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  1. Yes thats my concern too, as I haven't had communication from some of them for years.... The only one actively pursuing me is the ARC one which I will be following up on... I am learning a lot frm this Noddle account though so that was a great tip!
  2. Most of these were credit cards to start out with - I think I know which is which from the paperwork I have on file somewhere but theres a Virgin, Aqua and Capital One in there somewhere...
  3. 1St Credit (Finance) Limited £ 780 01/03/2017 Default Account type Credit Card Account start date 12/01/2011 Opening balance £ 780
  4. Okay great thanks - will see what I get back. In looking through the Noddle report I can see that I actually have several other accounts that I thought were past the 6 year from default stage, but turns out the default date in some cases was a couple of years later. So they are not SB. Should I write to all of them with the SAR to see where I stand?
  5. Thanks - so I send the written request to Nationwide directly, and it costs £10 - and what am I hoping to/likely to get from this?
  6. Hi again - I finally got registered on Noddle (had some issues with some of the info to verify) and can now see the details of this debt (way clearer than clearscore!) It turns out this Nationwide debt IS in default and here is what it says on Noddle: Account start date 10/07/2012 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 15/10/2014
  7. I will write to Nationwide and see what they say - What should I be asking?
  8. The big difference is that as I said above, this is not defaulted. Nationwide just passed it to one DCA then another to collect on their behalf. If they took a look at my credit report and see that I now am getting my finances together and have a decent balance in my current account etc, whats to stop them taking legal action, at which point I would have to pay the whole amount.
  9. Ah okay I thought I had blacked out all the numbers to make it unreadable. I guess where I am confused is that you are all saying to ask for the full details of the debt - why do I need this? I know exactly what it is, how it was formed, and that I do actually owe the money. There is no dispute at all. I am not running scared into anything, just since I figure I will eventually repay it, why not do it now at half price? Sometimes I get the impression from this forum that no-one wants to pay anything that they owe, under any circumstances. I und
  10. Thanks for the advice so far on this everyone. While I was waiting for the offer letter to arrive I called Nationwide to find out the status of the account, and as some of you suggested, it actually is still owned by them and they are/were just using various agencies to collect it. it never was in default, and is actually still a valid account on their system at the bank, albeit not in use. with that information confirmed, am I right in saying that they could at any time go after the debt more aggressively, and that the clock has not yet started in terms of the 6 year SB
  11. Ok will try Noddle - Surely the 50% discount makes sense for them if they get paid now rather than go back to an arrangement of £30 per month? Just good business no?
  12. On the credit file I see at clearscore, it never showed when it was at Fredrickons, and still shows as Nationwide, with the last payment being Sep 2014
  13. Nationwide is the client. Havent received a letter from ARC yet as this has only just been transferred - just the letter from Nationwide saying it had been transferred to them and a text and call from ARC. Will see what the offer letter says when it arrives. How do you tell the exact default date? The overdraft sat there for a good long time before they transferred it to Fredricksons. But that was only a couple of years ago. So I would say 3 years since the original overdraft went unpaid and I stopped using that account. None of it came from reclaimable fees and charges as far as I
  14. It came from a Nationwide current account and the default where they eventually passed it on to Fredricksons was only about 3 years ago. It was the only one I was paying anything on as they were just so relentless with their phone calls I agreed to do the £30 per month. If it doesn't help me at all to clear it now, are you suggesting that I make another monthly arrangement? Or just not pay it at all, ever? I am not likely to be applying for a mortgage any time soon, but thats interesting that there will be no real benefit from having it marked as partially settled. Not sure what
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