content, it locked up. I then rebooted it, and got the red ring of death (3 segments on the ring of light round the power button flashing, and doesn't get as far as initializing the video card etc). I've tried the basic things that the support site says to try (try another plug socket etc), and it will not boot at all (I don't get an error on the screen either). I phoned microsoft to find out about getting it repaired, and as it's out of warranty, they want £100 to repair it. I'm unemployed, and can't afford that, but that isn't the reason I don't want to pay. Microsoft have known about this problem more or less since it was released, and while they extended the warranty to 3 years for this problem, in my and many other poeple's opinions the xbox 360 could be considered not fit for purpose. I've looked up the length of time that this would apply for, and it appears to be 6 years from the date of purchase. I'm thinking about trying to use that to get it sorted out free of charge, but I purchased it from woolworths, which is no longer trading, and I paid cash, so it's not as if I can get my credit card company to sort it out. Does anyone know what I would do in this situation? I also no longer have a copy of the reciept (it faded so much it wasn't readable after 3 years), but I know microsoft would have a record of the date it was purchased from when I registered it online.
  5. Unfortunately, i'm not able to view my bill online, as I don't have an account I can use for the direct debit (CPW insist on payments by direct debit to get an online account so you can view bills online) I have got an account I could use, but due to previous problems with the bank that provided it (having JSA wrongly taken from the account to cover charges....now resolved), i'm no longer using that account at all. I have a savings account with another bank that i'm using for everything, but they won't give me a debit card, or the ability to pay via direct debit from the account.
  6. Just a quick query on whether what carphone warehouse are doing is legal or not. I'm in an 18 month contract with them on o2 at the moment. I've had problems in the past with regards to payment meaning the account was suspended, but they've been resolved, and i'm now making regular payments. However, what CPW have started doing, is producing the bills at the beginning of the month, but not sending them out until towards the end of the month (I assume they're sending all customers bills out on the same date, regardless of the date they are actually generated). I am currently unemployed, and have been for about 2 years now, mainly through no fault of my own (everything I apply for turns me down at the moment + transport problems, blah blah blah) The way i'm paying the bills, is going into town, and getting the money out of my savings account (payments of JSA go in once every two weeks), then giving that to my father. He then writes a cheque to CPW on my behalf. Usually, I would have about 25 days to make payment to CPW, if they were sending the bills on time. At the moment, I'm getting the bills each month with about 5 days to pay it, and the payment is usually getting to them late as a result (I even had a message from them asking me to contact them regarding payment the day after it was due this month, despite the payment being sent a few days before...they hadn't recieved it yet though). What i'm wondering, is whether this is legal. It's my belief, that companies have to give you a certain amount of time to pay bills (that's logical obviously). Like most poeple, I only send payment, once I recieve the bill (mainly in case there are any additional charges, and also through principle). I haven't contacted them regarding it yet, as it hasn't affected anything yet (phone hasn't been barred due to it, and it hasn't affected my credit rating...as far as i'm aware...haven't bothered checking as I don't care at the moment, and that's well and truly shafted anyway I believe).
  7. Final post on this: I recieved my latest statement last week, and there are no charges on it. I'm not going to close the account or use it in any way though. I figure them sending out statements every 3 months will eventually end up costing them more than they took and eventually refunded.
  8. I thought I posted the result of this....obviously not. After sending them the letter saying what had happend, they refunded £100 which has put the account back in credit. They've taken two charges since then, but only of about £1 each, meaning it's still in credit. So I think this is the end of it finally. I'm not going to do anything further with the account, including going through the hassle of closing it. I'll just leave it how it is and not touch it at all.
  9. I do already have another account with another bank that is used for everything now. This other account is a savings account, so I cannot go overdrawn on it. Nothing is being done with the abbey account now, either taking money out, or putting money in. The only activity on the abbey account now is due to them taking these charges every month.
  10. My last post wasn't the end of it unfortunately. They added on charges while the account was suspended. I used what money was in there to pay a couple of bills, without knowing about the charges. The charges then hit the account, and took it overdrawn again (not by much....only about £5), but again, it's caused this cycle where they take money to cover the (in their eyes, unauthorized) overdraft, which takes the account further overdrawn, and causes more charges. I sent a letter to them last month, explaining again, that I am not willing to pay the charges, and also am not in a position to do so anyway, due to still being on Jobseekers Allowance. Currently, i'm still awaiting a reply to this letter. In addition, I have also not been able to get a replacement card for the account (my old one was cancelled by them the same time they put the bar on the account), and also have been unable to get replacement details for their ebanking service (my current logon no longer gives me access to my account). I am not planning on paying anything on this, as I explained in the letter I sent to them, as I did pay a small amount in to cover it to begin with, but they just took money again the following month (I'm beginning to think they're going to keep taking money until they've recovered the amount they refunded me by).
  11. I haven't updated this for so long as Abbey were taking ages to reply and decide what they would do. It had got into a cycle eventually, where the account was overdrawn, and they were still allowing payments to go out, but then refunding them the next day, and charging me for the privaledge. After a while of me refusing to pay what they said I owed them, they put a bar on the account, and started sending letters saying I owed them money blah blah. I replied to these and disputed that I owed them anything, on the basis that the only money going in to the account was the JSA, and legally, I am allowed to dictate what that money is used for (paying bills for instance, not for paying their charges) Well, I finally recieved a letter from them today which said that after looking at my account, they have decided to refund ALL the charges levied on my account while I was on JSA. This amounts to over £800, and is actually more than they took in total, so that puts my account back in credit, and means I can clear a substantial amount of my credit card debts. What I will probably do to prevent this happening again (although i'm not 100% sure yet), is to withdraw all the money, and put it in my savings account so that this can't happen again. It took them long enough to sort it out, but i'm glad they finally did, and also that they saw the situation that they had partially (I'm not blaming them for all of it, as I started it off) got me in to.
  12. The phone was finally reconnected on monday afternoon, but carphone warehouse hadn't updated their system yet. This was finally done on tuesday, and everything now seems to be working properly apart from mobile internet (which i'm not bothered about) Strangely, my pin for customer services was reset, meaning it was rejected when I phoned up to check I was on the right priceplan. It's all been sorted out now anyway.
  13. I've just phoned o2/cpw again as it's still not been reconnected. I was told that they could see a note on the account that it had been sent for reconnection, but the manager who sorted it out wasn't there at weekends so they weren't able to check. Apparantly, the person I spoke to just now has contacted o2 and been told that it will be reconnected. However, this will likely happen on monday or tuesday now apparantly, meaning i've effectively got no phone until after the weekend. I have got a PAYG sim that I can put in the phone, but of course all my friends and relatives have the number of the contract sim. There are also various jobs i've applied for where they won't be able to get hold of me on that number until it's reconnected as well.
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